The Traveling "Gypsies-Explores"

The Traveling "Gypsies-Explores"

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When my husband was making $58 k a year, and we barely saw him and he was not present for our kids, the money seemed to disappear each month…

He was working hard and underpaid for a job that didn’t give a damn about him. He was just a body renting out his time for his boss. And adding to his stress he was living with previous injuries & new ones, he had scoliosis, carpal tunnel, eye problems ( that ran in his family’s genes) The amount of workload led to permanent injuries. While we had to go through these uncertainties, I was a stay-at-home mom missing my partner, operating as a solo parent to our kids; alone, overwhelmed. I refused to go back to work, then pay some strangers money to take care of my babies. That’s why I was a stay at home mom because…This wasn’t worth the money or the heartache.

Living in BC with the price of gasoline and rentals & food, bills etc. We were honestly barely surviving on my husbands income. With a lot of “uncertain times” still looming, we followed our hearts and drove across the province with our 4 year old and 2 year old at the time, and our pets. In the search of a better life for our family, then in just a few weeks into life in our new home.
I told my husband that I was going to continue helping other people with the similar vision & passion for their family.

The flexibility of working remotely and earning uncapped income while sortie time as a family.
We both are thriving for the first time in our life’s! Best of all, This incredible opportunity changed my family's life forever.

My question is, are you willing to stay where you are, when the only thing keeping you from greatness is self-belief and action?

If you want a better life, start believing in YOURSELF!!

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Humans aren't born to work and stress out. Rest days are important. Self-care days are important. You deserve time off.


Terrified that you’ll feel like an idiot and get zero support or whatever it may be…

Creating the perfect life for yourself is worth everything !

It’s about adding value to people’s lives.
Giving others a chance to help them create the happiness, that they always imagine for themselves!

It is also about being better than you were yesterday, consistently continuing to move forward & involving to that person you were always meant to become.

Because NOT everyone will press that like button, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you! 👁️

Your path should never look similar to anyone else’s because it wont, it is meaningful to have your own story to be told!

Being authentically you, being different is what this business needs.

Because your own values and vision was meant for you too add to this business, it would help so many people in ways you wouldn’t realise.

We’re not here for a long time, but here for a good time…

Trust me, the only thing that makes you feel like an idiot or that you wouldn’t be successful, is your own mind, and most likely not to tolerant
those other people you surround yourself with!

Aim to help one person at a time.

If you can help better one persons life, isn’t that a good enough reason to go for it?✨🙌

I know this exact feeling I had it, but since moving forward with the decisions I’ve made I was able to move past this, and this has given me the ability to help 1000’s and it’s only just the beginning…

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨To THRIVE 🙌 Send me a DM or comment below ⬇️ ———-READy————


Yawn 🥱holy smokes don’t you agree that work & life can be so exhausting?

How do you find the time to start dedicating yourself into something new?

We’ll start by feeling that little energy that you have left in a day to get done all the things you need to, how are you able to use your time wisely?

👉Even if you are realizing you don’t have enough time or energy at this very moment…Then this is the EXACT reason to use your time to create better for yourself! It’s called having TIME FREEDOM😍

Otherwise you’ll be in the same cycle year in, year out.

When I think back of how tired I was, or how my husband was feeling…NOW we’ve gotten so much more FREE TIME to do the stuff we enjoy.
I remember feeling like I wasn’t capable of getting the results I wanted 😔 that is exactly why I went beyond my previous self… and I pushed myself because it was all worth it.

I prioritize my time to do the things that have improved my current situation…

Because I did not want for my husband and our family to be stuck in the same spot a year from now…Even if it was 3 to 5 years from now.

I allowed myself to create a life that was worth the efforts and time I put in, so I am determined AF to make my dreams a reality. That dream is there for a purpose… because you are meant to live it.

If you have been curious to know what is possible for you too, then reach out to me. DM or comment “💜” I’ll hook you up with a intro how to create a world of abundance.✨✨✨

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


The standard is if your willing to accept, by increasing to take action & have a life changing opportunity that will forever change your life.

