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(recommencing services 2019) Well maintained helicopter, highly trained crew providing a world class helicopter operation for Samoa

Samoa Helicopters, the only helicopter operator in all Samoa, founded by Rodger McCutcheon, who saw the need for a multi purpose rescue and tourism helicopter operation.


Samoa Observer, the truth will be told this weekend, what you have printed is absolutely disgraceful.


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Thank you to everyone who has been asking about the Helicopter service in Samoa, we are currently going through a change of ownership of the helicopter, it will be owned in Samoa and once this process is completed it will be business as usual, in fact even better than it was before....thanks for your patience and understanding while we refocus the business.


Today I got the first emergency call, the call came in from NHS that there was a little 2 year old girl in critical condition at Foailalo in Savaii, the weather was marginal in places but we got there in just 25 mins landing right at the medical clinic.

After a very quick briefing with the medical team I boarded the little girl, her mum and a nurse, the girl certainly was in serious condition and we doubt she would have survived the road and ferry trip, indeed she was drifting in and out of conciseness in the helicopter as we flew her directly to Apia NHS and to intensive care where she was stabilized....

I got the call from the hospital that she will pull through due the life saving speed of the helicopter, I think it's safe to say the helicopter has saved it's first life in Samoa.


Samoa Helicopters wants to thank the following people for their support in getting the helicopter operation up an running in Samoa. These are people and businesses who have directly assisted and made our start up easier.

Samoa Ford
Matson Shipping
Sails Restaurant
Lynn's Guesthouse

I would also like to thank the Hon Prime Minister for his assistance in getting the operation up and running faster than anyone could have hoped for.

We have achieved a considerable amount in this past 6 weeks, including setting up and being ready for emergency flights directly to NHS hospital in Apia from anywhere in Samoa. We have done evacuations in Savaii, 3 people due to Cyclone Amos, and 3 people due to failing light and nightfall in the mountains on Savaii.

I would also like to thank Samoan's who have jumped in, and taken advantage of the low price flights I posted, all of these people have contributed to our start up, thank you. !!!

I would also like to thank Aggie's Hotel for hiring us to show Samoa to so many VIP's who came to the opening of the iconic hotel, in over 10 flights we did our best to show the beauty, and potential of Samoa to some of the most influential people in the Pacific, the helicopter is the best way to show off Samoa.

Lastly I want to thank Matt and Rose who have been great crew to work with, we have our ups and downs, excuse the pun, but ultimately we will have a hangar and a place to call home.

Thank you Samoa, and please don't forget to call us if family and loved ones need urgent transport to hospital, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we will drop everything and be with you in life saving speed.

Warmest regards,
Rodger McCutcheon
Founder - Samoa Helicopters


More emergency landing sites identified, and a practice emergency flight to and from Savaii Hospital, just 17 minutes from Savaii hospital to Apia Hospital....I really enjoy showing the kids the helicopter, Rose has a fan club now, the young girls really want to see who this helicopter girl is :)


I am getting 100's or inquiries from people wanting to fly in the helicopter, thank you Samoa !!!! ..The big question is how much??, well we have a number of flight options, I will list some here so you all have a clear idea of the prices. Helicopters are expensive to operate, and have specific roles that no other mode of transport can perform, helicopters are also thrilling to fly in, nothing can compare to a flight in a helicopter, especially over beautiful Samoa, so here is an idea of the costs of various flights.

Flight 1. Local Apia City and Harbour, taking off from Sails restaurant you head out over the city, and past Aggie Greys and out to the coast, then back down over the port and harbour and over the reef to and exciting landing back at Sails restaurant and a cold drink. $70AUD 130TALA per person 5 passengers. $350AUD $650TALA total cost. If you have less than 5 just divide the number of people into the total above for the rate.

Flight 2. Lake and Waterfall, plus Apia City and harbour and farms and villages, a really great flight that has it all for locals and tourists. Taking off from Sails we flight out over the town and villages up into the hills and to Lake Lanoto'o, from there on top of the range you will see to the other side of Upolu island to an amazing waterfall where we fly close for a photo opportunity, then you will head down the valley to the coast past Aggie Greys and over the man made island Taumeasina and the beautiful azure waters, then over the port and across the reef for and exciting landing back at Sails restaurant....and a cold drink :)
$130AUD per person or $260TALA, $660AUD or 1300TALA is the total cost of the helicopter for this awesome flight.

Flight 3 Apia to Sheraton Resort landing and return to Apia. We take off out of Sails restaurant and heading over some superb scenery as we head up the coast to the Sheraton Resort, passing fishermen, villages with views for miles across the island and to Savaii, passing the Faleolo Airport to the landing spot right in front of the swimming pool guests. You can spend up to an hour on the ground, then we take off again and head up to an extinct Volcano, flying right over the crater, then down over farm lands and villages to Apia City and harbour before an exciting landing at Sails restaurant and another cold drink :) This is an awesome package, a very special flight for those who want to really experience the magic of a helicopter ride.
$230AUD or $450TALA per person $1150AUD or $2250 is the total cost of this amazing helicopter flight.

Weddings: yes we can make your wedding the most special in all Samoa, we can pick you up and drop fly you to anywhere in Samoa, it can be a short flight to and from Church or the reception, or extended flight to where you want to spend your honeymoon...NOTHING can BEAT the HELICOPTER for your wedding.....the price will be from 700TALA for a short local flight, up to 1700TALA if you want us to fly you to anywhere on Upolu, and for Savaii between 1700 and 3000 depending on where you are staying. We can take 4 or 5 on your special day :)...

Flight 4 Apia to Saletoga Resort for Lunch, wow what a great flight this is, we fly over lakes, waterfalls, beautiful azure waters, farms and villages and an exciting landing right at the resort. This is a very special trip, we are happy to sit on the ground and let you take your time enjoying the great food menu, or you enjoy refreshments and a swim. This trip has it all, spectacular scenery, I bet you don't stop taking photos as we fly two very different paths to and from this excellent resort.
$200AUD or $390TALA per person or $990AUD or $1950TALA for the total cost of the helicopter.

Flight 5 Apia to Savaii, so far we have 2 awesome resorts we can land at, and we are adding more as we go, checking to ensure the landing area is safe and the resorts can provide what we are looking for for our guests. So far we have the Savaii Hotel, and the Amoa Resort as approved landing spots, we can thoroughly recommend both places as they provide excellent food and friendly service. More on Savaii soon. The flight time to Savaii from Apia is just 17 minuites.
$230AUD or $440TALA this is with 5 passengers, the total cost of the helicopter for the round trip is $1155AUD OR $2250TALA.

Dinner Flight, hows this for an amazing offer.....3 course Dinner for 2 at Sails Restaurant, including a drink, and before your dinner we take you for a flight over the Apia City and the make an exciting landing back at Sails, and then enjoy a 3 course dinner for 2...ALL THIS FOR JUST $250AUD or $490TALA...this is an amazing offer from Samoa Helicopters and Sails Restaurant, book NOW!!! enjoy the great food at sails with the helicopter sitting right next to your table...great conversation over great food after a thrilling helicopter ride.


I am very sorry for the confusion as there has been another FB page in the name of Samoa Helicopters, all of those people who have inquired about my helicopter service, and there was over 7000 hits today alone, please message me on this page and I will do my best to answer your messages. I am delighted with the response, thank you Samoa, but PLEASE if you or your loved one's have a life threatening emergency, please know you can call me on 7288228 and if the need is real we will be there for you. For scenic and tourist flights we will be delighted to give you the best rate possible, and also try and fill all 5 seats so the total cost per person is as low as possible...kindest regards, Rodger


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