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Welcome to Duck 'n Dive Airsoft. "In this game, the Duck hunts you! "

When you are beat from the heat and your days worth of pew pews, just kick back and relax, and come to Duck 'n Dive Airsoft to continue the game day excitement by watching fast pace Airsoft game play videos based out of Alberta. Showing a tour of local fields including: Rampage Airsoft (Formerly BCA), Sniper Paintball, SPG (Grunts) Paintball, LZ Airsoft (May you RIP), Pigeon Lake Field, Force on Force (FOF), Tactical Airsport Zone (TAZ), Merill Dunes and more!

Airsoft Game Rules 02/06/2024

πŸ”« Everyone is excited for the new milsim game format coming this weekend! Make sure to read the rules before and ask questions to clarify so you don't end up like these fellas. Don't forget your ⌚ watch because counting out Mississippis in your head to 5 minutes is going to be a challenging task for bleed out.

Airsoft Game Rules Be sure to check game rules ahead of time as much as you can and clarify anything before hand, and then make sure to pay attention to the game brief on the g...


If you have tickets to Firestorm Watch for updates for this next big game coming quickly in June!


1. Our 'Flashpoint Rostov' event, originally scheduled as a two day event in Bellurgan has now been scratched. We will now be running Operation Mountain Lion on the same dates at Narrow Water and changing the format to a 24 hour event. More details coming soon!

2. We now have a merchandise page live on our website where you can purchase a limited edition print, Black Spear t-shirt to help our blank fire .50 cal. fund! Check it out here -

3. Operation Firestorm (Canada) event specific rules are live at this link - All ticket holders will receive an additional intel email within the next 24hrs.

4. We will host our first live Q&A session this Friday at 01.00 (UTC+1) for players based locally and 18.00 (UTC-6) for our Canadian players. We will answer any questions you may have about Operation Firestorm, talk through some of our survey responses and host the draw for the survey prizes so tune in if you can.


Black Spear MilSim


βš™ Lucky to have teammates that can help out with this stuff. Got a new dual channel PTT custom design 3D printed and salvaging parts from various other PTT's. One radio. Two Channels. 😎 βš™

Becoming the Hunted 26/05/2024

Let the bbs fly. Who else is getting excited for games in June? πŸ”«

Becoming the Hunted Short segment going out for kills in a game and ending up getting slaughtered by a squadSubscribe:

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 16 26/05/2024

It's been a while since I have shared a video. Why not let it be those embarrassing moments that seem to happen all too often during gameplay!

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 16 When I play airsoft I like to see how many trees I can run into and how many people I can help. You wouldn't believe the kit issues you can spot if you just ...

Photos from Duck 'n Dive Airsoft's post 22/05/2024

A few team members and the Truck made it to Operation Last Stand 2 hosted by Trigger Airsoft in BC over the May long weekend. Unfortunately I could not attend, but by the photos sent by team mates it looked like a blast.πŸ”«


βš™ Check them out! πŸ”«


Looking forward to the πŸ“’ announcement! Op Valour 2024.

This years game format will be brought to you by Force on Force Tactical and OP Valour staff. Stay tuned…


πŸ”« Stocking up for the year. Let's Hope the fire bans cooperate πŸ˜†πŸ˜…


New season, new team patches. Some of the guys opted for an alternate laser cut design this year from Patch Panel 😎


C.A.T.S. airsoft team had our first practice this season at SPG Paintball. It's a good time to get the legs moving, work on some issues, and find new problems from all those kit changes and rifle 'improvements' done over the winter πŸ˜….

You Ready? Get the Flag! | Rampage Edmonton 16/04/2024

This guy definitely was not ready... but hey it's a fresh start to a new season 😎 πŸ”«

You Ready? Get the Flag! | Rampage Edmonton Our squad made a wide flank around the Town area to try and push back OPFOR. July, 2023 our objective was to ultimately make it up the Hill 69 to capture an ...

Big Cannon | Rampage Airsoft 14/04/2024

Who doesn't like big bangs at an airsoft game πŸ’£ πŸ”«

Big Cannon | Rampage Airsoft Try using your 40 mm launcher when the views are clear and skiies are blue. While the sounds of this segment were fun there was a huge waste of resources try...

The LMG Life | Airsoft 10/04/2024

How fast does a mag last? πŸ€” πŸ”«

The LMG Life | Airsoft The support gunner life running the ICS L86 A2 LSW providing support gunner firepower to try to allow team mates to medic and move up the battle line at Ramp...


