Jaden’s Mountain

Jaden’s Mountain

Following Jaden’s journey as he climbs.


Sorry it’s been so long since an update. Life has been a little hectic.

This guy got home yesterday after being in the hospital for pneumonia. He is doing much better but we need our prayer warriors praying for him.

Jaden was initially diagnosed with Wegener’s (aka GPA) in November 2020.

He had infusions and was in remission when everything else happened. Of course, they say there is always a chance of it coming back.

The infusions worked for him but unfortunately, they are, most likely, what caused the two bowel perforations in the months following the infusions.

His Dr has been ordering blood work since to keep an eye on his “inflammatory markers” which could indicate a “flare up.”

They have always been good but this last set the Dr ordered one of the markers were high.

The real concern would start at a 7 and he was at a 4.6.

He said it could possibly be from the pneumonia but this is the first time it’s been high after having pneumonia before.

For now, we will be monitoring the blood work every week instead of every 6 weeks.

Please pray the “marker” regulates and NO more inflammation and NO more Wegener’s ever again!

Thank you all again for your prayers!!




I just found out that if you aren’t a friend on my personal page you haven’t been able to see any updates. I had changed some setting on my personal page and didn’t know if affected here. But enjoy this video…


Since this all first happened I have always put my cheek to Jaden’s mouth and would tell him to give me a kiss, he never has…

Until the other night I did and he did this‼️ So, of course, I like to make sure he does something more than once or even three times, he has done it almost every time since‼️‼️

🎶 Don’t tell me He can’t do it🎶


Never Lost [Lyrics Video] - Maverick City Music ft. TRIBL 09/06/2023

🎶 And who are you great mountain? (You should not bow low?)
You should not bow low? (Jesus defeated the darkness) 👏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼
Jesus defeated the darkness (He has never lost)
He has never lost (never) a battle🎶

🎶 Night cannot whisper away what He said in the light
He is my firm foundation (my anchor won't)
My anchor won't be moved (storms may collide but my soul)
Storms may collide but my soul is on fire with His word🎶

Never Lost [Lyrics Video] - Maverick City Music ft. TRIBL “Never Lost'' was written by Catherine Mullins & Rita Springer. It is the first single from Tribl Records’ newest album, ‘Tribl Nights Atlanta’ released Nove...

Photos from Jaden’s Mountain's post 03/03/2023

Jaden is being admitted because of some nitrates in his urine, they are going to start him on antibiotics


Well, I guess Jaden got bored at home.

Had to call an ambulance this morning to come check him because he seemed to be breathing a little shallow.

His heart rate was getting pretty high last night, well actually the middle of the night, around 4:00 A.M. but it was time for his meds and he waa acting a little weird to me but after he got his meds he settled down.

Then this morning he was acting like that again so I called to get him checked and his heart rate was already high and it hadn’t even been 4 hours since his meds so I decided to have them bring him to get checked out.

They also said he had a temp of 103 which I think he started running somewhere between 5:00 and 8:00 this morning because he never felt warm to

But Covid- NEGATIVE!!

Thank you Jesus!!

Of course, “they say” it could be a false negative but I disagree.

They think it may be something to do with his urine like an UTI.

He got fluids and something for the fever and is resting now.

Waiting to hear from his Dr to see what he wants to do next .

She also said the chest x-ray looks better than the last one he had!!



Rosa Sharon Paroski
Melinda Hibdon
Kathy Odom

For some reason it only gives me the option to share y’all’s posts. And Kathy I couldn’t find you to officially tag you.

I read y’all’s post to Jaden. 😊 He is still climbing, it just feels like a very slow one. 😊

Thank y’all! 💙


Sometimes it’s hard to see how far the Lord has brought Jaden but these images tell it.


The Lijh is finally home! I guess he finally had enough of the hospital! 😁


Change of plans:

Jaden was all set to come home, then I found out home health would have to totally start over, with the same company though, but while waiting on the Dr to say whether or not he was ok with that his O2 had dropped again so they gave him a little oxygen but everything looks good.

The plan is he goes to PCU tomorrow, which is more like a “home” setting and see how he does a day or two just to make sure everything is good and then he’ll come home.

I think he’s getting a little spoiled up here so he doesn’t want to leave. 😄😄

His Dr once told him, I can send you home, sending you home is easy but I want to keep you home. ❤️ So, he likes to make sure everything is good before he sends him home.


The Lijh is coming home tomorrow! Thank you Jesus! 💙🙌🏼💙


Jaden’s O2 is improving. Thank you Jesus!! 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼

I know I say a lot about his Dr but I have to take time to appreciate the nursing staff at Medical City Dallas Hospital!!

They have a comradely that you don’t find everywhere!

The service to their patients is stellar!!

It is such a comfort to know while I am enjoying some “time off” that he is still being given the most excellent care and I don’t have to always be there to make sure he is taken care of!

Most of the charge nurses, when they get to work, they’ll come in and check on him!

Believe me he has been in places where I did not want to leave him because I was afraid of what could happen.

It’s truly a blessing the way they care for their patients!


