Live, Love, Aloe

Live, Love, Aloe

Fresh Aloe Vera Plants specifically and individually designed to suit all needs. As a customized gift, Medicinal use or to even compliment a home or office

Offering Aloe in a unique and tailor made way. Ideal for the perfect gift, custom designed to suit with all the additional extra bits to cater for ones occasion. Or...even just to complete any home decor, office space etc, Aloe is the perfect plant to add to any environment with all the medicinal uses ready and available if necessary. To order your Aloe, whether it be for yourself or personalized


Organic Turmeric Capsules Australia

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Organic Turmeric - Australia's best turmeric independently tested

Another great natural remedy...

Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties An amazing combination of turmeric, ginger and black pepper with a probiotic count of 6 billion CFUs per 15ml serve. Try some today and experience the power of fermented turmeric liquid – your body will love you for it!


Aloe Vera Acemannan Kills Cancer Cells

A little more info on the healing, anti cancer properties of Aloe Vera.



Aloe Vera Benefits - YouTube.flv

A short and very informative video showing how the use of ingesting Aloe Vera strengthens and reduces the swelling of the capillary walls causing the oxygen supply to improve. Further more toxins and impurities are removed more quickly.

This video explains the benefits of Aloe Vera


Recipe with Aloe Vera for Cancer Prevention

Fantastic and really simple recipe for the use of Aloe Vera for cancer prevention. The recipe is in the description beneath the video 🌵🌻

Frier Romano Zago of Brasilian heritage started using this recipe while he was serving in Bethlehem. It uses some of the best ingredients nature offers: Aloe...


How to make Aloe Vera gel?

A very simple way to eat Aloe 🌵


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The Perfect Gift custom designed for any and every occasion or even just to complete ones home or office space. Please get in touch with your ideas and grab yourself a very beautiful and uniquely designed Aloe today.