Perfectly Planned with Ashley

Perfectly Planned with Ashley

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Tomorrow at 8:00pm Eastern, I'll be doing a LIVE reveal of some new fall products!! It's an event that's exclusively for my VIP group members so check it out if you're not already there.

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Who's ready for Spooky Season!?

Tula XII is ready!


The new fall line is coming September 1st! Want a sneak peek before anyone else? Join my VIP group -

Check out the spring and summer products before they retire!

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Mid-month release!!

Fun new DIY card and bookmarks kits!

Which new style is your favorite?

Shop everything here -


Mid-month release products drop tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time!!

Check out everything new right here -

Heat Up Your Planning 03/06/2022

Happy free shipping Friday!!

Place an order of $50+ and I’ll reimburse your shipping! 🎉

Shop with me

Heat Up Your Planning

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Check out June's Customer Specials!

June's Bundle is Travel or Camping!

What is Dollar Days?
1-Book your party in June, July or August
2-Choose your product bundle valued at $40+
3-When your party qualifies, you get the bundle for the price of your party date. Example- Your party starts the 15th, you pay $15!

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Choose your cover!

Tula XII has 3 sizes and 3 styles so you can create your perfect planner!



Spend $35 and get a journal for only $8.95 in April!


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30% off Trifolio and GO

PLUS add a grommet for only $2

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Are you in direct sales or own a small business?

Let Tula XII help you keep things running smoothly with a customized planner!

Over 100 different inserts available -

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Spring will be here faster than you think!
Who else does deep cleaning for spring?
I LOVE to clean but I always seem to forget something during spring cleaning. Not anymore!
Introducing....the Spring Cleaning Insert!! Mine is on the way.
I might even do a 30 day challenge in my group in March (
Want one for yourself? Shop here

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The Cash & Coupon Pocket is a great addition to our Coupon Insert
Keep your coupons, list and $$ all in one handy spot.

Shop -->


It's !
Get out there and make things happen!

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." — Winston Churchill


A new month means new bundles from Tula XII!
January's small bundle includes
➡ Trifolio and Go in Cosmic Latte
➡ Card wallet in Cosmic Latte
➡ Health and Wellness insert to track your
✅ Exercise
✅ Food diary
✅ Water intake
✅ Mood
✅ Sleep
Get started on a healthier you for 2022!
Shop -


Happy New Year's Eve!!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun evening!

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"I don't need to write it down, I'll remember"
"I don't need a planner, I use my phone"
Are you one of these people?
Paper planners are not at all outdated or unuseful. Why? Read reading...
You'll have better time management. You'll always know what your day is going to bring.
Your productivity will go ⬆️. Blocking out time for chores, errands, etc means you're to start (and finish!) tasks.
You're less likely to forget important things! Birthdays ✅ Anniversaries✅ Appointments ✅ School events ✅
You'll be less stressed! Everyone has a lot on their plate these days. You'll feel less stressed about the demands on your time if you can see everything on a list with a scheduled time. It just seems more manageable!
Tula XII has planner inserts for ALL the things!
Need help creating your custom planner? Drop a comment or send me a message!
Check out my VIP group for more planner info and tips
Shop with me!

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It's that time of year again! We're all making resolutions!

What's the hardest one to keep?

Getting/staying organized? I can help!

Shop with me -

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Are you ready for the Tula XII Mystery Box Sale?
Tomorrow, 12/26, starting at 10:00 while supplies last!

You don't want to miss this!

Shopping link -


Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy your holiday!


Is everyone all ready for the holiday!?
Who's doing last minute shopping and wrapping?

How long do you keep your tree up?


Organization hack: Use command strips to attach a bin to the side of your bathroom vanity


Are you in direct sales or own your own small business? Tula XII offers a full line of inserts made to help you stay organized and succeed in your business!
Everything from tracking your parties and events, tracking purchases and spending, setting goals, customer contacts and so much more! Check out our Direct Sales and Small Business Lifestyle sections!


Happy Friday-eve!!

Fall 2021 Reveal 15/09/2021

Fall 2021 Product Reveal

Fall 2021 Reveal It is a new season and we are bringing a new palette of colors and patterns!


Where are my fellow lovers of The Office?


Good morning! ☀️


We all have one! What's in yours?


The Meal Planning Bundle saves time and money!

Tula Xii: Building your organizer 13/09/2021

Tula XII How To

Tula Xii: Building your organizer Build your organizer in 3 easy steps. Visit us at

Home 12/09/2021

One of the Fall Tula XII collections! $5 gift card with $50 purchase!

Home If you are new to Tula XII this is a great place to start: Follow on Instagram for:

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Check out these Deco Kits to personalize your planner or journal.