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"Google Warns LastPass Users Were Exposed To ‘Last Password’ Credential Leak" 💻🔍

------->>>>>Google Project Zero is a team of highly talented security analysts with a brief to uncover zero-day vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability is found, Project Zero reports to the vendor concerned and starts a 90-day countdown for a fix to be issued before full public disclosure is made. LastPass is also in the security business, being one of the most popular password management solutions with more than 16 million users, including 58,000 businesses. Project Zero has just disclosed that a security vulnerability left some of those 16 million users exposed to the risk of credential compromise as, in an ironic twist, LastPass could leak the last password used to any website visited


The U.S. and Canada recently fell victim to a severe cybercrime scheme that affected the operations of several critical networks in both countries.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation have filed an indictment accusing two men from Iran of masterminding the crime.

The two men allegedly launched ransomware to various organizations including hospitals, public institutions and municipalities to extort them.

The SamSam Ransomware Attack

The cybercriminals in this case have been using the SamSam ransomware to extort their victims.

These offenders have managed to infiltrate the computer networks of over 200 entities since 2015.

Some of the victims of this ransomware attack include the cities of San Diego, Newark and Atlanta, the University of Calgary, the Colorado Department of Transportation as well as six major healthcare centers.

According to U.S. Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski, the hackers used the ransomware for blackmail purposes.

Once they launched SamSam, it would encrypt the organizations’ files and data.

The hackers would then contact their victims and demand a virtual currency payment to restore their access to the networks.

They used Tor for anonymous communications and the dark web to keep their operation hidden.


A new revelation yesterday has added to the growing list of zero-days found this year affecting the Windows operating system.
The vulnerability is caused due to an improper validation in "MsiAdvertiseProduct" function of Windows. The function is used to generate an advertise script or advertise a product to the computer, and enable the installer to write to a script the registry and shortcut information used to assign or publish a product.
The researcher stated that the function could be abused to perform arbitrary file read by forcing the installer service to make a copy of any file as SYSTEM privileges and also read its contents.


Cryptojacking attacks will continue to grow in 2019, topping the list of ESET's annual Cybersecurity Trends report, released on Tuesday. Cryptojacking is the practice of surreptitiously using the compute resources of target computers to mine for cryptocurrency, which is a computationally complex task.

While cryptocurrencies have potentially legitimate use cases, the compute resources needed to mine for them is sufficiently high that cryptocurrency mining is only marginally profitable unless the mining operation is particularly large-scale. The work of mining can, however, be distributed among different computers as part of a computational workgroup called a "mining pool." As part of this, cybercriminals are gaining control over arbitrary devices, using their compute resources to mine for cryptocurrencies, and pocketing the ill-gotten gains.

Cryptojacking was a burgeoning industry in the first half of 2018, enabled by the mining service Coinhive, which allows website owners to mine the Monero cryptocurrency on the devices of visitors, using Javascript. While Coinhive is-prima facie-a legitimate operation, the number of illegitimate users of the service seem to outnumber legitimate ones.


The Bagle worm contains a backdoor that eavesdrops on TCP port 6777, which is hardcoded in the worm’s body. The worm provides attackers with remote access to the infected PC and can be used to download and execute other malware from the internet.


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SERVER leaked......?





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:^^"The war between security experts charged with the responsibility of protecting information and cyber-criminals who threaten to compromise the integrity of data for different entities has become a cat and mouse game.":^^🔝📰📉📊🔒🔓💯

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This is new mysterious Operating System called Google called FuchsiaOS
demo version live on GitHub and here is link
it will run on your chrome.




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