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OPL3 Caladan card brought to life. Well done to vlad for taking my w***y, hotch potch, cobbled together design and getting it to sing!!
Here it is just playing some OPL3 music from a classic game (bonus points for the first to guess ) onboard elka Synthex filters Working after some coaxing. It has 4 of those, so aside from having 2 opl3 chips capable of 9 fm 4 operator voices each, it will also be able to be used something like a 3 oscillator 4 voice subtractive synth. Exciting stuff!!




Prototype dual OPL3 cards have entered the building!


Seriously limited quantities of B-stock s2400 units now available. Each machine is supplied with black sides and warranty (excluding cosmetics)

Head to the shop at


Happy to announce that we have a new firmware update for your S2400 released today.
As always, visit the Isla Instruments forum topic link below, scroll to the bottom and you'll see the new firmware.
This is a simple maintenance release which addresses mostly bug reports.

# # # Fixes
* Fixed errant pixel forum link
* Fixed "Only USB to jacks" setting affecting resampling forum link and link
* Fixed no preview when pressing pad on empty track forum link and link
* Fixed gain setting on exit from waveform editor forum link
* Fixed resetting and redisplaying settings on Clear Track forum link
* Fixed browsing files after renaming project forum link
* Fixed unmuting track while song playing forum link
* Fixed zero cross when cursor already at zero point forum link
* Fixed live loop copy not copying input gain forum link
* Fixed recgroup messed up after copying MIDI track forum link
* Fixed MIDI track Note Gated pad mode note off from external MIDI forum link
* Fixed swing menu for MIDI tracks forum link
* Fixed MIDI track mute and solo not saving forum link
* Fixed Record Overwrite B LED not staying lit
* Fixed slice pads not blinking correctly when triggered via MIDI
* Fixed StopOnMute defaulting to off on clear track
* Fixed incorrect "error loading kit" message when loading kits with more than 20 tracks
* Fixed Bank key behavior in Track Settings
# # # Changes & New Features
* Shift+Pad in track settings switches track without playing sound (pressing pad without shift plays sound)
* In song mode, when adding a swing event, parms default to next pattern's swing forum link
* In track settings and organize tracks, when output mix is stereo, display output pair, not a single output of the pair forum link
* Press Copy+Pad, then same Pad while in multi mode to copy that multi-pad's properties to the main (non-multi) pad forum link


Our boy Otis with the last of the s2400 back orders and most of the white case orders!! All done! Thanks for being the best, most patient bunch of awesome people! ❤️


Dual OPL3 Hybrid FM synth paired with 4 Elka Synthex filters.
To be used like a 4 voice subtractive synth, or delve deeper into 4op FM synthesis.
This is almost ready to send off for prototype fabrication. I've been waiting to hear this design for almost 6 years..
The Parva OG (Remixed) card is hot on its heels.


Shipping updates and a brucie bonus.


All the back orders will be shipped by the end of next week.
S2400 is BACK IN STOCK!!


S2400 back in stock baby!! Black or white, take your pick! All orders will be shipped within the next few days!


Yay!! Analogue filter cards are on their way to me. The end is in sight for this project!! This is NOT ready for orders yet, but we’re a massive step closer. It’s pretty, isn’t it? ❤️👀


This is why Caladan is a desktop, so I can help you guys out!! So, like, You’re welcome!!!

Moog Memorymoog 1982 - 1985 | Reverb 04/10/2023

Reverb isn't using the correct photos, but the Sanctuary is listed.
only 100 exist!

Moog Memorymoog 1982 - 1985 | Reverb The Memorymoog is the last official synth released by the original Moog company before they went bankrupt in 1982. It combines 100 patch memory slots (hence the name) with six voice polyphony to create a unique polysynth with a triple VCO Moog flavor. There are two models, the basic and Plus, whi...


Where my Caladan wankers at?
Come and join the official FB group!


Following on from yesterday's brilliant long form show with the good guys over at , I wanted to follow up with a shorter, more concise overview of what the synth is all about.

Hopefully this answers many of the questions I have been fielding over the past 24hrs.

The coupon code 'prosynth' has been extended until Monday. My apologies for not considering people not having the time to watch the stream and place their order in time. That said, the code WILL expire on Monday morning.

to place your pre-order for the Caladan synthesizer, and see the specs, audio demos etc, head over to

Thanks to all who have already placed an order, it's you guys that are enabling us to put this into production.
We're extremely grateful.

Big Love

Caladan – ISLA Instruments 30/09/2023

Due to being absolutely hounded this morning, the coupon code ‘prosynth’ has been extended to end of the weekend. No exceptions.
I realize some of you couldn’t make the stream, my apologies.
Pre-order your Caladan at our website

Caladan – ISLA Instruments Welcome to the pre-order page for the Isla Instruments Caladan synthesizer. Over the past year, we have been hard at work developing the hardware prototypes to bring this dream alive! We are now open for early-bird pre-orders. Both Hardware & Firmware development is an extremely expensive endeavour,...


The Caladan pre-order is now open.
Find out much more about the capabilities of the machine over at its page on our website
Also, until tomorrow morning, you can use coupon code 'prosynth' at checkout to get an extra little bit off.
We've got it this far, now we need you to put your money where your mouth is to get this baby into production.
Whatta Ride!!!

Caladan first audio tests… 28/09/2023

Here we're just flicking through some of the presets that are currently installed in the Isla Instruments Caladan synthesizer.
This is the first fully built prototype machine so no UI just yet, patches are being changed by MIDI.

To find out more about Caladan, and get a coupon code for super early bird discount, be sure to join the whole Isla crew on the ProSynth Network podcast tomorrow afternoon, Friday, 29th Sep - 2PM EST.

here's the link to that..

