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Hex Set

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Hex Set - Beyond 24/07/2023


New tune....on Streaming soon

Hex Set - Beyond New song from Hex Set. https://www.facebook.com/hexsetrocknroll


New Song Coming tomorrow!

Messed It Up, by Hex Set 17/03/2022


New 3 track ep up on Bandcamp

Messed It Up, by Hex Set 3 track album

Breed (Nirvana), by Hex Set 28/09/2021


30th Anniversary to one of the all time great albums. Here I am...Hopefully not butchering it

Breed (Nirvana), by Hex Set track by Hex Set


Working on new music that is a bit more melodic and less punk rock than some of the early ideas I had.

Defeated, by Hex Set 31/08/2021

A new track is up on Bandcamp. Written and recorded today


Defeated, by Hex Set track by Hex Set

New Wave, by Hex Set 25/08/2021

New 3 track EP - Feat. New Wave, Unstable and Arrested.


New Wave, by Hex Set 3 track album

Hex Set - New Wave 24/08/2021

New Tune Alert!


Hex Set - New Wave Our world is going to hell

Lockdown Sucks, by Hex Set 21/08/2021


Wrote some songs about some s**t

Lockdown Sucks, by Hex Set 3 track album

Bad Day Down 24/06/2021

All tunes on Spotify etc. Just released another EP


Bad Day Down Hex Set · Single · 2021 · 4 songs.