Because your standards and your belief system is what you choose to tolerate in your life.

What are you able to tolerate in your life?
Because that is exactly how you’ll end up achieving your goals.

By achieving your goals, you have to realize what your capable of doing to achieve them ?.

Then think of ways to improve this year of ways to achieve your goals, be dedicated that you no longer tolerate the things that shift your mind on things that have no thrive.

If you want to make a million dollars, but you you’ve only been tolerating 50k, then you’ll never achieve it. Because you have go beyond this & really manifest of what it is your wanting to create?

The choice is always yours to make🙌

So don’t wait until you’re at some point in your life to decide to improve it or not. Just improve it with one decision by tolerating more of what you deserve.🫵🏼

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it's something you're tremendously passionate about.


If money never exist, then would you still get up every morning and commit your time going into work? ⠀

Ask yourself what are the things you love to do?

Do you wish of free time and choosing your own schedule?⠀

Was there something special that you are good at doing?

If your looking for more answers in your current position or career?⠀

Then you need to take ACTION!

I decided to do something about it two years ago. Because what are the most of afraid of??
I can fail, of course. But we are not failing we are succeeding in living our dream life.
What If money never existed , would you still get up every morning using your time and energy into something that’s doesn’t make you happy ?

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Change can be scary, but you know what's scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing. 👉💯


The best part about having my business is the online automation & the freedom to work anywhere in the world.
(Even the comfort of my own home)

I’ve been told that I’m lucky to have this opportunity. But I clarify to anyone that they can have the ability to Travel and work towards their dreams for so many people.

So many people on the daily reach out to me and ask how they can do the same.

But it does require dedication & some hard work behind this, I will give you the courage & the skills to get you where other people are not willing to go.

But if you’re not willing to step up to the plate, and take action,that’s fine…but don’t expect to live a life similar to what we’ve been living.
if you are not willing to do the things I have done to get here.

I had my dream and that’s exactly what we been working towards, so now it’s my reality instead of a dream.


If you are looking to connect with me one on one and see the Information I’ll be sharing privately about my group…Then read below 👇🏼

👉I'm going to be sharing the ultimate secret of how to build a successful business 👈

I will be introducing you to the formula with live video streaming… coming soon ! And that is super transparent & I’ll teach you how to build a big high-performing team and how to earn streams of income generated too you & start leveraging this powerful system .

You can get your invite and join my group for free here:👇🏼
..and this is a chance for me to connect with you…Because I’d love to teach you what I'm teaching & helping other people, and their will be some people who really resonate and will love my group...

Have the chance to be apart of my Facebook group™ Get inside of this opportunity and learning useful and practical skills from a proven source (me) to grow their businesses.

✅ Request for your invite
✅ I'll approve you soon!
✅ Begin learning the skills to the master class
✅ You will get lots of value from this👉Group!

This might be one of the most valuable actions you take in your life.

Request/Get your invite right here 👇🏼

I am so excited for you to unfold your Success!


Now we can look back on our past…

After 11 years in the construction industry I hated going back to work after the holiday season Christmas/New Year, or even summer time...

2 years ago I came to the realization that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working at a job that I never cared about, but I did it for my family. But for me it was consuming my time away from my family, and how mentally draining it was for me to live that lifestyle .

The decision was made between my wife and I. We had to look outside the box where we could start spending our time together! Then we worked towards breaking free from the grind everyday, so we can have a life we wanted to live.

What we came across this business, that we could do together, being in charge of our own time, AND THE BEST PART 😍That we could take it with us anywhere at anytime.

I have mastered and learnt new skills, because now that my wife and I are expanding our education around our own business.
Is worth checking out because…Our business model and system is a real game changer!

And over time we built our very own business to the point where ,we now teach the same approach and methods for many others who want to learn how to leverage for their own wellbeing, or looking to add a business to the side of their already existing job or business.