πŸ”« Rampage Opening for outdoor Soon! 😍

Custom PEQ 15 Battery Box for Airsoft 28/03/2024

πŸ”‹ πŸ“Έ Trying new ways to keep the cameras charged this season 😎

Custom PEQ 15 Battery Box for Airsoft So you want to be an Airsoft Youtuber, but not sure how to keep your cameras charged?I set out to build a custom PEQ battery box to give my rifle a more conv...

Tower Drug Bust | Rampage Airsoft 18/03/2024

Who remembers the first big game from last year? We were acting as the DEA to bust some druggies πŸ˜‚. Getting stoked for this seasons start 😍 πŸ”«

Tower Drug Bust | Rampage Airsoft Cartel had a spawn in the Tower and our job as the DEA was to contest and clear the tower so we could push past it towards our objective further in the field...

Photos from Duck 'n Dive Airsoft's post 16/03/2024

βš™ I'm going to try this custom PEQ box to charge the forward cameras this season (instead of my flash bang looking tube batteries πŸ˜‚). I had some help from teammate Szetor to 3D Print an extension to the PEQ box to fit the battery πŸ”‹ βš™οΈ

Buy tickets – Operation Firestorm – Rampage Paintball & Airsoft Edmonton 11/03/2024

🎟 Tickets tonight! 🎫

Buy tickets – Operation Firestorm – Rampage Paintball & Airsoft Edmonton Background:The former Eastern Bloc nation of Vostoika, long simmering with internal tension, finds itself on the brink of full-...

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 14 10/03/2024

πŸ”« A Throwback to May 2023 first big game of the year at Rampage Adventure Park - Edmonton Are you excited for the outdoor season to start in a few months? πŸ”«

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 14 A bit of a throw back (at this point) to May 7th gameplay from 2023 the DEA vs Cartel game hosted at Rampage Airsoft:1 Hit? (Are you sure?)2 Loctite (loose s...


Good things come in twos...or was it threes. Got a few new tracer units to replace my old set of Xcortech XT301s (v1) (that did last me 5 years might I add...). Why not try the newer V2 XT301 and compare that side by side to the latest from Eshooter, their Flare M BT to see what there is out there and how they stack up. πŸ”« βš™

EEShooter Technology


C.A.T.S. and Friends had a great time at Tactical Airsport Zone this morning! πŸ«‘πŸ”«

Photos from Duck 'n Dive Airsoft's post 25/02/2024

Love the new amped line from Dee Zee Airsoft πŸ˜Žβš™οΈπŸ”«

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 13 24/02/2024

Nothing but my best in game moments πŸ™„ πŸ˜… πŸ”«

Highs and Lows of Airsoft Gameplay | Part 13 Check out the good the bad the ugly from TAZ indoor gameplay:1 Safety first2 Fat Thumbs (again)3 Reflexes4 Opfor Tires5 Hallways & Gr***des6 Owies7 Revives8 ...

Photos from Duck 'n Dive Airsoft's post 22/02/2024

βš™A pretty fancy 3D print job achieved by Szetor based off some rough magazine measurements for my ICS PDW9 mag. Major upgrade from loading with a finger pusher πŸ˜‚. Love it.

Gr***de Spree | TAZ 21/02/2024

Boom time at TAZ! πŸ’£πŸ’£

Gr***de Spree | TAZ This is not even close to all of the grenades dropped during 5 game play sessions at Tactical Airsport Zone!

TAZ SIEGE MODE 19/02/2024


TAZ SIEGE MODE A basic game of siege with two attackers starting against about 15 defenders. I started as a defender and if you die, you become an attacker!...


CATS had a fun set of morning rounds Saturday, at Tactical Airsport Zone, playing against DONAIR SQUAD.

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Side by side with team medic and a 2nd POV camera will make for an interesting video coming up!
πŸ”« Operation Loyal Serpent. CATS are getting Ready for night ops. πŸ”«
It's starting πŸ‘€ πŸ”«πŸ€© come check stuff out Tactical Airsport Zone.
βš™ Kestrel V2 Mosfet is in and working. Now to try some features. 🀩 βš™ #etu #mosfet #kestrelv2 #eshooter #airsoftcanada #a...
βš™ A satisfy feature you can add to your airsoft replica with a Modify anti reversal latch πŸ€“ βš™ #airsoftcanada #airsofttec...
Game day πŸ” πŸ¦‘ πŸ”« chicken tenders vs boneless calamari rematch.
πŸ”« Getting ready πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ”« #oployalserpent
βš™ πŸͺ› βš’οΈ Titan is in and functional βš™οΈπŸͺ›βš’οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ
While the enemy sleeps and rests... You're busy preparing for tomorrows big game 😏
New memory card came in for the new camera πŸ“Έ πŸŽ₯🎬. What's up with the packing job 🀣?
IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) and Working Radio Com's are a big part of the game. Especially in bigger games with people ...
Almost Hit?