Eagle’s Perch River House

Eagle’s Perch River House

Vacation Rental on the Delaware River. BFF with @Coziestcatskillcabin


Happy to announce we are now on . So if you don’t use that other website you can now find us at https://www.vrbo.com/3094481?unitId=3667555. Discounts for our first few renters on here so book quickly!

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Feeling sad your weekend in is over? Or want to get it started right? Stop by outside Port Jervis! Breathtaking pastoral views for miles and great brews and pizza. And if you’re driving from NYC, it only adds about 15 minutes to your drive.


Do you wish this was you right now? This could be you right now.

Or in September! Summer isn’t over and we still have availability! Link in bio.

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Let there be shade!! We were tired of roasting all afternoon, and knew our guests were too. This new pergola put up by will give some fantastic relief in the second half of the day. Stain coming this fall!


Recent guests at reminded us why its so amazing to be a … here’s a sweet rescue cat stretching her legs in the wonderful . We’re suckers and so we always give discounts on the pet fee when guests are happy to share their .


flowers right around the corner! Booking now for early summer in the

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Celebrating one year since we purchased Eagle’s Perch River House!


How much do you want to be here today, throwing a football or playing co****le? ****le

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“A nice view of a bare tree that is filled with vultures every morning…”
I mean… fair.

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Finishing touches going on the new kitchen! Still some bookings available later this summer! https://www.airbnb.com/h/eaglesperchriverhouse


Putting the finishing touches on, including this new breakfast nook, perfect for quick meals, hanging out while cooking, or , if you really must. Loving the butcher block top from and the custom hardware from . https://www.airbnb.com/h/eaglesperchriverhouse


Its hard to believe we’re already talking about bookings for late and , but we’re already booked through July and much of August, so if you want to secure some time on the river this summer, you have to move fast! **this photo’s from last fall when we were inspecting the place, the deck and yard will look very different for bookings this year, but hopefully the will be just as good! And since our photos aren’t final yet, we’re still offering extremely flexible cancelation policies until they are. https://www.airbnb.com/h/eaglesperchriverhouse in the

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Unwrapping this 36” five-burner range/oven and new dishwasher to make all your and come to life! We’re now booking for the summer at https://www.airbnb.com/h/eaglesperchriverhouse and in the


The first of three headboards that are going in the bedrooms—one of a few custom touches that will make each room special. Beds will be topped with the same green tea memory foam mattresses (not pictured) that have received rave reviews at the The Coziest Catskill Cabin because you need a good night’s sleep after a full day of and .

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The deck is just about ready for , it just needs you and some good friends! Summer now live at https://www.airbnb.com/h/eaglesperchriverhouse although we’re still adding photos as things get finished up. Check back for updates!

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New grill day after a perfect day in the mountains. Life is great by the

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I wouldn’t say our yard is a nature superhighway... but it’s definitely at least a town square. of the