Mark Tanner - Table Tennis

Mark Tanner - Table Tennis

Table Tennis Coach from Bristol - created Keynsham TTC and play in Bath and Bristol.


Three lots of table tennis week.

An ad-hoc lunch break session on Monday with a work colleague who hasn't played before. Within half an hour we had him smashing forehands!

Then St George Table Tennis Club tonight for practice and introducing a teenager to the club for the 24/25 winter league.

Thurs then is of course Keynsham Table Tennis Club coming up! I'll see you at 7pm then?

There will also be an announcement on Thurs for the club, so look out for that! βœŒοΈπŸ“


Hard luck to my Bristol club St George as we went down to a very strong Prem side in Failand in the Belstan cup final. Jack managed one win and Marian took two players to the 5th set.

This is a remarkable achievement as we don't have a Prem side this season. In this cup each club puts out their best players so the clubs with Premier sides have an advantage.

I knocked with Jack and Marian on Monday and I'm sure they'll do fine next season following their Div One promotion. Onwards and upwards St George and on to the next cup final on Thurs! βœŒοΈπŸ“

Ricardo Perpetua vs Mark Tanner Bath Prem Table tennis Feb 2024 27/05/2024

The big match against a very good friend in table tennis - JosΓ© PerpΓ©tua

I always enjoy sharing a table with him and his progression over the last few years has been outstanding. Hard work is paying off Riccy!

Ricardo Perpetua vs Mark Tanner Bath Prem Table tennis Feb 2024 My first time playing my good friend Ricardo (Jose) Perpetua competitively in the league. We played together for many years before his dedication and passion...


Big few days for local table tennis coming up!

Tonight taking the fantastic social session Keynsham Table Tennis Club 7pm until 9pm

Friday I've been invited to the Bath & District Table Tennis League presentation night - it'll be wonderful to see the Keynsham based teams and players picking up their awards, amongst the finest players in Bath

Then next Monday is the Tanner takeover for the Bath social session at St John's 5.15pm until 7.15, with the start of the summer league that evening too!

So much to look forward to and lots of different faces to see and catch up with!

Will I see you there? βœŒοΈπŸ“


Mon 20th May. We have a Tanner take over of the Bath & District Table Tennis League Monday night social session!!

I can't wait for this one!

Taking over from Dennis for a week when he's away and it's the start of the summer league. I'll be ensuring that there is empowerment to players in the room to dictate their games, which will make for a lot of fun.

Rivalries will be fought, friendships made and a lot of fast and furious games!

5.15pm until 7.15pm
Monday 20th May
St John's School in Oldfield Park
Oldfield Lane
Cost of Β£5

Will you be there? βœŒοΈπŸ“

Peter Mott vs Mark Tanner Feb 2024 11/05/2024

The latest installment of Operation Stay Up is out now.

This time I meet Peter Mott of Bathford A on my Birthday back in Feb! They only had two players that night but when they field Peter and Albert they have a chance of picking up decent points!

Also if you haven't done so yet be sure to subscribe for more local Table Tennis Videos βœŒοΈπŸ“

Peter Mott vs Mark Tanner Feb 2024 Thanks for watching, please find all of my social links below:Facebook - -


Thanks for the awesome write up Keynsham Town Council it's been a lot of hard but enjoyable work to get table tennis thriving in Keynsham!

Ken M, JosΓ© PerpΓ©tua, Martin R, Sue Ruse Keith Gammon PJ Smithy Smith and many others have also contributed along the way too!

Can't wait to keep growing and expanding in the future! βœŒοΈπŸ“

I'm Mark Tanner, player, coach, of Keynsham Table Tennis Club. I've been part of the local Keynsham community with Keynsham Table Tennis Club since Sept 2017. This is when I started social table tennis for anyone who wanted to play, but before then I lived and worked in the town for a few years in different food retailers before getting a job in telecoms here in the town. It's been fantastic to bring my love of table tennis to a whole range of different people from ages 12 to 84. The best thing is seeing different generations come together and the empowerment given to teenagers and adults alike in the room.

Competitive table tennis from Keynsham has become a lot stronger in the Bath and District leagues. In 2017 there were just two teams, and I was in the B team, now captain the A team and we have four teams across all of the Divisions. It was an amazing personal moment for me last season to lead the team in the Premier Division to a fourth-place finish in our first season up.

