Alexis East Intuitive Healing

Alexis East Intuitive Healing

I use Holy Fire III Reiki, Medium readings, and oracle card readings to help people heal and release emotional traumas to align them on their life path.


Two years ago I thought this business had to be all or nothing. I thought I had to be learning and healing and “spiritual” all the time or I was a fraud. Pregnancy yanked me off that path and reminded me we are all spirits living a human life and that I needed to live and be in that human life too. I didn’t take appointments for most of my pregnancy and for quite some time after having Marley. When I did go back to taking appointments they were word of mouth and have been since. I went from making my schedule for appointments all the time to choosing only weekend mornings. Sometimes I miss being all or nothing with this business but it’s taken me these 2 years to realize my business can change and ebb and flow based on the season of life I’m in. And let me tell you I am so much less stressed and happy learning that.
So this is my once in a blue moon posting on here (for now) to let you all know I am currently teaching preschool, being a mama & wife, and an intuitive healer on the weekends 🥰
Thank you for allowing me to work with your energy and your passed loved ones to bring healing! And thank you to my wonderful client this morning who showed up open and ready to heal! I love you all ♥️


DM’s are open for appointments. Thank you all for understanding ♥️


Do you allow time to connect with your divineness? Do you know you are divine?
Dive in with me this week as we start learning ways to begin connecting with the divinity within you and all the amazing benefits that come with connecting to that divinity.
Meditation, breath-work, journaling, working out, dancing, and singing are some of my favorite ways to connect with my divineness.
What are some ways you like to connect with your divinity? Drop it in the comments!


This total solar eclipse/New moon duo this weekend opened up a portal intended for internal shifts that lead to external changes in life. If you’re feeling extra emotional or out of whack there’s a good chance this is why.
My tips for you are to drink water, find ways to ground your energy, and give yourself time/space to FEEL what is coming up.
I see so much on social media about releasing but not a lot on how you need to feel the emotions first before they can be embraced as part of you and therefore “released” because they are not holding power over you anymore.
You got this ♥️ you are all things in one being & body there is no part of you that isn’t perfectly you.


Wow this week spirit was calling to me to talk about many topics. I sat and meditated on whether I should do individual episodes for each topic but I was getting a firm NO and that these all needed to be talked about this week! I hope this episode can bring you some tips and tools to use on your healing journey!

Photos from Alexis East Intuitive Healing's post 30/11/2021

Hello beautiful souls!
This Friday and Saturday I will be hosting Women’s New Moon circles! This is the last New moon of 2021 and it falls in the astrological sign Sagittarius- meaning this new moon is about adjusting to change and using an open mind and flexibility to get through changes.
Friday evening @ 7:30 pm PST will be the virtual new moon meeting- you can join from the comfort of your own home via zoom to participate in a meditation curated for the Sagittarius new moon by yours truly, manifestation rituals, intention setting, sharing, and group reiki!
Saturday evening will be the in-person new moon meeting in Huntington Beach, CA. The location is off of Slater & Springdale (exact location and directions are sent in confirmation email once purchasing your spot) for the in person meeting we will be doing the exact same as the virtual meeting plus you will get crystals for the Sagittarius energy ♥️
Looking forward to embracing the magic of sisterhood under the last full moon of 2021♥️ sending love!


Today I am grateful for so much but looking back at a year ago I was only beginning the journey of starting this business. A year ago today Alexis East Intuitive Healing was a dream idea in my head…and today it is a blooming business helping people heal and align with their souls purpose, to begin walking authentically in their own skin, and shining exactly the way they were meant to in this life by connecting with the world of spirit.
I am grateful today for finding the courage to follow my wildest dreams and for what I have created and continue to create and for all the lessons it continues to bring me on this journey of life. And with that I am grateful for all of you supporting me through this journey and allowing me to be a part of your healing journey. Thank you ♥️


This is a simple guide to help you begin noticing the signs and symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra.
Do you experience any of these unaligned or balanced symptoms during the holiday season? Tag your favorite cousin that gets you through the holidays! Mine is .o.t_donna
If you’re wondering how your root chakra effects your energy (especially during the holidays) go check out my blog post (link in bio) to learn why balancing your root chakra is so important always but especially when traveling or experiencing uprooted feelings. You can also find ways in which to balance your own energy without reiki!
Reiki is a great tool for balancing your energy and gaining insights but you can do it on your own too!
Happy root chakra balancing friends 🎉

How do I take care of my energy during the Holidays? 22/11/2021

This week in the US we celebrate thanksgiving! With all the holidays coming up I wanted to spend this week talking about ways in which you can balance your own energy during the holiday seasons. Today a new podcast episode aired and a blog post is published on my website detailing some tips and advice on balancing your energy during the holidays! Links below! Drop your email in the comment if you would like to subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

How do I take care of my energy during the Holidays? The end of the year has arrived which means holiday season is among us! If you are an empath, like me, you may struggle with keeping your own energy balanced during the holiday season. So this week we are talking all thi...


