Foot & Ankle Specialists - Harkle Rd, Santa Fe

Foot & Ankle Specialists - Harkle Rd, Santa Fe

Foot & Ankle Specialists is a premier podiatry group spanning New Mexico with multiple locations and providers. This is the specific page of Santa Fe - Harkle.

We look forward to meeting you and providing excellent health care to all.

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St. Patrick's Day is about more than wearing green and drinking too much beer. So says our friend's over at HISTORY... Either way, stay safe out there, friends!


National Pi Day! How do you celebrate the infinite number that has been boggling the brains of non-mathematicians for all these years? Hey, don't ask us, we're just feet people. But we love a good Pi! In fact, we couldn't let the day go on without recognizing some of these other great pies...


We couldn't end the day without singing the praises of our staff. Being that today is #InternationalWomensDay, and being that we have a high percentage of female employees, our hats are off to them. They're the real ones that make the clinic roll. Thank you!


A healthy diet has more to do with your feet than you'd think...


Today is Twosday (2.22.22). Just another day or something more?


Love is in the air! We got to thinking... Yes, #WeHeartFeet, that's our job. But what about all the other hearts flying around on #ValentinesDay? Check the link from our friends over at HISTORY about some pretty cool cupid facts.


On this day we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his awesome legacy. In an interesting listen, hear about some history around the big day of the March on Washington from NPR.


New Year 2022 off to a great start!

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists - Harkle Rd, Santa Fe's post 27/12/2021

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists - Harkle Rd, Santa Fe's post


From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! ♥️


We couldn't let the day go by without recognizing all the amazing individuals who have served our great country. 🇺🇲

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We're ready for Halloween here! Bring on the spook!!! 🎃


Discovery of footprints in New Mexico has expanded our understanding of when humans first set foot in the Americas.
From the New York Times:


Ever wondered what the difference is? So have we! Apparently, according to Merriam-Webster, "Autumn and fall are used interchangeably as words for the season between summer and winter. Both are used in American and British English, but fall occurs more often in American English. Autumn is considered the more formal name for the season."


Wishing our wonderful staff a safe and happy Labor Day. Enjoy the long weekend and we'll see you Tuesday! ♥️


It is that time of year again. The weather heats up and we love getting outside. If the kiddos are living it up, chances are good they'll be running through the sprinklers. However, bare feet are open chances to step on sharp objects, rocks, or stub little toes. We'll be right here when you need us. Call us, visit us online, or message us here to book an appointment.


Have a great weekend, everyone!




The warmer weather usually means the more we like to get out and be active. And if you're in search of that summer bod, chances are that means more running. Women's Running has some great insight. Pro Tip: They're not just for women...


It would be a good spring without taking the time to clean up. Much like decluttering the house, the same can be done with your feet, especially after a year of quarantine like 2020. A few pro tips:
1. Get ready to get some air. Get some comfortable sandals that fit properly, are good for mobility, and have great airflow.
2. Get a good scrub. Exfoliate your feet and heels to get rid of dry skin and then moisturize. We have a fantastic product in our clinics, pick up some Revitaderm next time you're here.
3. Plan for some sun, but not too much. Yes, your feet can still burn. Take care of them with some quality sunscreen and moderate your time outside this summer!


Yes, we are a first-class podiatry group. But does that mean we can't help with other areas besides feet?


We ❤️ feet.
We also ❤️ sports history.
Photo via Neil Leifer


On this St. Patrick's Day, we take a look at the history behind MORTON'S TOE. Morton's Toe is named after Dr. Dudley Morton, who studied the instance when your second toe is longer than the first. Can it bring you good luck? It is certainly possible, especially on a day like this.

Many years ago, it was believed that those who possess Morton's toe had superior beauty, they highly valued peace and happiness. Such people are even believed to have superior leadership skills.

Whether it is the luck of the Irish or the luck of Morton, have a great one and enjoy your good fortune!


Your Foot & Ankle Specialists Word of the Day is GAIT, as in GAIT ANALYSIS, which is defined as:
An evaluation of the manner or style of walking, usually done by observing the individual as he/she walks naturally in a straight line.
A Gait Analysis can help our Foot & Ankle Specialists really see how you walk, how you lean, how the heels of your shoes wear a certain way. All these important points can help determine the best course of action for the doctor to take.


For some, Spring Training starts early. Sports, exercise, or maybe just a personal hobby, you need to care for your feet. The weather and temperature changes, combined with sweat and stress you'll be adding means you'll need a little extra care. For toenail fungus, see us. For stress fractures and injuries, see us. For some extra tips from Runners World, see this:

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists of Taos's post 25/02/2021

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists of Taos's post


According to, the average person with an average activity level walks 8,500 steps (give or take). Admittedly, in Covid quarantine that might be a little less. However, the fatigue that your feet can feel can be heavy. It is important to have the right type of shoe and the right amount of comfort. We have some of the best insoles money can buy. Come and see us to get ready to get those steps back!


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