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Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 12/08/2022

Who’s ready for the website restock tomorrow? 🙋🏻‍♀️ showing off some of my favorites in preparation!

Tomorrow at 3:33pm CST the website will be completely revamped with new, beautiful pieces! ✨

P.S - I have old stock Kambaby and 8th Vein Ocean Jasper on the way 🤫 stay tuned for my live sale announcement!

P.P.S - I have more mini carvings and bracelets on the way - I’ll be updating you on when they come in and posting those to the website as well! ✨


Tell me you have Virgo placements without telling me you have Virgo placements 👀 I’ll go first - I set this wheel of tumbles up without a second thought, only to realize they are meticulously color coded 😂

Speaking of astrology, Saturn Soul Shop’s crystal zodiac bundles launch tonight! They will be available during my live sale at 8PM CST. This size variation is the small bundle - but I have high hopes of expanding to medium and large very soon! 🥳 if your sign sells out tonight, I will be offering pre-orders!

Get them while supplies last!

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 27/05/2022

Ya girl has been puttin 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 work, getting ready to update the website for tomorrow!

As some of you may know, I host live sales every week on TikTok, but this week I decided I needed a break! Perfect timing too because I injured my shoulder somehow 🙃

Instead of a live sale this week, you guys get a massive website overhaul of everything in my current stock! Including some new things 👀 I’ve been working on expansions for so long, and I’m so excited that they will be ready in time for tomorrow!

Website update tomorrow, May 27th at 3:33pm CST 🥰 use code “SAVE15” for 15% off site wide!


My biggest post office drop-off to date! 36 packages going out today. Grateful is an understatement - never in a million years did I think that I would feel so fulfilled, doing something I love as my full time job.

2022 has been so kind to me and my small business, and I can’t wait to watch it bloom even more 🌻🌿


The next two orders I receive get a free carnelian palmstone! 🥳


If anyone out there uses TikTok, I’ll be going live over there tomorrow night at 8:30pm CST! I’d love if you came to hang, even if you choose not to snag any crystals! 💜🪐


In case you missed it 👀 I launched my website! I’ll be adding a ton more new items today and hope you stop by to check them out!

If you use the code “HOLIDAY15” at checkout, you can receive 15% off your order and receive it by the new year! 🍾

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 01/12/2021

Surprise! I’m working on building a website. In 2022, I hope to expand my horizons and offer not only crystals, but herbs, intention candles, and other oddities and curios ✨🖤 I’m excited for what’s in store! I will be posting my website when it’s up and running, so be sure to stay tuned to get some of my new inventory! 🪐


I just unboxed a ton of pink amethyst ahead of tomorrow night’s live sale on my Instagram! at 7pm for crystals, cool hangs, and astrology trivia 🥰💕🌈🪐


Going to be doing a live sale on my Instagram tonight at 8pm! Halloween trivia, free prizes, and lots of crystals! Come join the fun ✨🪐

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 18/09/2021

I have some super pretty little flower agate towers available ✨🌸 all of the ones pictured are only $8 plus shipping or free local pickup!

Flower agate is one of my favorite stones - it’s a self confidence booster and opens your heart chakra. If you need motivation or a lil bit of a kick in the butt, flower agate is a great tool to help you in that process!

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 31/08/2021

My friend Jeremy took some super cool photos of a few of my favorite pieces of the new inventory I got in! 😊


I got a massive order in today! 🥰 Here’s a sneak peek 👀

🪐Howlite towers
🖤Carnelian palm stones
🪐Blue apatite palm stones
🖤Labradorite towers
🪐Satin Spar selenite sticks
🖤Large bumblebee jasper tumbles
🪐Hematoid/Fire quartz palm stones
🖤Pyrite spheres
🪐Blue Lace agate mini slabs
🖤Prasiolite “green amethyst” mini towers
🪐Bumblebee jasper slab
🖤Dream amethyst pyramids
🪐Amazonite towers
🖤Malachite slabs + mini free form
🪐Kunzite free form
🖤Labradorite heart carving
🪐Chunky ocean jasper mushroom
🖤Rhodochrosite mushroom
🪐Flower agate slab
🍆Mini crystal wieners 🤪


Got some beautiful unpolished Larimar in from the Dominican Republic - the only known source of Larimar!

🌊Larimar encourages going with the flow
🦋Tranquil, peaceful, and brings calmness to the equilibrium, which makes Larimar a great stone for those who need to relax and find their peace

These raw, unpolished slabs range from 0.5”-2” and though they are tiny, they are mighty!

Snag one while these stick around 💙

Priced by weight and gram, I have stones that range from $6-$18. Message me for videos, we can find your piece, and your peace 😉


I am working up to doing some live sales here in the future! I have a huge order coming soon and I’m thinking that I’m going to do one Facebook live sale and one Instagram live sale!

Are you more active here on Facebook, or Instagram? 🤔 Let me know! 🥰

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 18/08/2021

A few close ups of some of the beauties I currently have available 🥰

Photos from Saturn Soul Shop's post 13/08/2021

Some of the pieces I still have available to purchase!


Hello and welcome to the Saturn Soul Shop page!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself 🪐 my name is Jolee, I am a mother, lover of all things astrology and metaphysical, crystals, and more. In fact, the name ‘Saturn Soul Shop’ was decided after learning much more about my astrological chart, and how much Saturn plays an influence on my life. One of my goals with opening a small shop is so that I can be more present in my son’s life and beat the 9-5 corporate struggle. On the same token, another goal is bringing all things crystals + magick to you! Through intention and manifestation, I have achieved a few things; one of those being finding my calling and soul purpose.

I have always been fascinated with all things crystals, witchy, + eclectic. With this fascination, I have learned and still continue to learn so much about the healing and metaphysical properties that crystals can provide for us. For example, did you know that placing a piece of amethyst under your pillow can induce some pretty vivid dreams? Or that wearing a piece of blue lace agate near your throat chakra can help you to speak your truth more confidently?

I believe in the universe and karmic patterns, and that nothing on this earth is simply coincidence. I always look for the signs and signals from spirit, as well as listening to my own intuition.

I have been selling some small pieces here and there on a few different platforms: Depop, Mercari, and here on Facebook! My goal is to take these purchases and invest in some new, bigger and better pieces to bring to everyone! I am currently looking into doing live sales at some point in the future; that’s the goal!

I am a seller of curated crystals, hand picked with love. I do also dabble in specialty decor, such as altar pieces found secondhand. I hope to one day broaden my scope, and sell intention candles, herbs and herbal blends, and wax melts as well!

Thank you for looking and I hope you choose to stay! 🪐

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My biggest post office drop-off to date! 36 packages going out today. Grateful is an understatement - never in a million...
The next two orders I receive get a free carnelian palmstone! 🥳