Chris Norberg

Chris Norberg

Made-to-order concrete & 3D-Printed home goods, hand built using both traditional methods and emergin


I think she’s the hardest scan so far.


Back to work 😝


After hours and hours and hours of working on every little detail, it’s finally time to virtually build the entire thing. I need to work on the repeats for the ongoing scroll patterns, to make sure that everything looks just perfect.


This medallion for the Central Sanitation dept in Contra Costa county needs a little smoothing out, so I’m soaking it in isopropyl alcohol. It eats the PLA slowly, so I’m impatiently watching it. It will go to the foundry later.

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Fun with clay!

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I ♥️ organic supports.

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Crap am I tired! Plaster is fun but a very physical job. I’m curious to see how light it will be when it’s dry.


I get paid for this 😂😂.

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Today’s fun project! I 3D scanned this architectural archway from a big house in Marin. Once I get the model cleaned up and rebuilt, I’ll 3D print lots of individual elements that will be cast in bronze by . Those individual pieces will be assembled and welded into two big door fronts by and then installed on the main entrance under the arch.


I love morning drawings with a cup of coffee and snuggles.


Hammers are good for more than just nailing.


Gus likes the little concrete bench.


I am honored to have my work on display at ICFF this year. Jessica and Emma are way too good to me. Please stop by their booth, W947, if you’re in NYC.


Last day in paradise. Kinda ready for home and concrete.


I love a good print. I’ll clean these up tomorrow and then drop them off at the bronze foundry.


Another happy customer! 😂

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Omfg the upgrade to multi material printing has been awful. Custom buffers, lots of trail and error, take aparts, redos, blech. Crossing my fingers.

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Sprued, dipped in ceramic, and about ready to go into the kiln. That will burn out my 3D printed wax positive, leaving a hollow area to be filled with molten bronze. The guys at Bronze + Foundry are experts.


I have no idea what I’m doing, but every time I do it, I get the machine going a little bit more.

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3D Printed Lantern w LED candle.


I think I’m gonna have to have these cast in bronze……

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Finally got this set shaped and polished.

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The 3D printer does a great job, but the text on these memorial plaques needs a little clean up before they get dropped off at the bronze foundry.

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Big numbers! These address numbers will be turned into cast bronze by Bronze Plus Foundry, for a gate in Santa Rosa.


There we go.


I did not think this through. It’s too big for my enclosure! That’s 3kg of wax based PLA filament for some big projects with Bronze Plus Foundry.


I think I have the best office ever. Home in front of a fire on a rainy day, snuggles with the pups, doing my drawings.


Playing with the scanner.


Keyshot 11 is 🔥


So many wires, so little instructions 😂😭😭

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