Tune in to Let the Growth Flow to learn What is a Medium Reading?
In todays podcast episode I discuss what a medium reading is/how it works/what it looks like for you and for me. I even share a story from a medium reading I had last week!


Beginning to embrace the “not so perfect” things about you is hard. Society tells us we should be perfect machines working 40+ hours a week, leaving baggage at the door, not having hard days or showing emotions accept for within the walls of your own home. This paradigm is garbage.
You feel. And the reality is sometimes what you feel is not pretty or nice or perfect. AND THAT IS OKAY.
Honestly who are we to decide what is good and what is bad in life? Everything and every emotion simply exists so why not embrace it for what it is, allow yourself to feel it, and in return be able to move on from it?
Healing the world begins with healing you. Are you ready?
10 minutes until the journal is live!


Life is about learning. When you can accept that you are here to learn, that it’s okay to make mistakes, and realize growth is the product of learning…loving yourself becomes easier.
This is one of my favorite quotes. It can have many meanings but today I’m looking at it through the scope of self love and I encourage you to join me.
A person with hope and faith in themselves might look at another following their dreams and standing in their power with awe and admiration all while knowing they still have hope and faith in themselves. When a person struggles to have hope and faith in themselves they may look upon someone standing in their power with greed and resentment.
This does not make one person “bad” or “good” it’s simply a time in life to learn and grow. I encourage you to ask yourself today how can I have more hope and faith for myself knowing it will help me love and accept myself?
Sending love 💕


Food for thought today.
Do you give yourself the things your soul desires? Do you ALLOW yourself to experience joy and fun and laughter on a daily basis? If you catch yourself not allowing you to give to your spirit/soul abundantly I encourage you to make a list of the ways you can begin to give to your spirit abundantly.
Is it starting a new hobby or picking up a lost one from your childhood? Is it allowing yourself to dance to music the way your body wants to and not the way you’re “suppose to.” Whatever it is it’s up to you to find it and give it to yourself because when you experience an abundant spirit you experience an abundant life ♥️


!!!Giveaway time!!!
This Friday one of you lucky people out there will receive my digital shadow work journal for freee! It consists of 30 journaling prompts designed to help you get to know yourself, release the s**t that no longer serves you, and promotes self acceptance & love.
To enter you must
-like the post
-comment and tag a friend (more tags = more entries)
-5 bonus entries if you post to your story and tag me! MUST TAG ME SO I CAN ADD THE BONUS ENTRIES!
💗Wishing you luck and healing 💗


8th shadow work journal prompt out today! I encourage you to try these prompts to better get to know yourself! Remember it has been instilled in us that getting to know ourselves is scary- let’s break this cycle and find the beauty in getting to know all the parts of you.
Sending love ❤️


NEW PODCAST EPISODE OUT!!! These are the cards pulled in this week’s episode. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to record an episode and today I share why and also discuss embracing cycles… yes again because it’s a damn important lesson to learn in life. I also share a story about spirit in today’s episode and spirit even shows up!
Give it a listen! Link in bio and will be uploaded to YouTube tomorrow ❤️
Sending so much love 💕


Come join me and some other amazing women this Wednesday from 7:30-9:30pm for a VIRTUAL New Moon Meeting. This is for my ladies who are busy or far away ❤️ (Orange County friends I will be posting about the in person meeting soon also!)
We will be meditating, journaling, completing fun activities geared towards healing and releasing, and ending with a manifesting ceremony!
Link in bio to secure your spot! 20 spots available, I like to keep it small so we all have time to share and feel heard ❤️✨


A huge thank you to for helping with all things essential oils. This time she made an elderberry mixture made for boosting immune support along with some rollers to help us stay strong during this cold and flu season. Feeling extra grateful for these beautiful souls ❤️


Do with this what you will. This was channeled after a meditation where I know I was amongst my creator.
“Within all beings there is earth and space. The Earth and the Ethers come together within the human body and all living things in an act of passion. Hating other beings, things, ideas is all one in the same. To hate anything is to hate a part of yourself. That is why so much anger happens. Hating yourself hurts. Hurts you hurts the earth in you and around you and hurts the space in and around you. Love is the answer to all things. Through love there is compassion, understanding, inspiration, beauty, patience, connection, inspiration, joy, and more life. Your light spreads through and with love. The human body was created out of love- yes through two humans connecting in an act of love but also the physical manifestation of Earth- the mother and Space- the father coming together as one. The human body and all living things are from love. Love is the answer. Once society can see themselves in all living beings there will be no comparison or insecurity. One thing or anything is not made for one person only, it is made for all. Love is the answer.”


