Bakhe Farming & Projects-RSA

Bakhe Farming & Projects-RSA

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Photos from Bakhe Farming & Projects-RSA's post 24/06/2021

☁ ⛅☁☁ ⚡




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Not all will survive but with best care, more will advance your future of success.. 💵💫 💵💫 💵💫

Photos from Bakhe Farming & Projects-RSA's post 05/05/2021

💸💸💵💱💹😔🙅🙅🙆🙆🙇..💁 ❌🚫
When you plant you sometimes lose to win. You can be distracted by a lot of things in which they can also cause you more, money for chemicals - due to bugs, nets for birds and other animals.. Its a critical lose that , would make you quit or something.. But it depends on whom you work with and how the team function, . 📚
When plants grow through process, every week they should, be chemicalled twice or more a week.📜💪🌱.. Then regular maintain , clean and etc.💁/🌴/🍉/🌽/🍎/🍊

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Second month in soil, in treatment, and in process.. Its about 500 of these babies.. .. # 😘

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These got about a month on soil this month, we still growing these babies to worth a smile😊 somebody's belly✌👌
Be close please..🙏we need stock buyers, bulk buyers.. Cheaper prices for bigger roses🌾🌿🌱💸💵💱💹




For the boss info and his company.. Please call this number (+27 74 209 3224)..please note where you found his number and why you calling.🙏
👌God bless y'all and be safe😷😊👍
We even deliver✊💘✌🚛💨

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So this is what we planted last year.. It was about ,-40Thousand cabbage, and a loss of about -75thousand of profit through expire due to no enough customers .But the owner lost about a 100k due to paying workers, transportation for workers..

Tools, uniforms, food for workers. Material as well even damages. Research, workshops, etc(business.)😢

😊😇people think being a business man is always you having money or making money without losing, some would think you are robbing them when paying them a small amount of cash while they are not registered as permanently under labor. But if you can appreciate, well done you can work anywhere.. Until you succeed.

😊 the reasons you have to appreciate your earnings no matter how small it is, is cause you don't know how hard is the project director is earning, or how long and much did he lose. Some workers can also steel tools and sell them, not having care that they are helped to eat or earn by sacrifices.

If you have a businesses or plans on selling cabbages, please come support us .. Last year we was selling one cabbage with, (8rand) one cabbage. Some it be 10rand each. The project is new in the industry.. The aim is to make profit for more jobs creation& a hustle.. For more info call (+27 67 71 1473) and we will give you more info for you to order and give more info if not get more info about the, ownership and process about this company.. (Rustenburg-North_west-South_Africa👏👏👏🙏. Thank you for reading and please share, and follow our page for more info about jobs and businesses interaction. We also can come to your farm to teach your workers with planting, including treatment. A work of success from gravity. 🙏God_bless_you✌😘


Build success don't wait for it...
Don't wait for God to bring it🙌meet him halfway

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In business; "we believe in
In connection; we work through
Product are the reason we mean business to the world of Africa😇🙏💸📚🚶🚶🚶🚶