👉If you’re coachable, willing to learn new skills, open of trying new and exciting ways of earning an income. by staying motivated, because of the growth in your path & life, you can simply send us an inbox and speak with us directly or comment below 👇🏼INfO

The only one who can better their life Is YOU!!!! We all have the power to do something more with our lives.

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


My name is Amanda , I’m a full-time mom, wife, and a business coach. My biggest dream has always been to live a freedom-based life!
And what do I mean???—I wanted for my family and I to enjoy our life together and have TIME FREEDOM! where I can work from anywhere in the world and don’t have a specific schedule.
I get to choose my own schedule and have the flexibility of having automation.

I know exactly what your thinking it can be really hard to believe something like this is even possible… But before I made a choice to change our future forever… Wondering If I would forever live in regret? Of course! I didn’t because I took the chance! Because when I had first started my first thoughts was how the heck can this help change our life’s ? But little did I know that I would be in a different position than now!

In 2021 I joined a online platform that was super transparent, that had an educational platform.
I started to listen to those people that already had what I’ve always wanted. It was all about how to create your own brand & building a social media business online from scratch.
I was thinking okay it’s now or never. I was scared as hell because I had a experience that unfortunately let us down in the past, but I knew if I would invest in something that I will never get back or if I was gonna create the dream life that I always have been dreaming about.

I told my husband we needed to take this risk, I learnt everything about how to build a profitable business, I followed the training, did the same things, and got the same tools as all the mentors had before me. It was amazing, the step-by-step training was perfect for people like me that don’t have a clue about what is all about.

2 years forward and I was able to find a way to retire my husband from the trades, and quit his construction job 🚧 I have created the best life for my family and myself and this is just the beginning. I’m currently in Alberta Canada, and my travel plans have just begun, we will have the never ending travel time. Exactly the way I want it.

Now It’s my purpose is to give back to people that need my help! Anyone that wants to work towards a future and have this opportunity to live the life they always just dreamed about….If I could create flexibility and freedom from this opportunity, then I’d love to help you do the same.

It’s all up to you! But I knew I had to take action. And now I’m forever grateful for this.🙏🏽✨

Are yoi now ready to take action too?

Let’s connect and let’s make your change together ❤️✨

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Did you know the day I invested in my development and growth was the day I changed my life forever, it has been a true blessing🙏🏽

I shifted my mindset from Doubtful to Doing things differently & getting them done.
Because it is in our DNA to have choices…Then making the ones that change your entire life!

After all don’t your want to be attracting abundance? You will have to BE the personification of abundance💜

But here’s the thing, just by manifesting of what you want in this world, you really need to think deeply and visualize in what your divine self- is ready to take on which path? Then your divine to find your momentum .

Once you feel deserving, you’ll allow yourself to receive it✨

My personal experience has kept my high standards by allowing myself to decided what I deserve.

By loving myself and being appreciated of what I have accomplished, knowing what I’m doing is enough to keep investing in my time and energy to create a vibrational match & receive my gifts from the universe . 🙌

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


How many excuses have you made over these last couple years? Now wouldn’t you rather be the one that takes massive action?

We can all find reasons to not do something👇🏼
👉I don’t have any time.
👉 I don’t have the skills.
👉I’m comfortable with how things are.
Being comfortable is not how things should be, or it will literally stop you from getting where you want to be.

You have two options here. There is the easiest one to keep making excuses of why you can’t do this but stay exactly where you are!

Or the hardest one and to take massive action!
Then start taking control of your fu***ng life ,so you can create the life you deserve to live !!

Are you going to keep making some sort of excuse to stop you from living your life?

Or are you going commit to making a change?

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


How can beginners become a successful entrepreneur?