See you there!
Big Love

Caladan first audio tests…


Caladan enters the chat…. ❤️


I said DSP! yeah you know me!!!!

Isla Instruments | Reverb 26/09/2023

For those that are interested, we're starting to upload stuff to our reverb store.
Geartrader has had to take a backseat for now, too many pies, not enough fingers, etc.
Going to stick to what we're good at for now (making cool s**t).
If there's something you know I had, that you want, let me know and I'll get it listed.

Rack gear, synths, samplers, service manuals, synth accessories, you name it, I probably have it.

There's way over 1000 pieces to get listed.

Isla Instruments | Reverb Shop Isla Instruments on Reverb

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 182: With Special Guest, Brad Holland of Isla Instruments 25/09/2023

Well, you can come hang out with Mickey, Ken Flux & Myself as we divulge more info on the Caladan and S2400 DSP module.
We 'MIGHT' even open up for early bird pre-orders....

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 182: With Special Guest, Brad Holland of Isla Instruments This week we are joined by the owner and founder of Isla Instruments, Brad Holland. Brad burst onto the scene with the innovative KordBot and then followed i...


Alive in theatre!



What you're seeing here, is the Caladan prototype hardware communicating through its debug serial port, sending messages showing all of its hardware sub-systems coming online as it boots up.

Over the past few days, Vlad has been working tirelessly to build the framework code for the Caladan synthesizer hardware.

Pots, switches, OLED displays, CV/Gates, RGB Led Rings, Audio Codecs, USB host/device , MIDI, SD card, Synth expansion card bus have all now come online.

Not gonna lie, There are several surgical procedures that I have to make to the other 4 machines to bring them to life, but these are all changes that will of course be baked into the next prototype.
The main takeaway here is that there have been no show stoppers!

Next we will start fleshing out the APIs and move onto getting the soundfont playback engine up and running. Then Mickey takes the driving seat and works on the UI aspects.

Developing prototypes of 3 products simultaneously (Filter card, DSP card, Caladan) was, in hindsight, perhaps too much for me to take on and has been pretty stressful and extremely expensive. So my apologies for things taking longer.

Within the next week or so, I'll be opening up the Caladan and the DSP board for early bird pre-orders. This will get you a healthy discount for supporting us, and us some cash coming in to get into production and pay down our development expenses.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and support and for taking an interest in the birthing process of new gear!
It's so much fun to be open and sharing all the behind the scenes stuff, even if it is mundane at times!

A massive shout out to the amazing and patient dev team , , & Niki

Big Love!
Brad ❤️


I hate seeing decks setup in this orientation.
No need!!


Just unboxing what should hopefully be the final prototype for the S2400 DSP card.
This DSP card is capable of running VST fx plugins (and instruments) inside the S2400.
More info and pre-order will be opening soon. ❤️


Apologies for there being no updates.
This week has been spent with my family. Daughters 1st birthday, wife’s 4xth/nd birthday, and out 10th wedding anniversary.
Vlad is also on holiday.
I’ll be back to work Monday, and the boat docks on the 6th.


A happy 1st birthday to my sweet little Aubrey. Daddy loves you. ❤️

Photos from ISLA Instruments's post 16/08/2023

We passed everything with flying colours.
This means that major EU distribution can now be a thing!


Breathes a sigh of relief….


On a lighter note, Caladan prototype parts arrive later today.
Tomorrow I will be spending the day building them.
Anyone interested in me live streaming the whole affair?
Perhaps they'll go up in smoke once powered up, perhaps not.... :D


The kordbot Facebook group has some upset people in it, I get it, but I feel I’ve apologized enough and can no longer.
For clarity here’s my official response to claims I am a ‘scammer’

Scam? Come on man.
Kordbot is a DECADE old in a couple of months.
I’ve already held my hands up and apologized about it never getting my sequencer idea.
It was my first rodeo, I did the best I could do at the time.
The hardware that shipped is leaps and bounds beyond the hardware that was backed on the kickstarter project and got many features and enhancements that were not in the original campaign.

If you think kordbot funded a vintage synth collection then you’re deluded. If it was a profitable excercise, it would still be in development and for sale.

The code base was a mess, the hardware was Ill executed, but the core of what kordbot was supposed to be did what it was supposed to do.

The firmware cannot be open sourced to the community, it relies too heavily on closed source libraries.

Plenty of people enjoy their kordbot for what it is and does, not what it doesn’t.

I’m done apologizing for it. I’ve got better at what I do, I’ve learned from mistakes.
There will be a mk2 when current projects are finished. But it sounds like you have personal issues with me so will likely be uninterested.

NOBODY beyond the initial kickstarter can complain they paid for something they didn’t get, because it was never ‘marketed’ as a potential sequencer beyond that point. And as I mentioned, take a look back at the historical campaign page. Look at the upgraded hardware that shipped, vs what you paid $179 for.

Sorry you feel this way. I scammed nobody.

If there is a skilled developer who wishes to take on continued development of the kordbot.
Stm32 software developer, get in touch!

Photos from ISLA Instruments's post 03/08/2023

Thankfully, it fits together beautifully!

Photos from ISLA Instruments's post 03/08/2023

Prototype enclosures ready! ❤️👀 honestly, I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Photos from ISLA Instruments's post 31/07/2023

Caladan boards

[Wu-Tang Clan] | Hip Hop | 2023 | Sotheby's 21/07/2023

[Wu-Tang Clan] | Hip Hop | 2023 | Sotheby's E-mu Systems Inc. SP-1200 (19 x 14¾ x 5½ in.) ca. [1991], signed "RZA / WUTANG / 2023" in black Sharpie

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