We have the creativity and know how to turn your idea into a work of art. Locally sourced, harvested, and milled hard and soft woods including; Walnut, Maple, Oak, and Cedar.

Now with 75% more deep pour Epoxy finishes. Located in Independence Missouri.

Operating as usual


I think he likes the new bed!

Custom built and delivered by PHABworks


Found the perfect cutting board for someone who has been looking for a large hardwood piece! Just have to clean it up a bit and surprise them with it! Shhhh! It's a secret!

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We got busy this weekend and milled some new slabs and dimensional lumber. Your next project could be in there somewhere!

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From a pile of sticks to a microwave / cookbook cabinet!


Made a couple of benches so that we could have a spot to sit and think about making benches:

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Got the "floating desk" installed yesterday. The idea was to have no legs. The cables that are supporting the front edge of the desk will have some foe vines wrapped around them to match some of the other decor of the room. This is a pretty neat space where the desk is now under the bed.


Spent the day milling some new pieces and dodging rain drops! Maple, oak, and some driftwood that we pulled from the lake bed while it was down.

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Custom arms for a client. They had a really nice rotating chair in their office for clients to use and the plastic arm broke. We were able to not only recreate the shape of the original, but add their logo for a bit of custom awesomness!

Photos from PHABworks's post 13/10/2021

We collect and mill our own lumber for most projects.

Photos from PHABworks's post 13/10/2021

A set of pool stairs. We connected the original ladder into a cleat on the top stair and locked it in place so it is far more stable than the original design.


Epoxy or Liquid Glass

Looks like more liquid glass is happening today!

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Small little side project. One last epoxy pour before final sanding and finish.

PHABworks updated their business hours. 12/10/2021

PHABworks updated their business hours.

PHABworks updated their business hours.

PHABworks updated their phone number. 12/10/2021

PHABworks updated their phone number.

PHABworks updated their phone number.

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Custom display cabinet at Arcadian Moon Vineyards and Winery

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Epoxy or Liquid Glass


Live edge and finished varieties of Hardwood, Deep pour Epoxy, and Hybrid; Tabletops, Desks, Coffee and side Tables. We also design and create custom cutting and charcutier boards.