Christchurch, New Zealand


Very excited to share the stage with legend and a πŸ”₯support line up in August, will be packing some heat for this one for sure πŸ‘€

Photos from C-PAZ's post 22/05/2023

Back into it this Friday supporting the man

Been a hot minute since I’ve played at Hide so super keen for this πŸ”₯


Taking over upstairs this Saturday with a bunch of friends who absolutely slap on the tools, can’t wait!

Tickets: https://www.tixr.com/pr/CoreyPaterson/53295

Gassed for the weekend? We’ve added a little something special to our Andromedik lineup!

We’re leveling up with a 40K Takeover upstairs featuring Yams, π™π™–π™žπ™§π™—π™§π™€π™©π™π™šπ™§, 40K, and C-PAZ πŸ“ˆ

Get your tickets ASAP - https://tixr.com/e/53295 πŸ”₯

Photos from C-PAZ's post 15/09/2022

Just 2 Djs who hate vodka tap waters having a great time playing at Culture Shock!


Been a minute, playing alongside the boy Pulse for Blaine Stranger.


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Tune into RDU 98.5 FM 9 - 10.30 tonight, the Formatics boys are welcoming Jarrod Alexander and I into the studio for a wee mix.


Kick ons has been organised.


Ashburton has never looked so good πŸ‘€


Top Shelf Presents: C-PAZ 20/01/2021

Little mix from me for Top Shelf, apologies about the sound quality πŸ™ƒ if anyone wants to teach me how to master a mix then feel free to hit me up πŸ˜‚

Top Shelf Presents: C-PAZ Christchurch, New Zealand Drum and Bass Dj


Thank you Nelson, what an honour it was to be supporting the big man Alix Perez

Had a blast πŸ”₯


Tickets now live! Grab one early so you don’t miss out



Yo guys, thought I would make a page considering I have a few gigs coming up and potentially some more in the future to keep the people that are interested informed.

Chairs x