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Howell’s Herbal Apothecary

Small-batch herbal apothecary located in the beautiful Outer Banks of NC specializing in medicinal teas, tinctures, and salves.


Dry January is upon us & the ads promoting the month are quite plentiful. I thought I would use this time to share a little story….my story.

Six years ago I received a life-changing diagnosis of MS. I won’t lie, it scared me to my core. My mind raced, and all I could see was a bleak future confined to a wheelchair. While I knew drinking alcohol & MS did not mix, I felt like the bottom had dropped out from underneath me & the thought of losing my longtime coping mechanism was laughable. So I drank at it…I drank at the fear…I drank in celebration that my life was still normal under the guise of this won’t last forever….I drank to calm my anxiety over what the future held.

When it became apparent I needed to trust my own knowledge & treat myself, I knew the alcohol had to go, so I put it down & never turned back. While quitting drinking was truly an easy task for me, I did worry. I am quite social by nature & knew nearly all social gatherings have alcohol front & center. I refused to stop participating in life, but I also refused to have a life of only water at a party. I turned to what I knew best, herbs. I dove headfirst into creating medicinal shrubs to calm my nerves, enliven my spirit, support my body, & make a darn good mocktail. Using botanical alchemy, I was able to craft a different kind of spirit. Ones that made me feel amazing & connected me with the rich medicine of the Earth.

Over the years I started testing other’s herbal magic & alcohol alternatives, leaving me with a fully-stocked, zero-proof mocktail bar in my home….and the drinks that come out of it are interesting, unique, & support my mind, body & spirit like none other.

It was my own journey that made me want to share a Zero-Proof bottle shop with the Outer Banks community. You will find a growing selection of my favorite clean ingredient, intentionally made herbal elixirs & alcohol alternatives on the .vibe.holistics shelves, along with a fridge packed with medicinal shrubs.

If you are participating in Dry January, use the time to reflect on your relationship with alcohol, and remember, sober doesn’t mean boring (boring drinks or boring life)


OBX Nursing Mama’s your wait is over! The oil infusion is finally complete, so a fresh batch of Calm Your Nips breastfeeding salve has hit the shelves at .vibe.holistics. This is a must-have for all the nursing mamas out there. This powerful herbal infused oil & beeswax salve not only helps heal painful, cracked ni***es, but it also lanolin free, so no need to wipe off before the next round of breastfeeding. Have you tried this salve? We would love to hear how it worked for you!


Attention Howell’s Herbal Apothecary Fire Cider Lovers…IT’S BACK!!!

Our carefully formulated blend has all the classic Fire Cider ingredients, plus additional herbs to enhance immune/health benefits, as well as to make it more palatable….after all, it ceases to be a remedy if you can’t get it down the hatch!

This slow-infused, small-batch fire cider is just the tonic you need during the fall & winter season. This batch resulted in exactly 8, 8oz bottles. They will move quickly, and the next batch is still weeks away! Head on over to .vibe.holistics to claim your bottle, Wed-Sat 10-4pm and spice up your health!


Signs of a changing season. Here we are, the mid-point of summer season (and nearing the end of summer break) and nature is moving right along. Gone are the elderflowers of spring/early summer. They are now being replaced with berries to nourish our bodies in the transition to autumn. No matter what is going on in the material world, nature gracefully moves through her cycles, providing the medicine needed right on time. I often wish I could flow through the seasons of life in such a way. I am not going to lie, this has been one of the hardest summers of my life. I had lots of plans for fun outings & experiences with my 8 year old, knowing these days of a little boy are fleeting. Instead, most things have been neglected….the outings, my garden, self care, and the list goes on. This summer has been one of work & worry & grief. I suppose many in their mid-forties experience this time in life where parents are ailing. The guilt that comes along with not being there constantly, knowing time is not promised. Then remembering these parents you long to be near are the same ones who gave you the love, courage, & strong foundation to leave the nest and build a life of your own…yet still, you grieve time together lost & worry with each visit it may be the last time you hug them or hear their voices telling you how much they love you. As I reflect back on the past couple of months, while I may not have done all of the things I had planned, I have allowed space to face the hard stuff…this season that asks me to celebrate the beautiful life I have been given, while preparing for the inevitable transition into a world unknown. If there is one thing I can take from nature, it’s that this, too, is only a season. After the dark returns the light….I am here to experience it all.


After a week away caring for family, it feels great to be back in the apothecary at .vibe.holistics!

