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How can ABA help children ( and adults) with disabilities (or not)?

10 Common Misconceptions About Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 23/02/2023

If you are familiar with ABA, you probably would have heard of the bad things about ABA. Some of them are true anecdotal experiences from parents and "victims" of "bad ABA" themselves. Especially amongst the Autism community. I am not discounting their personal experiences , but I am just here to assure you that, if your ABA therapy feels like "abuse" then it's not done right!

Just like in any other fields, there are bad apples and unfortunately, more than a few people have had bad experiences with ABA from companies that either did not know what ABA really is, or just cared for the $! ABA has also come a long way- science is always evolving!

I am not here to argue with those who don't believe in ABA, rather to spread the awareness of what true ABA is and should be. Parents (and clients), you have to know what ( therapy) you are getting you and your family into so you can advocate for yourselves and your family! If it doesn’t feel right, speak up! It only works if everyone is on the same page!

With that, I am going to leave you with this post from Autism Learning partners on misconceptions of ABA.

10 Common Misconceptions About Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) There are many misconceptions about Applied Behavior Analysis. Read about the top 10 misconceptions about ABA, debunked.