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Promo! Promo!!
Get a plot of land as low as 1.5Million Naira.

Title is FCDA R of O. Enquiries- 08147048017

I-man Estate (behind nipco airport road)
250sqm to 550sqm
1.8m to 3.5m

Palazzo Estate(between leisure court and KYC)
300sqm to 500sqm
1.7m to 2.7m

Seman Estate (Behind Dunamis Church Headqtrs Abuja).
600sqm to 1000sqm
7m to 24m

Vidash city Estate ( behind Train Station, along Idu Axis, sharing fence with Nigerian Army Estate, Tarred Road to the estate)
250sqm to 500sqm
1.3m to 2.8m

Leisure court. (Behind aco estate airport road)
300sqm to 600sqm
2.5m to 4.5m

Mckesson Luxury Homes
(behind nipco airport road)
300sqm to 500sqm
4m to 5.5m

For more enquiries Call or WhatsApp
Pearls 08147048017

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