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Successful people are not people without problems, they simply learned to solve the problems.


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Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.
Earl Nightingale

Photos from Perry & Co.'s post 13/05/2021

This is the view you can expect at the super market when your living in the country. In mid summer looks even more pleasant. :)


To all the Moms in this Wonderful World
💖Happy Mothers Day💖
God Bless You


Beautiful sunny morning expecting 11 degrees celcius.It is very welcome.Thank God for spring.Have a wonderful day to everyone. 🌞


WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp. Try it. You can associate it to facebook etc.


WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp. Try it. :)


Good morning to everyone.Yesterday we recieved our new washing machine,the old one decide it was done.Have a wonderful week. 🙂

Photos from Perry & Co.'s post 27/03/2021

Last sunday we took a ride to the Island of Orleans for some delicious Beligium Chocolate at Le Chocolaterie. Yes already easter chocolate on the counters. It was a beautiful sunny day. Bonne Appétit! :)


My Dad when he was a young man. I will always Love you Dad.


Sending love health and
abundance to everyone. Have a
🌜Good Night🌛


Sitting on the fence.

When you really think about it and remember your childhood.
We could imagine anything. We felt like we could do anything even
pretend to be a hero.Why is it now as grown adults, we don't do that anymore? Simple, because we are programmed to grow up and Stop dreaming.
"Don't be riduculous, that's not the way things go in the real
world." "Most entrepreneurs don't make it. It's hard work."
"Be reasonable you can't afford that." "You won't get any where with that." "How can you be sure of this." "Do you have any proof this works." "That could be a scam." "You can't do that, you don't have time for this." ETC,ETC,ETC.

I would like to say like the scrooge said, Humbug.
Even Mr. Scrooge realized that he could do anything. Even when he realized there was more to life, he jumped around with joy and happiness in his heart like a child. Even the maid thought he went mad.

Mr. Scrooge was a rich miser who had an awakening. He became aware of the true meaning of life, of his life. He realized that to be
rich or poor, he could do anything. And anyone could do the same.
He could help himself and help others.

So have you asked yourself what do you really want?
Answer that question and make a decision. Just like when we were
children and didn't give it a second thought to go out and play games we wanted to play. Sometimes imagining we were superheros.

In your life you choosed your friends. You knew who you could get
along with and who you couldn't. You decided what you wanted
to do with your life and what you didn't want. You felt freedom and happiness where ever you could get it.

Remember these 3 principals:
1.Know exactly what you want. (Imagine you have it already)
2.Make a decision. (Step out of your comfort Zone)
3.Discipline. (Keep focus,change your routine)

Knowing what you want, makes it easier to imagine you have it
already. It builds that confidence to step out of the every day
routine that you have been doing most of your life that became a
comfort zone. To try something new and discipline yourself to
make it happen just like you did to make everything else happen
in your life, will get you the results you want. To be successful is an ever ending adventure. Just like when we were children. See it that way and you will enjoy life just like the scrooge did till the end.

Sceptism is one of those things you don't want in your life.
Listen to your intuition is one thing you do want in your life.


When I make a decision,I don't listen to circumstances & peoples opinions or sceptism.I listen to my intuition & what I believe.


When things aren't going like I think they should,
I Let go & Let God.
Than I know what I should be thinking.


This photo was taken a few years back by my uncle Ken when I was entertaining at a family gathering. A passion that is always haunting me and when I pick up an electric guitar it is always hard to stop myself and that is, only when I DO pick one up. 🙂


If what your doing is always giving you the same results,change your mindset and try something new.


For those who don't remember or have no idea what this was used for. We would snap this in the middle of a RPM vinyle 45 record to play it on a stereo. 45's first showed up on 31 March 1949. As you can see there was different models. Thank you for participating. 🙂
Pour ceux qui ne se souviennent pas ou ne savent pas à quoi cela a servi. On le clipper au milieu d'un disque RPM vinyle 45 tour pour le jouer sur un stéréo. Les 45 tour est apparu pour la première fois le 31 mars 1949. Comme vous pouvez le voir, il y avait différents modèles. Merci d'avoir participé. 🙂