Growing up in Oldfield Park in Bath I used to visit by train or bus on the weekends due to the range of independent shops. It reminded me a lot of Moorland Road with its sense of community. Now as an adult and from working in the community you really do get a sense of how diverse and proud the people are from the town. Sports teams are thriving, pubs/coffee shops are busy, and the surrounding countryside is fantastic.

I must say that the young people in the town often get a bad rap online and in the press. However, every teenager who has come through the doors of the table tennis club has been really polite, respectful, and eager to learn.

I also like to keep busy with my border collie Oscar going on some long walks and getting a mocha in Memorial Park. I try to get out to see local bands too - we are blessed to have The Family Rain and The Heavy coming from Bath, alongside many more.

I also run a table tennis YouTube channel, ( so everything comes back to table tennis as you can tell.

Would love it if anyone with an interest in Table Tennis had the chance to give it a try. Catch me every single Thurs 7pm-9pm at The Fear Hall! Any questions email me on
[email protected] or find me on the table tennis socials

Mendip Hammer vs Tanner - Bath 2023/24 Prem Table Tennis 10/04/2024

Mendip Hammer match, round 2, is up now.


Mendip Hammer vs Tanner - Bath 2023/24 Prem Table Tennis I take on Nick 'Mendip Hammer' Branch for the second time at the Invaders HQ. He's a very tricky customer with a big old forehand - or legendary Hammer if yo...


The Bath & District Table Tennis League have put out a survey for members asking about the new league format this season and how people have found it. Some general questions with options, questions on promotion and relegation since moving to a smaller league format playing each team 3 times, but also a very odd one at the end and a chance to put further comments:

The league formation process has to consider multiple factors alongside the feedback from this survey including the number of teams entering, their composition and the individual players standard within those teams.
Please acknowledge that you understand that the placing of teams in divisions is not purely based on previous results.

You have put tick to say you understand this - this is wild though!!

Here are my comments - hopefully we can spark a debate about it:

I enjoyed playing in the Premier in this new format, the standard was consistent throughout and it forces you to get better. It would be great to see two up and two down, I believe this will create more variety over time.

Also an insistence on bottom two are relegated and top two go up across all leagues, otherwise why are we playing in a league format?! Anything is possible when promotion happens, we showed that despite what people thought of our chances, more clubs should embrace this. Similarly if relegation then individual players have a choice to make, stick with their mates and get promoted again, or move clubs if they wish to stay in a higher league.

We shouldn't be chopping and changing promotions and relegations based on individual players at different clubs. I firmly believe that you should base the formation of leagues on previous results, otherwise in the Premiership (football) then why relegate Leicester City and promote Luton, based on the size of the club and past achievements. It should be no different in our league, period.

I'd be saying this even if Key Centre A were relegated - I'd lose some key players but it would be a 'oh well' moment and a rebuild project in the summer, I'd refuse to stay in the Premier if it was offered - relegation means that you aren't good enough, and that's fine. If a player or set of players are 'too good' for a lower league then they can either show it and get promoted the following season or change teams to achieve the desired playing level that they feel that they should be performing at.

Based on my results this season I should be voluntarily relegating myself to the B team instead of captaining the A team? Is that what the league want?

Madness, I'm looking for continuous improvement and to challenge myself to be the best player I can be - I'm taking my loses with pride (you can watch them back online) and looking to always bounce back and be harder to beat next time, everyone should have this outlook or what's the point in competing?

Roll on the new season!!

What do you think? Should a league committee have the power to forcefully amend promotion and relegations based on individual players? Or should it be based on results?

My school of thought is that clubs should take responsibility for their results - roll with the highs but also with the disappointments over a season - let players transfer clubs in the off season if they want to try other leagues.

Martyn Le Butt vs Mark Tanner - Bath Prem TT 2023 04/04/2024

The latest installment of getting beaten in the Bath Prem is back, this time Vs Oldfield A's best player Martyn Le Butt.

