Renewable Energy in Samoa

Renewable Energy in Samoa


It has been 1 week since we celebrated the National Renewable Energy Day 2020!

The excitement still lingers throughout ever since.

We share these photos with you all with hopes the Commemoration of the Renewable Energy Day 2020 has had an effect into impacting your daily lifestyle especially the integrating of Sustainable Transportation demonstrated through the completion of our Triathlon Race 2020.

Thank you to all the Energy Stakeholders who had participated in our Triathlon Race and cooperating in organizing this occasion celebrated annually!

We acknowledge our Development Partners - Global Environment Facility and UNDP in Samoa, Cook Islands, Tokelau & Niue for supporting the initiatives to benefit our local communities.

Photos by IMPRESS Project & Renewable Energy in Samoa

Promoting renewable energy in Samoa


The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Hub kicked off its annual Focal Point Meeting at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva, Fiji today.

The Meeting has brought together the Hub's Government counterparts from 14 member Pacific countries, together with all Donors and Partners, keen on discussing the progress made by the NDC Hub in its first two phases, as well as facilitate further discussions on the direction of Phase 3 of the Hub, which officially began on the 1st of July 2022.

Member countries will also vote on a new Chair for the Hub's Steering Committee that provides general oversight of the strategic direction for the NDC Hub and provides advisory support to the implementation work.

The NDC Hub and all stakeholders are looking forward to a productive two days of enriching discussions and interactions, with the aim to improve its service delivery in supporting the Pacific's leadership in climate action through its

Photos from Renewable Energy in Samoa's post 30/08/2022

The Renewable Energy Division of MNRE in association with the IMPRESS Project conducted its first School Awareness Campaign for the financial year 2022/2023 on the selected schools in Upolu on Thursday 11th August and in Savaii on the 18th and 19th of the same month. There were a total of three schools from Upolu and five in Savai’i which the team had the privilege to visit individually.

Schools in Upolu included Samoa Seventh Day Adventist School, All Saints Primary School and St Joseph’s Leauva’a Primary School. For Savai’i, the team started off at St Therese Primary School, Tuasivi College and ended the first day of campaigning with Vaiola College. On the second day of school awareness for Savai’i, the team started off with Don Bosco College and ended with Uesiliana College.

The main objective of the campaign was to introduce and promote the topic of renewable energy and energy efficiency in schools. During the presentations, the students were very engaged and interested in the topics discussed and managed to ask and answer questions at the end of each session. There were also very important questions raised by teachers that were participated which contributed to very constructive discussions. Therefore, it is safe to say that the school awareness campaign for Upolu and Savai’i was a success.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge UNDP in Samoa, Cook Islands, Tokelau & Niue for their kind continuous support for us in funding these outreach programs.

Photos from SAMOA Energy Sector's post 26/08/2022

Energy Sector Sub-committee quarterly meeting 📝

Photos from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa's post 26/06/2022

Renewable Energy Team leading this week with our usual Ministry sermon 🙏🏼
Prayer - Mr Esekia
Bible reading - Mr Roland Setu
Word - Mr Tone Enosa

Photos from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa's post 11/06/2022

Photos from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa's post

Photos from Renewable Energy in Samoa's post 05/06/2022

Happy 60th Independence Samoa 🇼🇸
Missing in photos (ACEO, Ms Vainalepa Toiata Uili who is on duty travel & IMPRESS Project Coordinator Mr Roland Setu)


Praising the power of international cooperation at the G7 Climate & Energy Ministers meeting, IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera stressed the urgency of improving , achieving , creating new jobs & industries to achieve the 1.5°C goal - while calling for global investments.



Solar Lights Launched!

Her Exellency Honorable Emily Luck cuts ribbon to official Launch the Distribution of Solar Lights to selected sites!

A partnership between MNRE Renewable Energy, IMPRESS Project and Water and Sanitation Sector

Photos from IMPRESS Project's post 23/05/2022

Photos from IMPRESS Project's post


The Worlds first *REAL* Electric Truck! - Everything You Need to Know!