We took our walk out in the cold today, burrr, but we had a wonderful sunny day walking down the old Avenue Royale (La Route de la Nouvelle France) If you look at the sign in the back of us, you'll see the historic date and the date it was renewed. Not certain what it was for at the time, most likely for the station of the cross on the way to the St. Anne Basilica. Looks like it might need renewing again. 🙂
Nous avons fait notre promenade dans le froid aujourd'hui, burrr, mais nous avons passé une merveilleuse journée ensoleillée en descendant l'ancienne avenue Royale (La Route de la Nouvelle France) Si vous regardez le panneau derrière nous, vous verrez le date historique et date à laquelle il a été renouvelé. Je ne sais pas à quoi il servait à l'époque, probablement pour la station de la croix sur le chemin de la basilique Sainte-Anne. On dirait qu'il devra peut-être être renouvelé à nouveau. 🙂

Photos from Perry & Co.'s post 30/01/2021

My sweetheart made Muffins, with orange and chocolate chips for after supper. Hum! Their's one missing in the next photo. Don't look at me. 😁
Mon amour a fait des muffins, à l'orange et aux pépites de chocolat pour après le souper. Bizarre! Il en manque un sur la photo suivante. C'est pas moi. 😁

#28 Video Poster Pics for Oct 19th, 2020 30/01/2021

Some of our friends and I, from our community of over 70thousands members and growing everyday.
Certains de nos amis et moi, de notre communauté de plus de 70 mille membres et qui grandit chaque jour.

#28 Video Poster Pics for Oct 19th, 2020

Photos from Perry & Co.'s post 29/01/2021

(En français plus bas)
This is all I need for a Digital Business.
Clic: Learn More. Take the challenge of your life. You'll ask yourself,"Why didn't I find this before?" Simple.
NOW, you have an open mind.
NOW, you know you have the right to the good things in life.
NOW, you want more time with your family.
NOW, you believe that is possible.
NOW, your ready to step out of your comfort zone.
NOW, your ready to be your own Boss.
NOW, you're ready to enjoy life and secure your retirement.
NOW, you believe in yourself.
Life doesn't grow old. It evolves.
Have a wonderful day. 🙂

C'est tout ce dont j'ai besoin pour une entreprise numérique.
Cliquez: En savoir plus. Relevez le défi de votre vie. Vous vous demanderez: "Pourquoi n'ai-je pas trouvé ça avant?" Facile.
MAINTENANT, vous avez l'esprit ouvert.
MAINTENANT, vous savez que vous avez le droit aux bonnes choses de la vie.
MAINTENANT, vous voulez plus de temps avec votre famille.
MAINTENANT, vous croyez que c'est possible.
MAINTENANT, vous êtes prêt à sortir de votre zone de confort.
MAINTENANT, vous êtes prêt à être votre propre patron.
MAINTENANT, vous êtes prêt à profiter de la vie et à assurer votre retraite.
MAINTENANT, vous croyez en vous.
La vie ne vieillit pas. Elle évolue. Passer une merveilleuse journée.🙂


Voici ce que vous obtenez:
Écoutez au webinaire gratuit.
Vous aurez un cours de formation.
Et une communauté de plus de 70 000 personnes dans le monde.
Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de prendre la décision d'obtenir tout ce que vous avez le droit d'avoir dans la vie.
Vous voulez un changement? Nous sommes ce que vous recherchez.

Cliquer sur le lien:

Bon succès à vous 🙂


You want a change?
Click the link:
Liseten to the Free Webinar
You will have a training course
And a community of over 70k world wide
All you have to do is make the decision that
you have the right to more from life
Good Success to you :)


Does anyone remember what this was for? If so just say yes or no in a comment so that you don't give it away and so than others can say yes or no. Looking forward to seeing how many yes's I'll recieve. Good day to everyone. :)

Quelqu'un se souvient-il à quoi cela servait? Si c'est le cas, dites simplement oui ou non dans un commentaire afin de ne pas le révéler et que les autres puissent dire oui ou non. Au plaisir de voir combien de oui je recevrai. Bonne journée à tous. :)


Its all about getting use to the camera. Vesy Krasteva excepted my challenge and you are all welcome to this challenge. :)


Starting a business is all in the state of mind. Wanting something more from life, is a god given desire. Beleive in yourself, live your dreams and be Happy. Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Fill your days with positve thoughts and all good things and your tomorrows will be better. Have a wonderful day to everyone.


Success is all in the mindset. 🙂

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