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Photos from mira.madja's post 20/02/2024

In the temple of athena,
She was a priestess before she got cursed of her beauty
It was never her fault to have such a beauty

She was accused by the thing she thought she was gifted to
Could she be the one that gave Eve the apple?
Thus, she will understand her anger and sadness, of how being a woman from her memories

It may be a myth,
It may come from an imagination
All in all, every women have their own story

She may be feared,
She may be loved,
Or could she be protected?
From the cursed that actually repelled the evil

- Medusa (commisioned), 2024.
Acrylic paint & modeling paste on 70 x 100 cm canvas.

Photos from mira.madja's post 12/02/2024

Shot by amazing whilst finishing my recent painting that will be exhibited for a group show by the end of this month. Stay tuned🧡🧡

Photos from mira.madja's post 03/02/2024

My painting was seen at her new home in Thailand. Visit their beautiful cafe and treat yourself with a big cup of cacao while you're there. Thank you for the support .hkt 🧡🧡


Photos from mira.madja's post 31/10/2023

How iconic is my friend??!!🧡🧡
Saw a footage of Hilda chilling in someone else's rooftop a while back, and I thought I needed to do something with it🫠 love my friendsss

Photos from mira.madja's post 05/10/2023

Lately I haven't really created much with my painting. I've been really focusing on finding my balance to avoid getting burned out.. but I'm still trying to practice daily drawing and just keep creating something when I'm in flow state, which really helps me a lot when my mind is busy✨️
And here's are some of my favourites!


Lay on me


11.11 🧡 Did you miss my announcement?
This gal is finally selling prints through my website at https://www.bymira.design/shop/

I've been wanting to do this for a while and am glad finally now it's the right timing to do it. In the past, hearing people believe in my art more than myself it's like a big fat slap in my face.
I used to think " eh I think I'm alright, I'm sure other people can do what I do" or the often one "I don't think people will buy my art, because it's not good enough".... damn.

And you know what?
Not everyone has to like our creations, but I'm sure there are people out there that resonate with what we create. Because I do believe we are all healers, helping each other with whatever we're going through.

I'd say, share your stories, share your music, your art, or whatever you feel called to share. We never know who feels inspired by it. It's better late than never.

This is just the start of something exciting. As a dear friend of mine reminded me, one door closes another door opens. I have so many exciting things planned for next year, can't wait to share when it's ready!

So hasta la vista self-doubts and fear, I'm no longer your friendoooo!