We know who has the final say... 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼


Jaden is still in the hospital.

He has a “germ” (that he’s had for a while) but it has grown resistant to the antibiotics they had him on.

The infectious disease Dr is trying a new type of antibiotics to see how it will work.

Please pray this “germ” goes away.

I’m ready for my Lijh to be home!



Got back to the hospital and Jaden had tested positive for C DIFF. 👎🏼


Jaden update:

Blood work looks better.

But he is still coughing a lot and has a lot of secretions so they started him on a new med this morning that he’ll take via the nebulizer to see if it helps with the secretions because that’s really the only reason he is still in the hospital. 🙏🏼.

Thank you all for the prayers!! 💙


Nothing new to report.

Dr is still running tests and they are managing the secretions.

His coughing has slowed down some which is great just not sure what the cough is coming from.

Thank you all for the prayers!!! ❤️

Photos from Jaden’s Mountain's post 25/04/2022

Brought this handsome guy out for some fresh air.
💙 He loves outside.

Those eyelashes though. 😁

Side note: He has something going on with his right eye. Robin read somewhere it could be edema from crying? Anyone know of any thing I can apply to help it at least till his nurse can look at it. I have already tried a warm rag.


I feel there should be some clarity made on what caused what has happened to Jaden just to clear some things up.

Jaden was diagnosed with Wegener’s, also known as GPA, in November 2020.

He had infusions that treat the GPA in January 2021

February and March he had two bowel perforations which thank God he made it through that.

April was a great month with the exception of sounding really congested.

Trip to Cleveland Clinic, where they specialize in Wegener’s, was already planned.

In April, his pulmonologist did a bronch and discovered that the Wegener’s (because it can cause scarring) had caused scarring in a bronchial tube so much that it closed it up.

He didn’t want to do anything because we were going to Cleveland the next month and he wanted them to look at it.

We went to Cleveland in May. The pulmonologist there put a stent in to open up the bronchial tube. He did great! Then we found out he was in remission!! 🙏🏼

The Dr wanted us to come back the next month so he could check the stent. So, in June we made another trip there and he said everything looked good even better than he expected.

The trips to Cleveland were very time consuming and expensive. So, the Dr referred us to a Dr here that actually used to work at the Cleveland Clinic, but was in Dallas now. That Dr was leaving the practice and was booked the rest of the summer.

The other Dr in that practice called me wanting to know what I was looking for. I explained the situation and asked if he worked with any Wegener’s/GPA patients he told me had about 6.

So, in August he went in to do the bronch to check the stent, when he went in he took the old stent out and replaced it with 2, they were overlapping each other.

So, August 14 when all this happened it was later figured out that one of those stents had became dislodged and on that Saturday that is what caused him to code (die) twice!!

Found out later as soon as they got him the ambulance he coded.

So, a couple of weeks later after being able to take him off the vent that is when the anoxic brain injury was discovered. The injury was caused by the stent dislodging which caused him to code twice resulting in no oxygen to the brain.

I just felt this needed some clarification.

Also, Jaden is already a miracle, the fire chief stood in our den and said, “people don’t come back from that.”

But we still believe for complete restoration! Jaden shall WALK, Jaden shall TALK and Jaden SHALL declare the works of the LORD!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thank you to everyone that has stood beside us during this time. It has been anything but easy but somehow His peace remains.


Jaden still has his “moments” when he will cry but he has almost smiled twice today!! Robin Debra and I seen it the first time then Bro. Doug seen it the second time! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


Resting well 🙌




I posted the other day about how Jaden turned his lip up and moved his head back and forth while I was scratching under his beard. I have been doing this for 7 months and NEVER have gotten any kind of response till this day. This is just a clip of one of the moments after he done that for the first time and you can see that right side of his mouth go up and this is exactly what he would do when he would scratch his own beard.

This may be so small to some but when you watch your son not show any type of response to something and then he does, it’s huge to this Momma! Can’t tell me the Lord’s not working. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Small victories are still victories. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

For 7 months now I have scratched under Jaden’s beard and have never really gotten any type of repose until yesterday, I was doing exactly what I have been doing but yesterday he kinda turned his lip up on the side I was scratching, like he used to do, and then TWICE moved his head back and forth so I could scratch the other side.

Thank you Jesus! 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼


Jaden has been doing really good. The Dr did a bronch this weekend and said everything looks great. He didn’t even need to dialate the bronchial tube that he thought he was going to need to. He sees no active signs of Wegener’s. 🙏🏼

When we spoke he said, “I had not *fully appreciated* what y’all said about “seeing Jaden” when you talk to him but I do now.” We’ll keep believing for a miracle and trusting the Lord’s will. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼


The Lijh during our morning talk...


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I just found out that if you aren’t a friend on my personal page you haven’t been able to see any updates. I had changed...
I posted the other day about how Jaden turned his lip up and moved his head back and forth while I was scratching under ...
I think I let the few medical staff get in my head sometimes because anytime it looked like he would move anything they ...
put the cross in his hand while doing PT and it fit perfect... 🙌🏼#weareclimbing#thankyouJESUS I do not own the rights to...