Nagarkot is the most popular hill station in the northeast of Kathmandu. This is the best place to w


Life and spirituality tour of Kathmandu
Our guests from South Africa here to explore and learn about the unique culture and heritage of Kathmandu valley.
Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantrism are practiced in Kathmandu valley as it was in medieval time. The seven group of monuments around Kathmandu make it one of the must visit UNESCO Heritage site.

Kathmandu tour | Kathmandu Nagarkot tour 4 days 06/04/2024

Kathmandu, the best natural destination
Traveler's Choice Awards-2024

In its recent announcement of the 'Tripadvisor’s Traveler's Choice Awards-2024', the renowned travel website 'Tripadvisor' has bestowed the title of the best natural destination in the world upon Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal. Kathmandu has secured the top position among the top 10 natural destinations globally. Tripadvisor has unveiled its selection of the finest destinations for 2024 across seven categories, encompassing natural destinations, trending destinations, cultural destinations, food destinations, honeymoon destinations, and sustainable destinations.
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Furthermore, Kathmandu has also been recognized by Tripadvisor as the 24th best destination out of the top 25 destinations worldwide. As the world's largest travel guidance platform, Tripadvisor has been instrumental in facilitating travel bookings, aiding in destination choices, and assisting with travel planning.

Kathmandu tour | Kathmandu Nagarkot tour 4 days Kathmandu tour with hiking around Kathmandu, sunrise - sunset view from Nagarkot and heritage tour customized for 2 - 5 day. Best short transit tour of Kathmandu.

Kathmandu tour | Kathmandu Nagarkot tour 4 days 25/03/2024

Kathmandu Transit Tour
Either you are on a business trip to Asia or living in the region, a detour of Kathmandu can give you a sampler tour of Nepal. The valley is surrounded by lush mountains with ridges overlooking the panoramic view of the Himalayas. Explore the medieval towns along the trans-Himalayan trading route which are now listed as UNESCO Heritage sites. A helicopter tour of Everest base camp or fixed wing flight guarantees the up close view of Mt Everest.

Kathmandu tour | Kathmandu Nagarkot tour 4 days Kathmandu tour with hiking around Kathmandu, sunrise - sunset view from Nagarkot and heritage tour customized for 2 - 5 day. Best short transit tour of Kathmandu.

Annapura luxury lodge trek for beginners, family and seniors 09/01/2024

Annapurna Luxury lodge trek

Boutique lodges with ensuite hot showers, western commodes, scrumptious fresh food from the farm with world class services make it comfortable for beginners to embark on a trek. This short trek in the foothills of the Annapurna is the best introductory trek for families with kids as well as seniors looking to go beyond the city limits of Pokhara.
The trail between luxury lodges passes through charming Gurung villages with terraced farming and woods with Annapurna South, Huinchuli and Mt Fishtail dominating the view. This is a cultural trek in the Gurung territory northwestern low-lying hills fringing Pokhara.

Annapura luxury lodge trek for beginners, family and seniors Annapurna luxury lodge trek is short, gentle introductory trekking in the foothills of the Annapurna with comfortable stay. The trek is suitable for families with kids and senior citizens. Customize luxury trek from 3 - 5 days.

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Chinese New Year Holiday Tour packages

Nepal is a perfect destination for Chinese New Year holiday 2024
Enjoy the luxury resorts in the tranquility of the Himalayan foothills and go on a gentle walk during the Chinese New Year holiday. With warm and sunny days, February is the best month for culture and heritage tours, gentle walking or short treks in the Himalayan foothills, bird watching and wildlife tours and the Buddhist pilgrimage tour of Nepal and India.
Customize a luxury holiday visiting the hill stations and the tropical jungle or see Mt Everest by helicopter. Nepal is a perfect winter destination for a family holiday.

