Colorful Cooking with Aparna

Colorful Cooking with Aparna

finally gave in and am trying my hand at this β€œblog” thing so...welcome to colorful cooking! The kitchen is my happy place and I want to share that with you!

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Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 10/10/2022

🍎 made with pastry puff 🍎

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 17/02/2022

🍎Apple crisp ... haven't made this in a long time! So tasty with a scoop of πŸ˜‹

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 13/01/2022

Brownie bites using the recipe for DECADENT DARK DANGEROUS BROWNIES


Obligatory seasonal ginger cookie post


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


10 minute air fryer roasted chicken and vegetables! πŸ˜‹

10 MINUTES at 400 and the chicken is cooked and moist! I can't believe it!

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 04/09/2021

Impromptu chocolate chip cookies πŸͺ

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 29/08/2021

Mango cake to celebrate parents 40 year anniversary!

layered with and filing with fresh mango chunks, finished with !

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 01/08/2021

Mango cupcakes to celebrate new beautiful home!

(Vegan cupcakes, non-vegan icing)


Halibut! 🐟 with cumin rice and good old string beans!

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 07/07/2021

Chewy coconut cookies πŸ₯₯ ...a real coconutty-delight πŸ˜‹

~1:1 flour:coconut shreds


BBQ ribs and roasty corn



Summer salad πŸ₯— ...I love fruit in a good summer salad.. controversial I know πŸ˜‰


Almond flour crepes with strawberries bananas and blueberries (and one with peanut butter for joe)


Faidley's style crab cakes with style tapenade...easily one of my favorite dishes...oh! and airfried this time


Chocolate + Fruit is my absolute favorite! πŸ˜‹

Last piece of the devil's food cake with fresh raspberries blueberries and dollop of coconut whip πŸ₯₯

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 25/06/2021

When you go to wegmans you get to pan seared scallops πŸ˜‹


Ground pork fried rice! ...πŸ₯˜

Fried rice is best with "old" rice... learned a trick today on how to quickly "age" rice...cook new rice, spread on tray, then quickly cool in freezer/fridge mixing intermittently with a fork until cold and a little harder... Voila! 🍚 instant old rice πŸ˜‹


An unlikely pairing...Butternut squash soup and bunless "garden" burger on a airfried portabella 'shroom!


Impromptu devil's food cake...πŸ˜‹ Sans icing tonight...will continue tomorrow - still delicious with a side of coco-whip!

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 15/04/2021

It's too hard to resist the cute (and delicous) little treats at wegman' I didn't! πŸ˜‹

@ Slate Hill, New York


Took advantage of a foray into NJ to visit Wegmans! Very tasty pan seared scallops! πŸ˜‹


Machurian from the airfryer! Same recipe, just airfried instead of deep fried.


Today's airfryer escapades...the best part about new toys is that they inspire to try new things! Dairy free cinnamon rolls!

Photos from Colorful Cooking with Aparna's post 23/03/2021

New escapades ...dry rub chicken wings, fresh cut french fries and finally chocolate soufflΓ© (never made a soufflΓ© before!)

Thanks and for the push to get the airfryer! I was very skeptical - especially about wings as I have never been a fan of wings in the oven - but they came out crispy!

@ Slate Hill, New York

Timeline photos 14/02/2021

Happy ❀ Day Brunch!

Timeline photos 17/01/2021

Lunch today ~ roasted chicken, tomato, spinach, avocado, my own "aoli" on a "French hamburger buns" ~ which I had never heard of before. Overall tasty!

Timeline photos 15/01/2021

Pan seared Fresh local red snapper over rice and broccoli

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