Euro International Mini Market

Euro International Mini Market

International products at reasonable price just in town!


Thank you 🙏 for purchasing our European Sausages... next stock will arrive next week... ❤️


All The sausages are sold out... will keep you all posted once the new delivery arrived 🙂


how to combine cheese and wine 🧀🍷

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SAUSAGES 02/07/2020

Made in the Philippines from Premium Quality of Products and Ingredients. And process with European Standard.


Hello Everyone, Our European Sausages will be arriving on Sunday. Perfect for family grilled Sunday :) P/up Breadshop box, we do offer as well free delivery for minimum of 1000 pesos purchase with in Palo & Tacloban.
DM us on Fb , for reservation.


XO46 Gourmet Pinoy Condiments 🙂, a must have every meal 🤤🤤🤤

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Hungarian Sausage
Flavor: Meaty with Pepper flavor slightly spicy
Ingredients: Pork & Beef Meat, Pork Fat, NPS, Spices, Phosphate, Natural Hog Casing
How to cook: Can be grilled, boiled & pan - fried.


Products will be available on JULY 1st. 2020...