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Nepal tour | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour 03/01/2024

Nepal Tour packages for 2024

Visit the four world heritage sites of Nepal and you will cover the best of Nepal. For those looking for more adventure, trek to base camps of Everest or Annapurna or do some technical climbs. With 1,330 peaks above 6000 m, Nepal is paradise for adventure seekers and mountain climbers of all levels.
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Go on a spiritual tour or a wildlife tour, Nepal has things to offer for travelers of all interest and age groups.
Nepal as holiday destination
With luxury hotels and wide range of activities, Nepal is one of the popular holiday destinations in Asia for families with kids and senior citizens. The extension of road and airstrips, have made it possible even for luxury travelers to visit the remote hidden Shangri La in the Himalayas and stay comfortably. The white water rafting, pristine river banks, jungle safari and village tour make a perfect educational and engaging holidays for families with kids.

Nepal tour | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Nepal tour with short treks in the Himalayas for 2023 / 24. Organize private family holiday in Nepal or join group for Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour. Customize private Nepal holiday or luxury tours and treks.

Photos from Nagarkot's post 27/12/2023

Travel to the Himalayas in Winter !
Nepal is the only Himalayan tour destination which offers winter activities. Cruise through its wild tropical jungle or drive to the pristine hill stations in the foothills of the Himalayas, you will find winter weather perfect. Short treks in the Himalayan foothills, cultural tours, wildlife tours and spiritual tours are the best activities for winter. The moderate temperature, warm and sunny days and the crisp sky, guarantees the Himalayan view.
Check for more information about travelling to Nepal in winter months of December, January and February.


Nagarkot trip with
Enjoy the quiet and natural ambiance of Nagarkot with farm visits, hiking and fun activities. Stay in the traditional mountain home customized to give you the comfort you deserve. A cozy farmstay with organic meals in a tranquil place off the main town in Nagarkot.


While Nagarkot is a great weekend escape from the bustling Kathmandu, it is also a trailhead of Shivapur trek and Gosaikunda Lake trek. Easy day walk from Nagarkot to Changunarayan temple follows the ridge with green view on the either side. The trail passes through charming Tamang villages with terraces and the snow peaks looming at a distance.


Just don't get to the destination but enjoy the journey. Drive to Nagarkot in a private vehicle and stop for the best shots of the Himalayas. Stop in the surreal places and share snacks or simply enjoy the tranquility. Nagarkot is the best hill station to escape from the bustling Kathmandu. A weekend trip to Nagarkot could be planned with day hiking or short trek in Shivapuri national park. It is also possible to trek for about a week to Gosaikunda Lake at 4,400 m.


लुम्बिनी-रामग्राम-तिलौराकोट भ्रमण-३ दिन
मात्र 💰 रु ८,५०० / 💂‍♂️ मा 🚙 वा ✈बाट लुम्बिनीको यात्रा, दुई रात होटेल + ब्रेकफास्ट र रामग्राम, तिलौराकोट, कुदान का साथै सम्पूर्ण लुम्बिनी क्षेत्रको भ्रमण गर्नुहोस । Lumbini Buddhist circuit tour is a complete pilgrimage of the birthplace of Buddha and other sites around Lumbini related with Buddha. Don't just visit Lumbini but follow the path of Buddha and get the true insight of his journey to the enlightenment.
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The tour includes private transportation for the entire tour and 2 star hotel with breakfast. Beside Lumbini, the tour includes visit of Ramgram Stupa (the original Buddha relic stupa out of first 8 built after his Mahaparinirvana), Tilaurakot palace where he spent 29 years as prince Siddhartha, Nigrodharma monastery (Kudan) built to house Buddha and his 300 disciples on homecoming after enlightenment. Buddha preached 5 suttas at the place.


Walk from Nagarkot to Dhulikhel and spend a weekend with your family. Nagarkot and Dhulikhel offers plenty of gentle adventure for family with kids. Dhulikhel Zipline is one of such new place you must visit. The obstacle bridges, zip flying and a scenic restaurant overlooking at the wide range of Himalayas make your family weekend holiday memorable.

