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Our first donation from the month of October and it is all because of you guys! Although it is nothing huge being our first month this means the world to me, Charlie Jane, and so many other families out there affected by this nasty disease. Thank you all so much for your support ❤️


NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) is a leading cause of infant death, impacting thousands of babies every year. It is a devastating intestinal disease that primarily affects babies born prematurely or with a medical complication.

The NEC Society is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, made up of a diverse group of healthcare providers, researchers, and patient-families who are committed to building a world without NEC.

The NEC Society is constantly striving to broaden and diversify our reach to underrepresented communities by identifying patient-families who have been personally impacted by NEC and empowering them to share their story.

The NEC Society intentionally elevates the voices of women, individuals from diverse backgrounds, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and marginalized groups, as they bring critical insight and advance the NEC Society’s vision of a world without NEC.

(Copies from their site)

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 24/11/2020

A ~few~ of the things I have found time to make lately (and have pictures of since getting a new phone). Sometimes it is hard to balance 450 plants, cats, work, and a fiancé but I am blessed to be able to do it all!

Feel free to message me for any custom orders, there is still some time for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts!

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 24/11/2020

String of Turtles
4”- $10

String of Pearls

String of Bananas Ruby Necklace
4”- $8
3”- $5
Lg. 2”- $4
Sm. 2”- $2

ZZ Plant
4”- $8

Soon to come
Variegated String of Hearts
Variegated String of Pearls
String of Hearts
Red Velvet Philodendron Verrucosum
Monstera Adansonii

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 16/11/2020

Some of my personal plants are looking for new homes as I am totally out of room!
30 year old Hope Philodendron (two mature plants potted with mature cut palm with new growth- $100 SOLD
Mature Bird of Paradise that flowers each spring $20
Pilea Silver Tree “friendship plant” $10- PENDING
Tradescantia Zebrina “wandering dude”$25 potted $12 imported

Feel free to message me with any questions☺️🌿


Happy Wednesday!


This giveaways winner is Bryce Boos, congrats 🌿

Our next giveaway will be next month, stay tuned!

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 04/11/2020

Our results will actually be in tonight! You still have a little longer to enter, like our page and share this post for a chance to win all of these guys!

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 28/10/2020


Plants included:
Tradescantia Zebrina
Mezoo Trailing Red
Kalanchoe Tomentosa
String of pearls
Marble Queen Pothos
Potted Pachyphytum succulent

Rooted cuttings included:
Pearls and Jade Pothos
Satin Pothos
Brasil Philodendron
Sweetheart Philodendron

How to enter:
1. Like our page
2. Share this post

Winner will be chosen on 11/4!

Must be willing to meet within an hour and a half of the Johnson Creek area!

🌿Good luck🌿

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 26/10/2020

I have been so excited to share this one!

These will be ready for their new homes Wednesday 10-28, starting at $80.

I will give first dibs to those who have already expressed interest! Don’t worry if you miss them, there will be more to come✨

Sorry, no shipping available on these guys!

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 22/10/2020

String of Pearls!

1.75” pots are $3
2” pots are $4

Super easy care, these gals love bright light and soil to become bone dry between waterings! Beautiful trailing plant with succulent pearls!


Just a few of the beautiful Sansevieria Trifasciata we have! These guys are so easy to care for and are very forgiving making them great starter plants or gifts!

$12 each in 4” nutsery pots each one is 25-35 inches tall.

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 17/10/2020

Weekly Tip #1 Overwatering

Let’s face it we have ALL killed a plant by overwatering weather we know it or not (or want to admit). When we see yellowing leaves or any slight change in our plants, the first thing we often think is that it needs more water! Most of the time when we see yellow leaves on our houseplants they are letting us know they have too much water or need some extra nutrients. With succulents leaves will start to yellow or turn black, become mushy and fall off when they have too much water. So many of you always hear me say listen to your plants and I couldn’t stress that enough! They will tell you what they need as long as you know what to look for! Here are some easy ways to “listen to your plants” and give them the right amount of water by just looking at them! Always remember it is easier to bounce back from allowing a plant to dry a little more than to have it too wet! Don’t be afraid to “forget” about your succulents, they will thank you!

🌿Thanks for coming to our plant talk🌿

Photos from CJs Plants and Things's post 16/10/2020

Hi, my name is Melanie and I started my shop this year to honor my daughter Charlie Jane who was too precious for Earth. It was always my dream to have a greenhouse with her and pray she would love plants as much as her momma. Being a plant mom has helped me grieve so much, caring for them and watching them grow is so satisfying and really gets my mind off of things- plus they’re just so darn pretty!

✨10% of plant sales will go to the NEC Society which looks for cures and causes of Necrotizing Enterocolitis and helps families affected by this devastating disease✨

🌿I have hundreds of plants and will have some added here almost daily! I will also be doing weekly tips, weekly plant features, monthly and milestone giveaways🌿

All of these gals pictured are available as well, some are cuttings but most are full plants! All come with care instructions!


Like and share page for 10% off on a purchase!