It all starts with your vision. I wanted to be free, to travel see the world and to see all sorts of amazing places with my family. wherever we wanted to go! Beings a stay at home mom I was on a mission for my family to be able to spend time together wherever or whenever we wanted too. But maybe this is something that many of you want the most ! But no one should never need to ask anyone if they can do something. Instead of having that feeling of being stuck in a work place from 7-5 every day. And the most of us don’t know how to get out from the famous rat race.

I’ve done a business Online before in the past and had a bad experience that made us sceptical, that made it hard for my husband and I trust the online space…But now I have found a system with mentors that have been starting from the same position where I was. I saw people who were metting all their goals in the internet marketing industry. I saw that this and it was just normal people that had taking action, and that anyone can do it!

I sign up to the educational system we never look back since. I’m able to do the things I love with my family, then leverage our system that stays on automation in the background.
It’s simple and a educational platform. Now I’m living life on my own terms…We moved to a different province and bought ourselves a place that we could call our own.

So why can’t you learn the same skills & make passive income ?

I honestly believe that everyone deserves to live a life that they are passionate about and live a life that makes them happy!

Like being able to take off a whole entire summer, without having reputed of your weekend should be spent ? Being at home with your family and just follow your dreams. That’s all possible. And I know it, because I have been on both sides & struggling, living paycheque to paycheque.—-YOU can DO THIS Without any experience, but with the right people around you and right tools you can make it happen.

Ask yourself This, where do you want to be in 2-5 years?

To learn more about how to get started, Send me a direct message or comment on this post below saying—INFO ⬇️

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Is there something that holds you back from living your dream life???

For me,—now it’s nobody or nothing that stands in my way 🏝️

All I ever dreamed of and thought about is now my reality. In how much my growth and development has strengthen.

When I tell people what my life looks like, and to be so clear on your vision and your vibration towards your future. Because this is pure gold so remember this!

All I want to do with my family is travel… then meet new people along our journey!
Explore new places and just ENJOY every single day together! PLEASE Don’t do IT and wait the whole year for a 4-week-long holiday - (😳🫣)!

I will just remind you all in what is possible here ✨- 2 years ago, this was all just a dream for my family and I...Now we have experienced growth & what is happening in the future for us.
— We have lots of goals that we’ve already been seeing results for. I can promise others
the same resolution to pack your bags, and get ready to go to your destination ✈️

If someone would have told me 2 years ago that I would be here and explaining this to you, I’d probably wouldn’t of believed them.💯🔮

Remember you worthy to live a life that you love ❤️ I believe in you and I can show you how this is possible 🤩✨✨✨✨

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


I’m loving this beautiful picture that my wonderful mother in law made for us😍❤️
It is so beautiful in how we captured this precious moment 💜


Can you Tell me something… Did you wake up today and feeling excited for the day?

Did you set the alarm today to wake up early to go into work?

Or did you set your own schedule & your own agenda of getting up, when you felt that it was time for you to get up for the day ?

Do you have the feelings of having loads of work that you need to get done, & require having some extra special time?

Or do you have the ability to be able to decide when and where you wanna work?

Do you feel grateful or have any gratitude towards your life when you wake up?
Or do you feel that you just wanna stay in bed all day…and would give anything to enjoy one more day at the beach before going back to work...

Today I woke up at 6 am without any alarm.
I did some stretches and meditation.
I decided to head into my office for most of the day, read books & I did my follow up. 🦋 Now I get to relax and enjoy the day with my family and plan our trip this upcoming summer!

Tonight I have some planning to & do some work instead of watching Netflix or something else.

I am forever grateful—- Are you wondering if I’m lucky to have it like this? I’m not lucky at all.
Because I made a decision to work towards my own dream and here I am.

One last question, how are you feeling today ? 🦋 🔮

It’s time to start improving you quality time & use your time wisely by creating more for yourself.

Stop saying sorry for being busy and owning your time.

Don’t ever feel guilty for asking more out of life!

Remember that nobody’s perfect & we all make mistakes. And that is OK, we are all human & making mistakes is how we grow l!

