Airport Lodge Samoa

Airport Lodge Samoa


Talofa lava,

Due to us being unable to access this Facebook account any more we have created a new page as we have reopened. Please visit for more information :)
I dönt wanna miss the hospitality and creativity service of this Hotel on my every visit to the island.
Lilz Poleka this place.
Avail the best accommodation in Samoa at our Airport Lodge.
Wats the avg cost per room or person? Or for group of 20? And for family of 6?😀
A great place to stay in Samoa.

Airport Lodge is only 10 min from the International Airport in a very attract location. Enjoy our safe accommodation with pool before traveling to Savaii.

We Are Right Here…

* Had enough after 4 – 10 hours flight from New Zealand, Australia or Hawaii?

* Don’t need another 1 – 1.5 hours sitting in a taxi going to Apia or other resorts.

* You just need a bed – get your bearings right for the next morning.

* You want to go straight to Savaii as soon as possible.

* Flying to Pago Pago via Inter-Island Airways. In Just 10 minutes after clearing your


Correction to my last post. Airport is not closed.
Airport Lodge is closed and will not be re-opening. The owners have put Airport Lodge up for sale or lease. It is situated on 2 acres of free hold land. With seaside land that can be further reclaimed.


Airport is closed for good and now on the property market to sell or lease.


Airport Lodge is now closed, we have put our property on the market to sell.

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Dave and Eunice McLean
Thank you for all your views and likes. A special thank you to our guests and especially to our loyal guests who came and stayed year after year.
Airport Lodge is now closed until further notice. Time for a well deserved rest from the hectic life of a Motelier.

Timeline photos 24/04/2016

Timeline photos

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2016 Samoa elections

Mobile uploads 21/10/2015

Cruise ship at Matautu wharf

Mobile uploads 21/10/2015

Mango season this year is bountiful, all over Upolu trees a ladened with mangoes. This tree is at the front of reception, they still have a few more weeks before they ripen.


Unbelieveable we have no TV coverage of the All Blacks v Manu game, we have tried to get hold of the TV station but no one is answering their phone, guess they are all at the game. My apologies to all my guests, some include people associated with this game

Mobile uploads 03/07/2015

One of the many road side display showing a villagers support for their team, can't wait for the game

Mobile uploads 27/06/2015

Go the All Blacks

Mobile uploads 27/06/2015

This side of the road has the Samoan emblem. Go the Manu

Mobile uploads 27/06/2015

The Villages from Faleolo Airport to Apia are decorating the side of the roads to Welcome the All Blacks

Mobile uploads 09/06/2015

Local wooden bus, slowly they are being replaced. I think this bus driver has forgotten we drive on the left hand side of the road now, Lol

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Airport Lodge, middle left of the picture, Mulifanua Village to the left


Talofa everyone, incase you have read my new AD sorry there was a mistake in it. Airport Lodge does not have a pool. You can swim across the road in the sea. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Regards

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Ocean view rooms, 280 Tala per night can sleep up to 3 adults, 1 queen bed and 1 single bed, modern clean and comfortable


Lovely to see visitors from Europe coming to Samoa, seems to be the main clientele this time of the year.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to like my new fb page.

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1st photo is the front of our Ocean view rooms, 2nd & 3rd is a sea view of Manono and Apolima Island, beautiful sunsets

Untitled album 18/02/2015

Airport Lodge Samoa



Main West Coast Road
1757 APIA

General information

Samoa Family Lodge And Accommodation Close To The Airport And Ferry To Savaii.

Contact Us
Phone: +685-45584 Fax: +685-45582
[email protected]

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