I do play one really good shot, can you find it? πŸ˜…

Enjoy! βœŒοΈπŸ“

Martyn Le Butt vs Mark Tanner - Bath Prem TT 2023 My third match of the evening vs Oldfield A in Dec 2023 - tough game against a very experienced Premier League player in Martyn. He actually used to play for...

X-static for more #tabletennis - big energy in the hall every Thurs #keynsham #pingpong 26/03/2024

Another little fun one and what a piece of music from Foo Fighters βœŒοΈπŸ“πŸŽΈ

Make sure you drop in on Thurs for Keynsham Table Tennis Club with Tim and Keith!!

X-static for more #tabletennis - big energy in the hall every Thurs #keynsham #pingpong

James S vs Mark T - Bath Premier Table Tennis 20/03/2024

What a learning curve it's been this season in the Bath Prem.

Operation Stay Up has been a very hard slog for me personally on (and off) the table.

My latest upload was from last year with a visit to Oldfield, who currently sits second bottom with two weeks left to play.

It was a good few games against James (Jim) Stevens. Admittedly not the best advert for the league but it's a very open game.

I hope you enjoy it and if you can subscribe, like and comment - the more people we get talking about table tennis and sharing it around social media the better βœŒοΈπŸ“

James S vs Mark T - Bath Premier Table Tennis Second match against Oldfield A Table Tennis Club against James Stevens in the Bath Premier League!Thanks for watching, please find all of my social links be...


Best of luck to the top 20 players in Bath tonight for the Bath & District Table Tennis League Singles championship!

My tip is young Josh Branch to bring home the πŸ† but Marian and Jack will also be favourites! βœŒοΈπŸ“

Can't stop, Keynsham TTC every Thurs #pingpong #tabletennis 31/01/2024

Every single Thurs, without fail!!

Are you coming?

Can't stop, Keynsham TTC every Thurs #pingpong #tabletennis

Weekly Table Tennis update 25th Jan 2024 26/01/2024

Massive thank you again to all that came last night. Really good buzz around local table tennis at the moment, I just wish I had more time to give to it!

Weekly Table Tennis update 25th Jan 2024 Cup games, good Keynsham TTC social sessions and new players!This covers everything from my week in the Bath/Bristol table tennis scene in the last 7-days!



Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting the videos!!

It's only just the start too, let's keep the table tennis conversations going βœŒοΈπŸ“

2024 Table Tennis channel update 12/01/2024

I'm over the moon with how well the channel is doing so far. An amazing response to the shorts put out there with 7.3k on the Jack the Ripper one!

I've put out a very quick face to camera one just detailing what the new people can expect to see. Jump on the video and like, comment and subscribe if you've not done so already!

Nearly at 100 somehow!! Thank you all so muchβœŒοΈπŸ“

2024 Table Tennis channel update Really short one for this one! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to Keynsham TTC which is really picking up at the moment.I've also had a lot...


Happy New Year everyone!

It's great just to have a Monday off too! That makes it feel like Thurs is a little closer and I look forward to welcoming our members and regulars back, and hopefully some new faces too.

Will I see you on Thurs? βœŒοΈπŸ“

Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed Christmas too!

We are ON this Thursday so come on down to the first session of the year!

@ J.N. Fear Hall
Time - 7pm-9pm
Who - ages 12-80 and everyone in between
Cost - Β£5 members Β£6 non-members
Equipment - we have three match quality tables, with spare bats and balls

Are you coming?
Also comment below and tag a friend who hasn't come yet but who should! βœŒπŸ“


It was great to try and work off some of that Xmas food and drink last night.

A small bit strong line up to practice with. Jack was unstoppable, Neil 'the wall' was on form and Eric has one of the hardest smashes going!

Enjoy Jack Vs Neil in a couple of points, they were playing so well I had to capture some of it!

15-0 Down! Keynsham TTC Xmas Competition 2023 23/12/2023

Really enjoyed filming and watching this one, proper nail biter with no room for error!

15-0 Down! Keynsham TTC Xmas Competition 2023 This game was a big thank you to all of my Keynsham TTC members. It was a free event open to all members to compete in a handicap competition. I had to base ...

Mark Tanner - YouTube 22/12/2023

I've got two great finals coming up on my YouTube channel.

The Keynsham Table Tennis Club will be out next followed by the St George Xmas finals a day or so later.

