Papa Bear 3d designs

Papa Bear 3d designs

Almost any custom 3d print design and some remix designs. I will not, repeat will not copy someone elses design for resale unless authorized by designer.


Good morning folks. Time to get those 3d printed items ya want vefore it start warming up. Check out our full line of jeep accessories, rc accessories and we'll, anything else you can dream up.


Happy New Year. Thankyou for the support and heres to new and exciting opportunities for us all in the coming year.

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Papa Bear 3d designs Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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Tis the season for the light up moon globes.


So, ive been going through my mind trying to make sure everything was ready for Royfest. Ya know what? Its about yall. Who gives a rats ass if something isnt ready or dont go perfectly as planned? Its all about yall. I got up this morning and my whole news feed is people sharing Royfest and talking about it. Thats what this is about. I love you guys and yall are super amazing. Does it suck that Royfest dies this year? Yes it does but everything comes to an end for a reason. Some know the reasons and some dont. Just please know, Its not ending because i want it to. Its ending because it has to.
8 years of Royfest. Im amazed and humbled all at the same time. I cant wait to see everyone saturday. I hope its the best one yet.

Royfest dies Saturday. Thankyou all for being a part of 1 or all 8. Love you guys.


Ok yall. Don't forget yall. The Crossover food truck will be at Royfest 2023. They will have breakfast and lunch available so come hungry. It was super hard to get a food truck with all the festivals in town. Let's supports them and show them we appreciate them coming to us.
Oh........a littke birdie told me they would gave some desert stuff. You know my fat ass is excited.
See yall Saturday

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I would like to wish Papa Bear 3d designs team drivers Cody Offenbacker (bisquick) Joshua Jones (trash money) and Tim D Teague (the Carolina legend) good luck and safe travels, but most of all have fun at KOTS in Vegas. Also good luck to all the local guys around here.

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Yall asked for it. You got it. 1/24 scale car hangers. 1/18 scale will be done before the day is out. I will try and get these on Etsy, Ebay and Facebook sometime today but you can always order from me directly. These will be $11 each with $4 shipping. No additional shipping on more than 1.


This is a day i wasnt looking forward to but here goes anyway. Papabear 3d has not done in the past year what i had hoped for it. Yes theres many many factors for that reason. Im not gonna go into what those reasons are but we all know how business works and if it dont work it will shut down. With that being said, Papabear 3d has been successful and profitable but not enough to live on. As of Jan 3 i will be going back to work and doing normal hours again. For those of yall that think "it must be nice" or "i envy you" because small businesses work from home or appear like they dont work hard as you........I emplore you to give it a shot.
Oh well, this is not a bitch session. I am just here to give an update on Papabear 3d.
Im gonna venture to say around 80% of the items i sell will be deleted and removed from Etsy, Ebay and Facebook. The ones that will remain will be limited and a longer handling time attached to them.
Im gonna try and work full time and keep up with a small portion of Papabear 3d. I will be keeping a few loyal customers on hand with their normal orders. I will also do things here and there as i have time. No you will not get it over night, sorry but it is what it is.
The stuff i have at various places will get smaller and smaller in volume. They will disappear if i cant keep up with it.
This transition and deletion of products will take place all this week. As of Jan 3, my job is my priority and Papabear 3d will no longer be my job but a hobby.
So there ya have it. Im not sure what else i can say but I appreciate the ones that supported me and my crazy venture and i will still take care of those people. Its been a helluva ride but its time to slow down and face reality.
Going forward I wish everyone the best in their small business and hope they knock it out of the park.
The people supporting the small businesses, keep doing what your doing.
The ones that dont.......well, dont be surprised when your ordering everything from china and waiting a month to get it.
And one last tip. If a small business donates to your event or charity, please, please support them......mention their names, advertise for them, send them customers. Thats how they make it and thats why they give you free stuff to raffle off or give away.
If a small business donates to your event or charity and you dont support them, shame on you. Before long youll be wondering why you cant get donations.
Anyway. Thanks for the support guys and gals. Merry Christmas and I hope your new year is amazing.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours

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New improved design on the hood stops. These will bolt on for a cleaner tighter fit. Can make virtually any color and any stop top. Please do not choose something that is thin due to weather.


Y’all! We now officially have a QR code with links to pages and payments☺️ share if you’d like! And thank you everyone for the new support/continued support.

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Very talented young lady

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Yall head on over to and grab ya some cool Buffalo Bill's autographed merch with a twist of ole papabear.

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More JK inserts heading out. Get yours today. Hope to have grill inserts designed in the next day or 2. Hope to finalize JL and JT inserts in the next week or so. 👀 keep ya eyes peeled. Papabear is hard at it.