Today, I am busy blending new Mama Post Birth Sitz Baths & restocking both our Women’s Health & Tincture sections.

Swing on by & say hello! I’ve missed you!


Gathering Inspiration. Of all the places I have watched the sunrise, this stretch of the Atlantic is my favorite. It is where I go to not only connect with myself & my guides, but the rhythms of the Earth as well. There is a powerful connection that takes place next to ocean. With my body firmly rooted to the Earth on the sand, watching the Fire of the Sun rise & reflect over the Waters of the sea, with the Air making its presence known as the wind blows through my hair, leaving no doubt spirit and the divine is surrounding me like the ethers of the universe….it is here I become one with the elements. It is here where I pull my inspiration for earth medicine. It is here I express gratitude for this life and this moment.

Photos from Hi Vibe Holistics's post 19/04/2022

Check out what we’ve been up to lately!


Been missing that Peaceful, Easy Feeling brought to you by your nightly shrub? Well, the wait is over! .vibe.holistics will be restocked with Peaceful Shrubbing Feeling today. This shrub continues to be a crowd favorite (it is just soooo good) and goes quickly. While another batch is already brewing, these things take time, and there is often a wait. I am committed to my small batch method of crafting. This way I can maintain the integrity of each bottle. What you get is a true labor of love, and I can only hope the energy infused into each bottle adds a little more peace & fills you with extra love with each sip!

Don’t forget to swing by and join in the community event (Wildflower) Bombs for Peace at noon. There is a community dedicated to promoting peace, love, & tolerance building right in your backyard! Come be a part of it & see how we can spread these energies far and wide!


Does the state of the world get you down? Do you often wonder what you can do? While my individual actions may not be able to change the horrors people are enduring abroad, I truly believe effective change begins in your heart and your community. The spark of love and tolerance and understanding has to catch a fire somewhere….why can’t it start with me?

After being inspired by my friend and brilliant Naturopathic Doctor, .aliciamccubbins.nd I decided to host a (Wildflower) Bombs for Peace event at .vibe.holistics this Saturday, March 5th at noon!

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring your family…..just bring it! Let’s gather as a community and set the intention of peace, love, & understanding sweeping the world…..then let’s spread the beauty of wildflowers across our community!

This is a donation only based event, but let me know if you are planning on coming so I bring enough supplies. Together, we can spread beauty & love in our community and beyond!


Let’s talk about love, passion & inner fire, shall we? While this is the season these ideas come to the forefront of the collective consciousness, I think love in all of its expressions is a way of life…..something to be celebrated & supported every day!

We have a full line of herbal products to support your body & mind, all while stoking the inner fire of passion in all its forms!

*Love Bites: organic, aphrodisiac infused candied lemons
*Inner Fire Tincture
*Shrub to Love You, Baby
*Sacred Yoni Salve

All items are available .vibe.holistics Open today until 4pm

How are you going to express your love and stoke your inner fire of passion today?

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What’s a gal to do when she gets her hands on organic passion fruit? Create a limited-release Shrub, of course! I am thrilled to introduce you to Shrub to Love You, Baby! This special shrub hits all the senses….the taste, the smell, the herbal actions….it transports your mind & gets the inner fire of passion stirring!

With a passion fruit, pineapple & banana base & a blend of aphrodisiac herbs, this is a perfect shrub to enjoy with the one you love, or to get your personal fire stoked…..passion has many different expressions, y’all….like inspiration & creativity!

There are exactly 9 of these gems available .vibe.holistics. While your there, enjoy a shrub tasting of all the different available varieties! I am there until 4pm….come grab a bottle to turn up the heat on this blustery day!


Good things come to those who wait…

As I have said many times, Medicinal Shrubs are my love language to the world. What I often don’t discuss is the labor of love that goes on behind the scenes to offer you these gentle herbal tonics. Patience & time are needed to ensure what is poured in your glass is just the right amount of herbal magic!

It seems others are beginning to share my love of these herbal shrubs, so supplies have been dwindling. The question I have been receiving over and over is, “When will there be a full restock?” The wait is almost over, by January 19th, .vibe.holistics will be fully restocked with not only Shrubs, but the Fire Cider (very limited) that has been brewing for a couple of months & Elderberry Syrup.

Inquiring minds want to know…What is your favorite shrub? And how do you like to enjoy it?