I want you to focus on what makes you different from everyone else ? Find our what makes you special! Then tell me in the comments below 👇🏼 🙌

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


When you start each day with a grateful heart, light illuminates from within.


Here is something we all had in our mind at some point…Should I start now or wait until I’m ready?

The ultimate truth, is, you will never truly be ready.

What are you waiting for? Because the perfect time does not exist. Do you maybe want to start with your Why?

Do you constantly dream about another life, but feel like you don’t have the urge of committing in your time to create that life! Okay all because now you think your to busy living the life you don’t like?

Just try to say this out loud and hear how it sounds and how it feels to you! If it is NOT good… We’ll if you don’t do anything about it you will be stuck in the same position as you are now in forevers time.

I’m still blown away by this life I was able to create, that I’ve always dreamed about 2 years ago has become my own reality.

And I know exactly what you thinking, yeah right it’s too good to be true ?

I’m letting you know the difference ? I took action. I worked towards those dreams I had in my head & heart, I seen the results but I always knew it was possible.

Are you dreaming about being able to work from anywhere? And use the whole world as your office.

How can you be doing the same boring stuff throughout your whole entire life???

Well I can help you thrive in action just by you taking the next step👉Simply reach out to me. Get to know me…And understand that I’m a real and legit person!!! Then I can teach you how to
make a legit stream income & then it be in your family for generations, just be ready to learn & be coachable!

You know the VIBES 👇🏼✨


Every day is a new opportunity to be grateful for something or someone in your life.


This is your opportunity for you to create a life so you can spend more time with the people you love and care about.

Honestly no one knows what’s gonna happen in your life… But can you honestly say that your willing to spend your whole life in a 9-5 job,
and never have any time for the things that really matter to you !

Start by feeling Forever grateful & enjoy your life. ❤️


Enjoying the moment is human nature. The Universe didn't give you this beautiful life so you could rush around, stressing and overworking. It gave you this life so you could live it.


I’m letting you know from my personal opinion about Work… First of all it shouldn't feel like a competition with anybody else in a work place, we should be treated all equally instead picking the favourites.

How many times have you heard the phrase "Climb the corporate ladder" or "How many can actually say that they are currently happy"?
I can now say that I COME from a business where we have a team who works together and supports everyone. Because we are all working towards our vision and purpose!!!

We'd help each other with growth, personal development, and by creating the future of what we have value for. We all have one goal, right? Well ours is helping each and every individual of creating happiness, and time freedom to have the ability to enjoy their own life’s.

The unfortunate reality of being a employee is you have to cope with the ultimate sacrifice, and having stress levels that can lead to a heart attack. Employees talk down to other employees, people disregarding other's needs and feelings, and it can get even worse!
Or managers hanging out in their office knowing we are short staff. Not even sorry about your time and stress level! THIS IS the truth. It's a toxic environment. It's draining. And I've heard the same things in every kind of work setting.

Being appreciated in a Community is everything, especially when considering a job or career.
I am so grateful for the like-minded go-getters I've joined who are dedicated to bettering the lives of people on a global level, sharing that autonomy & freedom IS POSSIBLE, all while giving others a chance to have TIME FREEDOM✨

Because every single day, we have the types of individuals in this community who always are cheering each other on, supporting everyone's life goals, & clapping for ALL wins via chats, Zoom calls, & in-person!

I’ve seen the incredible uplift energies and values of these entrepreneurs have on each other’s mindset. Because I have seen lives changing opportunities happening for others every minute!

I'm becoming living proof that any job of working for someone else isn't necessary to gain happiness. We can all have success & wealth. Money isn't limited—in fact, the money you can earn in this business is UNCAPPED! 💰

SOoooo if your feelings similar to me & you're sick and tired of the grind of your daily job, there's no better time than right NOW!!!
To make this change. Start working online and join a community who wants to see you thrive!

Message me for more details on how to get started✨Start by living on your terms. I’ll have your support as well with my team, We are always here to support you! 💫

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