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Navigator Samoa Tours is an independent tour operator based in Upolu. I'm Josie and I love sharing


Another cyclone, more damage to clean up!Our good friends have started Afakasi Products and they make, lease and sell Cyclone strength shelters and shops. Worth a look if you're sick of rebuilding!


Thanks Toni for the review, it was great having you on our tour. If you come by this way again dont forget to contact us and we'll show you the rest of Upolu that wasnt on your tour list today. Enjoy Savai'i.

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"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." Robert Louis Stevenson. Samoa's adopted son's estate is included in most of our Upolu Day Tours.

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The always beautiful Lalomanu beach! One of the brightest gems in Upolu's crown.

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Village Life!

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The trusty outrigger canoe is still the main fishing boat used in our villages. If booked in advance, we can arrange a lagoon outrigger experience. There's not much we can't arrange for your visit to beautiful Samoa!

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Lepea Village, included in most of our customised Upolu day tours, was very important in Samoa's move to independence. It also gives a glimpse of how our villages were laid out before roads.

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You're guaranteed to be left speechless by Samoa's natural beauty. But many of these scenes have a story that will enrich the moment. Call us for a Day Tour or longer, let us give you a glimpse of Fa'a Samoa.

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One of our first destinations in our Apia-West day tour is Mulinu'u, which has changed a lot in the past few years with impressive new government buildings including the lands and titles court pictured here, funded by the Chinese as a gift to Samoa. Mulinu'u is rich in 20th century history having been the the administrative centre of Samoa since German colonial times.

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After a long day it's a real treat to come home to this paddock of mischief. This is also Samson's first selfie.

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Beyond my mother's village of Poutasi is Nu'usafe'e Island. We can arrange day trips to Nu'usafe'e by small boat where you enjoy absolute tranquility on this uninhabited gem. It's known for its surf break on the coral reef just off the island, but the white sand beach and tropical jungle are also very nice.


Samoa Tours Upolu Papapapaitai Falls

The Papapapaitai Falls is the largest vertical drop waterfall in Samoa, with water dropping sharply over 100m from the Tiavi highland to the riverbed below. It holds a special place in pre-European Samoan mythology and is particularly spectacular now during the wet season. So much more to share on a day trip, and we'll even pick you up and drop you off from your Apia accommodation :)


Turtle feeding!

Have an encounter with majestic sea turtles even on our one day tours! Really popular with our younger customers and those young-at-heart like me :) For our two day tours we can also arrange swimming with turtles!

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Taro is one of Samoa's favourite staple foods. When you visit you need to try Palusami and also taro straight from the umu! Lots of village families plant on ancestral communal land, especially in the wetter mountain regions where we can pack in more taro plants per plot.

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Samoan church designs are so varied and some of the most interesting are quite remote. Lucky we know where to go!

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Another day in paradise! We have so many pristine rivers to cool off in here in Samoa. Get in touch with us, we'd be happy to show you!


Children walking down to the Lepa Coastline, Samoa

On our way to the serene Lalomanu Beach on Upolu's South East coast we sometimes stop to admire a section of rugged winding coastline around Lepa. Lot's of stories to tell about this region of Samoa.

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Samoa Tours Upolu Papapapaitai Falls
Turtle feeding!
Children walking down to the Lepa Coastline, Samoa



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