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Get Down Payment Help 19/02/2022

Get Down Payment Help

Get Down Payment Help Find out how to get help with the down payment to buy a home.


Currently searching for Title & Escrow company in the Atlanta Georgia/Houston Texas Areas! List your services below 👇🏽


Searching for reputable Credit Repair Consultation for clients. Submit information below 👇🏽


Looking for Lenders fluent in VA & FHA Loans in the Houston Texas Area any suggestions?


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Why does my mortgage increase or decrease on a fixed rate?

Property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums tend to rise over time. Lenders perform an "escrow analysis" once a year to see whether the money you're paying into escrow is enough or too much to cover your bills. During analysis, the lender recalculates the taxes and insurance portion of your monthly mortgage payment to cover any shortfalls and ensure there will be enough money in escrow to pay future bills. It's after escrow analysis that you might see your fixed-rate mortgage payment go up.

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Aniya is back serving the Atlanta Georgia and Houston Texas! Certified Military Relocation Specialist (MRP) & Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS)


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Timeline photos 11/01/2022

Timeline photos


#MemberFocusMonday​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - ShowingSmart and New Technologies with Taqi Rizvi 10/01/2022

#MemberFocusMonday​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - ShowingSmart and New Technologies with Taqi Rizvi

Great information for Showtime &

#MemberFocusMonday​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - ShowingSmart and New Technologies with Taqi Rizvi On this #MemberFocusMonday, we're welcoming back HAR Chief Technology Officer Taqi Rizvi to discuss enhancements to ShowingSmart, and new technologies that a...


New information for

New Year, New Data! Be on the lookout for HAR’s December and Full-Year 2021 housing market report on Wednesday, January 12. #FRESHreport

U-Haul ranks Texas as top ‘growth state’ of 2021, topping Florida and Tennessee 10/01/2022

U-Haul ranks Texas as top ‘growth state’ of 2021, topping Florida and Tennessee

U-Haul ranks Texas as top ‘growth state’ of 2021, topping Florida and Tennessee Arrivals rose 19 percent and departures were up 18 percent over 2020, with inbound trucks...


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How to Hire an Interior Designer | Blog | HomeKeepr 29/12/2021

How to Hire an Interior Designer | Blog | HomeKeepr

How to Hire an Interior Designer | Blog | HomeKeepr When you think about the pros that are needed in and around your home, you likely think of contractors, roofers,

Can I Reseed My Lawn in Winter? | Blog | HomeKeepr 29/12/2021

Can I Reseed My Lawn in Winter? | Blog | HomeKeepr

Helpful tips on who to reseed you lawn in the winter months.

Can I Reseed My Lawn in Winter? | Blog | HomeKeepr Though a lot of people reseed their lawns in the spring, there are periods during the fall that are actually


Your rental payments are a significant expense that can show lenders that you are a reliable borrower.

Most lenders/banks use fmFannie Mae's underwriting system to pre approve people for conventional home loans so this is a big deal!

Fannie Mae estimates that 17% of borrowers who were previously rejected would now be approved, based on their rental history alone because their credit score may improve between 11 and 29 points.


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Happy birthday to the woman who taught me how to think for myself, use my voice, and show up authentically in this world. Your belief that I mattered, even when I was just a little girl, led me to where I am today. Thank you for being the ultimate role model. Love you, mom! 💗

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