Virtual new moon circle tonight! Last chance to sign up!
New moon is in Libra. We are drawn to find balance in all relationships in our lives and bringing justice to the areas of our lives where we feel we have been wronged.
Join tonight for a meditation, activity, and manifestation ritual ❤️✨


December 1st of 2019 I was in Ireland. My time there triggered a lot of self growth and healing. It was the catalyst that launched me into where I am now and where I am continuing to go. But on this day I wrote this down after a meditation and then wrote a poem about the SA I had experienced I then deleted it and left this because this is MY life and MY story and I was going to choose how I told it. And that is exactly what I am doing still to this day.
You have a voice. Use it to share your story.
To connect, to inspire, to heal, and to grow. SHARE YOUR STORY ❤️


New podcast out today!! Just some quick updates, a card pull, and a meditation I wrote for helping you become more open to receiving all things serving your highest good. Hope you all enjoy and find peace from this meditation 🧘‍♀️❤️


Happy Friday beautiful souls. As we move deeper into mercury retrograde and retrogrades of seemingly almost every planet ! I know shadows are being brought to the surface through triggers, anxiety, anger, and uncomfortableness. I hope that these strategies can be something to help you through this time.
Give yourself grace, know it’s okay to sit with your feelings, and that the universe has your back. Sending love ❤️


Hello Beautiful Souls!
The new moon is just around the corner! Time to join together in circle to release what is no longer serving you, set intentions, harness the energy of the moon, complete a manifestation ceremony, and support one another!
If you are not located in Orange County. You can join the virtual new moon circle where we do everything that the in-person circle does but over zoom!
Orange County friends, the location will be sent in a confirmation email after registering!
This months new moon is in Libra which means it’s a great time to reestablish balance that has been lost in relationships, work-life, and home-life.


You are magic. RECOGNIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE this. What are you manifesting today?


I saw a beautiful tik tok by @333.danieljacob about a week ago and he said this. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and wanted to share it with you all.
It is so easy when on your healing journey to get caught up with “fixing” everything about you. It’s not fixing at all, just as Daniel said, it is about embracing the parts of you that are hurt, tired, sad, happy, joyous, loving and saying, I SEE YOU, I HEAR YOU, I allow these emotions to be and give myself grace.
Honor and embrace your entire beautiful being today ❤️


New offering! This is the first reiki bundle I’ve ever done and I’m excited to have an opportunity to work with a client 3 times to get to the root of any energetic obstacles occurring in your life!
If you have been interested in trying reiki, I think this is a great introduction because it is 25% cheaper than of you pay for three separate reiki sessions AND it gives you the opportunity and tools to truly begin transforming your life through your awareness of your own body, physically and energetically.
Link in bio to purchase this bundle!


A reminder today that..
-You are magic
-You are worthy of receiving love
-It is safe to speak up for what you need and want.
-You are here to share your story.

Society has been living in fear and judgement for so long. It’s easy to blame others for your problems, insecurities, or emotions. I encourage you to lean into love and acceptance and start with yourself. Ask how you can honor your needs today and do it knowing that it’s coming from a a place of complete love for yourself. When you do that you reflect that energy into the world around you and encourage others to do the same.
There will be people on your path that don’t accept or understand how or what you’re doing. And that’s okay. You’re here to share YOUR story, what makes YOU light up, what YOU are passionate about. Because it’s different from every other person on this planet. Your dreams and desires are for you to understand and chase and in return inspire others to follow theirs. SHARE YOUR LIGHT WOTH THE WORLD.
Who could you inspire today with your magic, love, and passion if you have the courage to live your truth?


New podcast episode today!
Piggy backing off of last weeks episode about finding balance in times of change- I share a story about me finding balance, discuss how being balanced allows us to better manifest, and teach you how to use your main 7 chakras to help you manifest!


Five grounding yoga poses to help you ground and find balance today.
I invite you to try all other some of these poses today or the next time you feel out of whack. Bonus points if you do these outside/barefoot!
Grounding is important in your day to day life- especially in the life we live today- one where we often have little or no connection to the physical earth.
Grounding can help reduce feelings of anxiety, forgetfulness, being over stimulated, and can help you remain present. When you’re grounded you are able to feel more connected to yourself and respect what you body and soul need.
Each day is a fresh start, here’s to starting today or tomorrow of grounded ✨

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