Looking for a place to take our kids for weekend ? Dhulikhel Zipline is a new fun place with safe adventures for family with kids. Dhulihel Zipline resort is about 35 km from Kathmandu which takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs drive. ☎ 9841665409 if you need to rent car for the Dhulikhel Zipline trip. The place is overlooking at the wide range of central and eastern Himalayas. Walking down the terraces you will find obstacle bridges for everyone to try their stamina and coordination. Try the amazing Zipline of about 1.1 km. You can do it as couple or the most exciting way like superman. Kids of all ages can try zipline. For young kids, they can arrange going only about 100 m and pull back. Get tired and the resort has the best ambiance and cuisine to chill out and satisfy your hunger.


Enjoy the pristine countryside walking with the view of snow peaks atop layers of green hills. Nagarkot hiking is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Walking around Nagrkot could be planned from few hours to couple of days. Day hike with luxurious stay in one of the recommended hotels, make perfect weekend trip. The 2,100 m hill in the northeast of Kathmandu is just a perfect place to enjoy the countryside lifestyle and feel the Himalayan foothills without missing the luxury you deserve. It is also possible to start 7 days Gosainkunda trek from Nagarkot coming down to Dhunche.


It is time to boost the economy with domestic tourism. Let's visit Nagarkot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

सुपथ मुल्येमा सुरक्षित र आरामदाइ यात्राकोलागी निजी गाडीहरु भाडामा छन। बिहे, पारिवारिक भ्रमण तथा अन्न्ये यात्राका लागि हामीलाई संपर्क गर्नुहोस्। ☎ 9841665409


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काठमाडौंमा सुरक्षित गाडीहरु भाडामा लिएर कोरोनाबाट सुरक्षित यात्रा गर्नुहोस्। A rental company has started safe car rental services within Kathmandu valley. Vehicles have separate driver's cabin. Vehicles go through washing and seat covers changed after each use. Travel less and travel safe only if needed.

काठमाडौंमा सुरक्षित गाडीहरु भाडामा चहिएमा संपर्क गर्नुहोस् । Rent safest vehicles to go around Kathmandu valley. Our vehicles have separate driver cabin. Vehicles are disinfected and seat covers are changed after every use. Travel less and travel safe during Covid 19 pandemic.


Good morning from Nagarkot.
Peek into the snow peaks east of Kathmandu.


One of the best place to stay in Nagarkot.


Nature is always beautiful. Monsoon clouds form a transparent curtain during the sunset seen from Nagarkot in mid August. When the clouds are burned away in the morning or evening, snow peaks appear even more picturesque in monsoon.


Cozy place with good food and great Himalayan view. Nagarkot


Maha Manjushree temple on the way to Nagarkot from new route. Manjushree road / Saraswatisthan road

Kathmandu is full of legends. Myths and legends must have been true fully or partially once. However documentation of so many places were not possible.
It sounds like there used to be sacred cave / meditation cave until the 1994 earthquake. The boulder which fell off and the broken artifacts are still found in the derbies, some 50 m below the temple. Local Newars believe this was where Maha Manjushree appeared before he drained the water from the legendary Kathmandu Lake. The hill is known as Maha-mandap-giri or Ratnagiri.
Since the place was venerated as Maha Manjushree's cave, several Buddhist sages and Siddhas are believed to have visited this place. One of them was great Poet and Buddhist master 'Milarepa' from 11 - 12th century. It is believed that he visited the place on the invitation of king from Kathmandu valley.
This is one of the important power place for Buddhist practitioners with great positive vibration. The place is less visited and isolated.
So please add more information if you have.


Nagarkot last evening.


Nagarkot is a place to watch this beautiful natural phenomenon in the horizon of Kathmandu valley. From the altitude of 2,100 m, one can watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the Himalayas red and pink. Watch the last orange rays of sun before twilight beckons the star.
Nagarkot is the most spectacular hill station in he central Nepal offering the view of about 400 km stretch of the Himalayas.



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