Then there are still 5 league matches for Operation Stay Up in the Bath & District Table Tennis League so make sure you subscribe now to be kept up to date:

Mark Tanner - YouTube I'm a table tennis player from the UK.You’ll find out all about my table tennis world here from local league videos in the Bath/Bristol area to my thoughts o...

Paul Jeffery vs Mark Tanner Bath Table Tennis Oct 2023 04/12/2023

A little late in posting is an understatement but it's been a busy time away from the table!

This is my second match against Bath Invaders A in Oct in the Bath & District Table Tennis League - Paul Jeffery played up but has spent the last few seasons in the Prem.

We actually used to be teammates ages ago for Newbridge so it was awesome to catch up with him again!

Enjoy βœŒοΈπŸ“

Paul Jeffery vs Mark Tanner Bath Table Tennis Oct 2023 This was the second game of the night against Bath Invaders B. I used to play in the same Newbridge team as Paul many years ago so it was great to play him!T...

Albert Bolhuis vs Mark Tanner - Table Tennis Oct 2023 01/11/2023

My final match Vs Bathford A - last season's champions is out now.

It was against Albert who I haven't played before. What a large forehand shot he has! I usually tweak my game Vs left handers but when I play him again I'll have to come up with something special, great player πŸ‘

I hope you enjoy watching and please consider liking and subscribing.

Bath Invader B games will be next!

Albert Bolhuis vs Mark Tanner - Table Tennis Oct 2023 My final match from Bathford A 23-24 Key Centre A in the Bath and District Table tennis League. This was the last singles match of the night then my teammate...


Wow these sessions will be excellent - be sure to sign up quickly! βœŒοΈπŸ“

Stephen Husbands vs Mark Tanner 24/10/2023

The latest in my Operation Stay Up series with my second game Vs Bathford the reigning champions!

It's against Stephen Husbands this time, another new player for me. A really fun game in which I was level for some periods of play, which gave me confidence in some of my serves and open rallies.

Tough opposition nonetheless and here it is:

Lots more games to upload, which has been your favourite so far?

Stephen Husbands vs Mark Tanner Thanks for watching, please find all of my social links below:Facebook - -

Bruce Dearing vs Mark Tanner 17/10/2023

Second Bath Premier match a few weeks ago!

We played last year's champions Bathford A and wow what another tough night. Josh played outstandingly well to contribute another 8 points and him and Peter in the doubles was a masterclass 3-0 win. They were shell shocked!

Here is my game Vs Bruce, and it's a slightly longer upload...

Bruce Dearing vs Mark Tanner Week Two of Operation Stay Up and an even bigger challenge against last season's winners - Bathford A.So another 3 quality players to play and this was my fi...

Ali Pearson vs Mark Tanner 05/10/2023

My second ever match and I forget to record the first set, which was 11-5 to Ali Pearson - now I'm sure he'll tell you that it was the hardest convincing win that he has ever played in.

Hence his masterclass performance in serving in the second game 😐

I hope you enjoy - I won't tell you the amount of emotional damage it caused me to watch back 😭

This season is certainly a learning curve!

Ali Pearson vs Mark Tanner Second match at Bath Premier League and another big test against a top veteran in Ali Pearson.Thanks for watching, please find all of my social links below:F...

Terry Parkins vs Mark Tanner - first Bath Premier TT games 02/10/2023

Wow what a Bath & District Table Tennis League Premier Division debut.

Good points tally for the team but for me... (Two more videos dropping tonight)

Terry Parkins vs Mark Tanner - first Bath Premier TT games My first ever Bath and District Table Tennis League Premier Division game - and it went exactly how I had imagined it unfortunately.This is a bad personal st...

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It was great to try and work off some of that Xmas food and drink last night.A small bit strong line up to practice with...
Buzzing for the Restricted Cup final tonight.My team Key Centre A (representing the mighty town of Keynsham) takes on Be...
Love being back down at Twerton Park today to see a ten man Bath city come back from 1-0 down at half time to win 2-1 th...
Early but I'm excited for tonight down at Keynsham Table Tennis Club as we will be doing 'serious' match play.Our junior...
Very exciting news to share about Keynsham Table Tennis Club tomorrow night!You won't want to miss this session!