Rebecca Dyck Consulting

Rebecca Dyck Consulting

I'm a nurse with a masters degree in wound healing. I want to help everyone prevent and heal wounds.


Anyone else in Niagara have a little bit of star damage from our beautiful weekend? 🙋🏻‍♀️


Back to school for the kiddos AND Mom! training starts this week - here we go!

Photos from Me Want Banana's post 29/12/2020

Very cool tattoo ideas incorporating scars!


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ICYMI my Scar Reduction 101 mini-course is now available on Teachable!
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There are so many different antimicrobials available for wound care - should you use them all just in case? Find out in this video.

The Wednesday Wound Wisdom videos are coming to an end! I’m transitioning to weekly WWW posts instead, with longer quarterly webinars available to my subscribers at So go sign up, and receive my monthly newsletters and webinar invitations.


Today I share my next education steps, as well as advice for preventing skin tears


First up: the Scar Reduction 101 Giveaway winnner!!! Congratulations to Sharma Scott-Mizzell!!! Thanks to all the participants.

Buy Scar Reduction 101 for $20 from

Next, a regular chat about what should go in your first aid kit.

Check out to book consultations, buy Scar Reduction 101, and find links to other wound organizations.


2 hours left in the giveaway!!!!


Keep sharing, liking and tagging! The contest closes tomorrow at 1pm!!!



I’ve extended the giveaway of my new Scar Reduction 101 mini-course until this Wednesday at 1pm ET.

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Good luck!!!


Giving myself a little treat at the end of a long launch day!

Remember to check out my Giveaway video below and like/share/tag a friend for a chance to win my Scar Reduction 101 mini-course!


Launch Day Edition!!!

Ever wonder why your scar didn’t heal properly? I go through some of the main reasons in this video, as well as officially announcing my new website name!!!

Check out to book consultations, buy Scar Reduction 101, and find links to other wound organizations.


Today is launch day for Rebecca Dyck Consulting! In addition to launching my website and wound consulting services, I’m introducing Scar Reduction 101, a mini-course on how to treat both new injuries and old scars in order to minimize scarring!

Tag a friend (who doesn’t already follow me), and like and share this post for a chance to win the mini-course for free!!!


T-minus 2 days to launch!!!

On Wednesday, October 28th, I will be officially launching my business website, wound consulting services, and my Scar Reduction 101 product! Annie joins me to share the details.


Running errands with this puppy makes for a fun morning!

In business news, I’m taking feedback from my beta testers and making tweaks in my scar product. Launch date? Wednesday, October 28th!!! I will officially be open for business with my website, wound consulting services and education products!


Sometimes we forget about pain. I see many telemedicine wound clients whose nurses aren’t even documenting pain levels. We need to do better.


Talking about skin frailty at


What’s is your number? I’m in the 2-3 range.


Keep those feet healthy!


Susan Chandler was my very first tutoring student 5 years ago! I always feel like a proud mama when I see one of my students presenting at the conference. Go Susan go!!!


All my kids are interested in wounds, just like their mom!


My conference companion today

Ahmed Kayssi on Twitter 14/10/2020

I’m always happy to see a focus on Indigenous people in any setting, but especially at wound events. Indigenous people suffer disproportionately from wounds as a direct result of historical and ongoing colonization.

Ahmed Kayssi on Twitter “Indigenous people across the world suffer disproportionately from diabetic foot ulcers and their complications. We need to support indigenous professionals like and allies like who are working very hard to change this! ”


New burn classification guidelines. No more degrees (I could never remember them anyway!)


Ready for Missing in-person conference, but happy to not be in a freezing conference hall!


“I thought you already had one of those?!?” YES I DID. Two in fact. Watch the video to find out why I’m filming my Scar Reduction Guide video a THIRD (and hopefully FINAL!) time.


Did you know that honey can be used in wounds? Watch the video for a few details about this ancient medicine.


If any other nurses out there want to check out a network of Canadian nurse entrepreneurs, join as a guest for their monthly webinar tonight! 7pm, and I’ll be there too.

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