My PW Life

My PW Life

I'm just a woman, standing in front of Walmart, asking the Pioneer Woman why she has to take all my $


My mom surprised me this weekend with some of the new pots from . I've been eyeing this watering can so it was very sweet of her! Spring is my absolute favorite and we are getting some nice sunshine here in California. I'm ready for flowers!!


This Easter basket isn't from but I thought it fit in with her line pretty well! Happy Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans?


There's nothing we love more than a cozy corner on a dreary day. Happy Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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Have you seen that released their furniture collection in some different colors? I haven't seen too many people talking about it. I think it's all lovely, but I already bought my furniture. I wish it had all been released at the same time so I could have chosen what colors I wanted! Also, the hutch is listed at $956 which is double the price so I think that must be an error. 😂 What do you think of the new colors? And happy Saturday!


This was a sad sight in my Walmart! We never had a huge display but we always had something. This plus the lack of new items makes me think Ree is dropping housewares- but maybe keeping her other lines? Let me know what you think!


Can you believe I've never had a colander before? I was very happy when my old colander broke recently, since it gave me the excuse to buy this cute one! Happy Thursday!


It's a rainy dreary day here and I'm enjoying being cozy inside. How is your Wednesday? (I just found this cute cow decor that had fallen behind my dresser!)


Happy Saturday friends! Anyone have this set of pots and pans? My last set was a complete dud (the blue ones with flowers and white inside) so I'm trying some new ones. I have the larger skillet that was on sale for Black Friday and it's been great. I hope these are too!


I got to see a couple of the new planters in my Walmart yesterday. There was a tag on the shelf for the cow as well but they didn't have it. Awfully cute!


Well, Christmas is down- but that's about all I can say. ðŸĪĢ How is your 2024 going?


These sweet little appetizer plates were a nice Christmas surprise. How was everyone's holiday?


Had to run to the store this morning so got myself this as a little treat! How busy are you today? I'm staying in the rest of the day to get stuff done!


💅 ☕ïļ 🎄

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My absolute favorite mugs. âĪïļ I wanted these so badly, I still can't believe they fell into my lap. So lucky!


Happy Friday! Just ten days until Christmas, if you hadn't noticed. ðŸĪŠ

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I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I am 100% not ready and starting to feel frantic. 😅 If you buy gifts, are you all finished?


I love decorating Christmas cookies. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


Happy Friday from this little psychopath. 😂🐈‍⎛🎄


It makes me happy. 😊 💚âĪïļ


Slowly but surely getting Christmas finished over here. Does anyone else feel like December is flying by?!?


I'm finally getting on the ball! Christmas is coming so soon!


My favorite part about getting out the Christmas stuff is finding my clearance buys from the last year. Thank you, me!!


I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't put up Christmas decorations yet! I finally started getting them out today. Anyone else still need to decorate?


Happy Thanksgiving friends! I hope everyone is having a great day. ðŸĶƒ


I moved my hutch for the first time ever! I don't have a big living room so I don't have many places to put it, but I'm enjoying the change of scenery. 👌


When I was painting everything yellow I started having some doubts! But I'm loving it now. 💛 Happy Monday!


I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet, but I did get a holiday comforter out! I may have a few of them. 😂 Happy Saturday! What are you up to?

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Santa brought my Christmas gift early! 😍 I absolutely had to have this gorgeous chair and footstool. I'm obviously a vintage floral girl and this fits in just perfectly. Ree, these are stunning! ðŸĪĐ

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Did you spy what Ree is releasing in her Walmart live stream tomorrow? I have been waiting for that teal footstool! 😍 Will you get any of the new furniture?


Do you like pomegranates? I harvested my first one today! Only one made it and it's small, but isn't she a beauty. 😊

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