I have been quiet on this space for quite some time. The last month of 2021 was flanked with the loss of two people very important to me. Space was required for the grief I was feeling. As I pondered the timing of the profound losses, I found it fitting they occurred in the darkest time of year in the northern hemisphere. The time when I look out in my gardens and see the decomposing remnants of last season’s bounty nourishing the soil to provide abundance again in the spring. I began to shift my perspective away from sadness and toward how these two remarkable humans nourished me in life, and how they will continue to nourish me in their different energetic forms. While the two losses could not be more polar opposites, there is a common thread….LOVE! As I ease into 2022, love is the central focus like never before….love for myself, my family, my community, the world at large….love for those who believe differently than me, love for things don’t yet (and maybe never will) understand… for knowledge and love for teaching….just LOVE!

With this spirit of love, I am thrilled to offer the next module in The Intro to Western Herbalism Workshops Series: The Digestive System. In this workshop we will build on what we learned in our first class focusing on tastes, actions, affinities, and energetics, with specific focus on the Digestive System. Please DM me with any questions. Link in Bio to reserve your spot!


It’s my FAVORITE day of the month again!! If you haven’t made it to a Soul-Full Sunday celebration, there is no time like the present! It is the perfect day to fill your soul on up at the OBX Compound of Awesome! , .vibe.holistics, & will be WIDE OPEN, in addition to venders and healers and drum circles, oh my!!! It is my absolute favorite way to spend a Sunday! Hope to see you there!


What a perfect day to sip a cup of nourishing tea, talk herbs, and browse your favorite local co-op…..that’s what I will be doing all day! I am holding down the fort .vibe.holistics from 10-4pm today. Come on by and visit with me!


Come hang with me today .vibe.holistics and give me a birthday high-five! Here until 4pm!


The Full Moon in Pisces isn’t until Monday, but I am sipping on some Full Moon Blend to support my body as the energetic & creative pulls of this lunar cycle are already tugging on me. Come hang with me at .vibe.holistics until 4pm, and we can chat over tea ❤️


Herbal remedies don’t have to be complex. Sometimes, freshly made organic bone broth is just what’s needed to support the system in the most nourishing way. A friend came to me needing support for low nutrients & vitality. My first thought: herbal infused bone broth. This batch (with a focus on nutrients, digestion, liver, lymph….and FLOW) is infused with nettles, burdock root, dandelion root & leaves, red root, calendula, ginger, garlic, & turmeric is not only delicious, but just what her body needs to restore the balance. You often don’t have to look beyond your kitchen to heal your mind, body & soul. Earth’s medicine is all around us, we just have to open our eyes & hearts to receive it 💚🌿💚


In a world where we can control very little, let’s have a conversation about something we can positively impact with our actions….Our Immune System! I know you have heard me say it before, but we need a shift of perspective when it comes to immunity. It is so important to take a proactive approach instead of always just reacting. Building vibrant immunity is an everyday task, not just something to address when sickness arrives. It is about fueling your body with nutritious whole foods, getting enough sleep, moving daily, limiting alcohol consumption, and supporting your system with vitamins/supplement and herbal remedies.
vibe.holistics is stocked with a full line of items to help you along your path to building a vibrant immune system:

*elderberry syrup*fire coder*immune boost tincture*herd immunity tincture*immune boost herbal tea*

Just like anything else, building a strong immune system becomes a habit….a habit that will leave you feeling amazing!


I often say Shrub Crafting is my love language to myself & the world….the creation of the latest addition, Shrub to the Brain, is definitely rooted in love and the desire to support the health of myself & those I love most.

My dad and I share many things: a deep love of Bobby Dylan, a good deep-dive into history, a strong sense of equality & justice, and a diagnosis that affects our brains. Many are aware I have been successfully supporting my MS through the trinity of lifestyle changes, diet, and herbs. What people may not know is my father is battling Alzheimer’s Disease. While neither have a known “cure,” there are many ways to naturally support our systems and slow down progression. Many of the same herbs support these diseases with rather positive results (multiple studies ongoing in this area). Shrub to the Brain has a Mixed Berry (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry) base and is loaded with medicinals that help increase myelination, protect neurons from oxidative stress, and act as amyloid-beta inhibitors, such as Ashwagandha Root, Lion’s Mane & the most amazing Bacopa from . These are paired with other known nootropic and anti-inflammatory herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Holy Basil, Ginger Root & Turmeric Root to create a tasty & effective brain tonic. I cant wait to enjoy a Shrub Mocktail with my pops as we toast being proactive with our brain health!

New Shrub will be available .vibe.holistics this afternoon.

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