B’s Backpack Brigade

B’s Backpack Brigade

We will be having a benefit ride every year in the honor of Brantley Taber. All Brantley wanted was to grow hair and go to school!

He got to do both � Contact Kira Rayburn or Dana Davis for questions or details.


Unfortunately we are going to have to hold off on the B’s Backpack Brigade benefit this year….things just are not lining up like we intended them to do so! And rather than “throwing things together” we want to make sure it’s perfect for everyone involved…..we may do a little Fall get together to get ideas storming for next year 🙂 so stay tuned…..and trust me when I tell you this isn’t goodbye; it’s See Y’all Later!!! We aren’t going anywhere; just revamping!!!!


August 6, 2022….save the date! Details to come


Hello! Just wanted you to know we do plan on doing this event this year and will have details soon hopefully!

Photos from B’s Backpack Brigade's post 26/07/2021


Photos from B’s Backpack Brigade's post 26/07/2021

Thank you everyone for your amazing hearts!!! Because of each and every one of you we have been able to donate two totes full of backpacks and supplies to both Tri Elementary and Knightstown Elementary; we were also able to give each school a monetary donation to help with book rentals, iPads, or whatever they need to make some kids’ lives a little easier this school year!!!!

We also made a monetary donation to Henry County Sheriffs Department for their upcoming SWAT training (we all know that is what Brantley wanted to be when he grew up: a police officer 👮) so it felt appropriate to do this as well!

We still have some money to donate and we are thinking a future hero scholarship at the end of this school year ❤️❤️❤️❤️ as well as making arrangements with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to bring them their donations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Again without all of YOU this wouldn’t have been possible; thank you for keeping Brantley’s name “alive” and carrying on his dreams and wishes


Anyone that took pics yesterday could you please send them to us or post them!! We’d love to see them!

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You guys!!! What an amazing day. The weather held out and so many showed up and showed out. We ended up with almost $4,700!!!!!!! For a first year ride that’s AMAZEBALLS.
So many people to thank!
Everyone that donated raffle items, everyone that donated food and other items, all of the stops on the ride you were all sooo good to us, those that gave their time to help yesterday, those that shared our posts, those that gave enough though you couldn’t come. Those that prepared the hog for us (it was more than delicious), those that helped keep things in order during the ride and helped get the food ready. I’m sure I’m forgetting some….because SO many people go into making an event like this a success. We had so many backpacks donated that we aren’t sure where to put them all!!!!!
We’ve learned a lot this year and we know a lot of what we will and won’t be doing next year. We hope you mark your calendars to come join us next year….rain or shine!!!
Kira and Bobby….Brantley’s name will forever live on and so many kids are going to be blessed with this ❤️❤️


Great day for a ride, come join us!


More silent auction items


Just a few items The Crazy Hat Lady made up for us that will be up for grabs Saturday!! Come out and bid. You don’t have to do the ride to come bid on items


Just a little post to explain how Saturday will work

REGISTRATION starts at 9am; fee is $25/single rider $40/couple ***OR*** bring a backpack filled with school supplies or hospital care items as your fee!!!

During registration feel free to stop by even if you’re not participating in the ride, and we will gladly accept donations ❤️; and come take a peak at the silent auction items and begin bidding; buy a t-shirt, or just stop in and say hello 😊

Ride should take about 5/6 hours; ETA back at Montgomery’s around 5pm (tentative we could be a little early or later)

Upon return of all the riders we will have a few short announcements and then food will be served and silent auction bidding will commence

Pulled pork
Potato salad
Green beans

(Dinner tickets may be purchased separately for those that are not partaking in the ride)

Once all riders have came back we will also have a DJ, co****le, bounce house...and a few other fun family friendly activities as well as silent auction winners to be announced

I hope this helps clear some things up 🐝

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Attached are the supply lists for Tri and Knightstown Elementary Schools...keep spreading the word and let’s make this a huge success in B’s honor


Come see us at Freedom Days!! We will be here all day with shirts ❤️❤️

Photos from B’s Backpack Brigade's post 09/07/2021

🐝🐝🐝We are set up at Spiceland Freedom Days with tshirts and flyers 🐝🐝🐝


Just a quick reminder I will be set up with Bobby at the DJ booth during Spiceland Freedom Days....we will be selling tshirts and accepting donations for silent auction, door prizes, and backpacks as well!!!!


💥💥💥💥Don’t forget....we will be selling B’s Backpack Brigade Tshirts this weekend during Spiceland Freedom Days Festival!!!! Come see us at the DJ booth💥💥💥💥


Still accepting silent auction items! Let us know if you would like to donate! Much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️


Please note the ride is NOT TOMORROW! It is Saturday July 17!

Due to scheduling conflicts the date for this ride has been moved to July 17!!!!! Please make note!


You can pay the registration fee OR your fee can consist a new backpack filled with school supplies or hospital care items (items we found useful during treatments were: tide sticks, unscented lotion, chapstick, candies (helps with taste during chemo), small blankets and pillows, socks, pjs, books, cards and other small games)


A couple of things....

1) don’t forget the date is July 17!!!! Coming up really soon

2) we will have a tent set up at Freedom Days in Spiceland July 9-10 selling tshirts

3) the registration fee for the ride is $25 OR bring a backpack filled with school supplies or hospital care items that we will donate to Peyton Manning Children’s hospital oncology unit (some things helpful for the hospital care items for children and families during treatments would be unscented lotions, wipes, tide sticks, socks, pjs (whatever size as cancer has no age restrictions unfortunately) small blankets, travel shampoo and body wash, safety pins, travel size games and books, chapstick, and small candies that help with the taste during treatments just a few things I can think of right now)

Can’t wait to see everyone!



3 years ago today Brantley “B” went to Heaven....this little boy was the light for a lot of us! Thank you for keeping his memory alive!

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They’re here!!!! We have children and adult (unisex) sizes!
You can contact Kira Rayburn Bobby Rayburn or Dana Davis to get one! There will be some at Simon’s Barks & Bubbles in Knightstown as well!
$20 each
XXL and # # $25


Here is the tentative route for the ride July 17!

Kickstands up at 11/11:30 from Montgomery’s (spiceland)
South 113 in Rushville
Then Chug A Lug in Cambridge City
Ron De Voo in Hagerstown
Scooters in New Castle
Sparkys in Mt Summit
Bens in Shirley
Back to Montgomery’s


Good Morning, and happy Friday! We have a logo thanks to Brantley’s big brother Chance!!!! I am going to post some additional details about the ride and and what our mission is so stay tuned!


Due to scheduling conflicts the date for this ride has been moved to July 17!!!!! Please make note!


We need all sponsor money by this Friday!! It’s not too late to join!! $50 and your company/family name goes on the shirts


We are in need of sponsors for our shirts!! $50 and your name will go on them!! Message Dana or Kira to help ❤️❤️

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Silent auction items