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We're for Dutch King's Day serving Keshi Yena. Dutch Caribbean Chicken Stew, topped with Raclette and served with Johnny Cake and Plantain. Regular Menu also available. We're here until 5 pm ready to serve you.

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Join us this Saturday for Dutch King's Day
Wear Orange for House of Oranje. Experience Dutch festivities, games, skating, bike parade and great food.


Excited to be back at the Dutch King's Day celebration. This Saturday at Millcreek Common, 11am-5pm. We'll be serving our Keshi Yena, Dutch Caribbean Special. Stewed chicken topped with melted Raclette, Plantains and Johnny cakes.
Can't wait to see you there. Wear Orange.



Get your yummy melted Raclette

Tuesday, 4/23, 5-8pm
75 E 200 S, Bountiful

Thursday, 4/25, 11am-2pm
50 E 200 S, Salt Lake City

Saturday, 4/27, 11am-5pm
Millcreek Common,
1354 E Chambers Ave., Millcreek


Join us today, 5-8pm for some Family fun, Farmer Market at Family Tae Kwon Do Event Park(982 W South Jordan Pkwy. South Jordan)
See you soon.

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Yummy Schnitzel Sandwich, topped with Tomato Bruschetta and melllllltttted Raclette. Come and get it.

2166 S 1700 E,
Sugar House Park
In back of School

Come enjoy the Beehive Bash Rugby Matches, amazing Vendors and great food.

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Join us tomorrow, Saturday

Apr 13, 2024,
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Highland High School,
2166 S 1700 E,
Sugar House Park,
Salt Lake City

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We'll be serving Lunch at the Gallivan Center, Thursday, 11am=2pm

50 E 200 S,
Salt Lake City

Saturday we'll be from 12 pm.

Come and get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny

391 Cabelas Dr,
Station Park,


We'll be tonight, 5-10pm. Live Music with

30 Kensington Ave,
Salt Lake City

Try our new Special
Frikadellen Sammich



We'll be today 12-9pm.
Excited to serve you.

936 S 300 W,
Salt Lake City


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It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The terrace is open. See you

Ready to serve you.



Fully loaded. We'll be Tuesday, 12-10pm.



As the Season is starting...

As a food truck owner, I would like to share some insight to event organizers:
1. The average food truck cost $40-60K to purchase, along with insurance, taxes, supplies and branding. Let alone the tow vehicle.
2. When you ask for food trucks to come to an event, please keep in mind; the average of only 20% of your attendees will purchases something. 1000 attendees=200 people buying. To break even at an event food trucks need to sell at least 40-50 of their average products.
3. If your event is 8 hours and you only expect 1000 people, please don't ask for 7 food trucks. Yes, variety is great, but everyone looses money that way. Maybe have 1 snack truck, 1 dessert and one full food. Most of us know how many items we can send through the window in an hour, ask us.
4. Try not to duplicate food trucks, you don't need 4 snow cones or 3 BBQ trucks. It's OK to tell people no, we already have that type of food. We would rather know that, then show up and there are 4 people selling the same menu.
5. Your event may only be 4 hours, but we have at least an hour prep prior and after, just to get the trailer ready to haul. Plus food purchasing and food prep. Our time is money.
6. Truck's and trailers need room to park. Your spot is 10x20? How about allowing us room to back in, ask what side the serving windows are on, what side our doors are on. We CAN NOT park tongue to tongue in a trailer! For safety sake, we have to be able to open our egress doors! If we have generators, we need a place to put those also. Communication is key!
7. Many municipalities have a business licenses, Health Department licenses, etc. that we have to purchase in addition to your vendor fees, plus taxes we must pay based on municipality rules. Please keep that in mind, most of us only work in certain areas due to that.
8. Fuel is getting expensive again, same with tires, oil etc. We can't roll for an employee appreciation event that does not have a guaranteed minimum. And when we ask for that, don't get upset. This is our business, we need to make money.
9. We run out of things, our work space is tight and we only have so much storage room. Show some grace.
10. When you are asking for food trucks please list: Date, Time, Attendees, How many years event had been happening, Address of event, Contact person, Fees, Power availability, number of food truck spaces.

We share this info with you so we can help each other, that's what it's all about right?

Thank you and have a great day!

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We're so excited to participate , tomorrow,

Saturday, March 16th

2837 UT-193,
Layton City Utah

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We'll be today,
5-10 pm

30 Kensington Ave,
Salt Lake City



Traditional and Käse Spätzle.
We're here until 7 pm. Come and get it.

982 S Jordan Pkwy,
South Jordan


Come and get a Gulasch Bowl. . We'll be here until 9 pm

Gulasch + Raclette = YUMMM

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Happy to be back , tomorrow, Thursday, 12-9pm.

936 S 300 W, Salt Lake City

Art compliments of


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Annnnd we're back .
We'll be here 12-10pm. Come and get some delicious, so melty Raclette.

320 W 800 S,
Salt Lake City

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We'll be here until 10 pm. Tonight's live performance by

30 Kensington Ave, Salt Lake City


We'll be spreading a little happiness with yummy melted Raclette cheese today
in Tooele.

12-7 pm
324 N Main Street

Today's Special
Onion Soup
Gulasch Bowl

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Join us for Lunch today . We'll be here until 2 pm. We're on the upper level.

50 E 200 S,
Salt Lake City


We're ready to serve you until 2 pm.


We'll be here Thursday, Feb. 01, 11am-2pm.

Come and get your Raclette fix.


Join us for Monster Winterfest,
Saturday, 01/27, 11am-4pm

Winterfest Village Market &
Food Trucks

Utah Bear Lake State Park Marina

940 N Bear Lake Blvd,
Garden City

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Ready to serve you. We'll be here until 2 pm.

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Wishing you much Happiness, Health & Success for 2024.


Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Nollaig Shona Daoibh, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Natal. Peace on Earth and a harmonious Christmas being surrounded by your close and loved ones.

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We'll be @tfbrewing today 12-9pm.Excited to serve you.936 S 300 W, Salt Lake City#utahfoodtrucks #saltlakecity#wasatchfr...
We're so excited to participate @polkadotlanemarket, tomorrow, Saturday, March 16th11am-3pm2837 UT-193, Layton City Utah...
We'll be scraping Raclette from 4-7 pm.
Raclette Haus