How cool is it to have Electric Vehicles in Samoa?


Congratulations Ueligitone!

An officer to our Renewable Energy Division - MNRE involved in trainings facilitated by the JICA Samoa Office

Thank you JICA for reaching out to assist our staff with trainings and capacity building programmes.

🌺Knowledge Co-Creation Program🌺


Representatives from nine countries recently completed a JICA online KCCP Program (Group and Region Focus) on Stabilizing Power Systems to Introduce Various Kinds of Renewable Energy.

Participants of the training were able to learn about the impact of variable renewable energy (VRE) on the stability of power system and the specific measures to stabilize the power system.
The Samoa representative Mr. Ueligitone Fuifatu Enosa said, “Recently, against the backdrop of global initiative to limit carbon emissions and as a result of dramatic decline in costs of variable renewable energy (VRE), many countries are accelerating to introduce VRE. However, it is not easy for the electric power system to be ready to accommodate large amounts of VRE. The training program helps to show the impact of VRE on the stability of the power system and the specific measures to stabilize the power system.” Mr. Enosa.

Mr. Enosa is a Renewable Energy Officer under the Renewable Energy Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The program also help Mr. Enosa gain insight to an essence of impact of VRE on the stability of the power system and the specific measures to stabilize the power system more practical, more interactive, and more inspirational from the experiences of Japan.

The objective of the training is to obtain skills and knowledge on planning and designing the electric power system to stably accommodate large amounts of VRE based on the understanding of the characteristics and challenges of VRE and electric power system in each country.

All training sessions were held online and included a self-study and discussions with web conference, from August 23 to September 3, 2021.


Samoa Submit its 2nd Nationally Determined Contributions! 🙌🏽🔥

We couldnt have done it without the support of our stakeholders! Thank you

has officially submitted its Second Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the on 30 July 2021. Samoa’s Second is ambitious and implementable, addressing both mitigation and adaptation to climate change for the Large Ocean State.

Led by the Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), the Second NDC was developed undertaking thorough and wide-ranging consultations with national stakeholders and sector experts to inform the NDC targets for the Pacific Island Country ().

Despite being negligible contributors to global greenhouse gas () emissions, Samoa has communicated a robust set of targets in the energy (including electricity, land transport, maritime transport, and tourism), waste, and agriculture forestry and other land use (AFOLU) sectors. As a at the forefront of dealing with the impacts of , Samoa also rightly prioritizes in its Second NDC in the priority sectors of AFOLU and marine (focusing on mangroves).

The Regional Pacific NDC Hub is extremely proud to have supported Samoa to develop its Second NDC through our valued implementation partner, the Global Green Growth Institute GGGI Pacific. We convey our warmest congratulations to Samoa on this milestone achievement!

Read more here:
Samoa’s Second NDC available at:

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy: Pacific Island Nations - ANU Centre for Continuing Education 15/07/2021

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy: Pacific Island Nations - ANU Centre for Continuing Education

What an opportunity!

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy: Pacific Island Nations - ANU Centre for Continuing Education Short courses in Canberra: Personal development, languages, visual arts, history, science and philosophy, professional development, leadership, management

Photos from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa's post 02/07/2021

Experts meet to discuss improvement on our NDC


The Great Minds of Renewable Energy in Samoa!


Mr Fonoti Perelini Perelini (Left) and Mr Usufono Fep**eai (Right)

Mr Fonoti is currently the Chief Technical Advisor to the IMPRESS Project. He has vast experience in Engineering and Energy development. He had also worked as a Consultant for various parts of the Pacific Region. The role of CTA is to ensure that the IMPRESS Project is on track in meeting its target indicators as per project deliverables to its objectives.

Mr Usufono Fep**eai is our expert to construct Biogas systems on allocated sites under the Project. Mr Usufono has more than 10 years of experience in the development of Biogas and has successfully installed Biogas systems around the Pacific & Asian Region.

Photos from IMPRESS Project's post 30/03/2021

Biogas System launched for Saasaai Savaii


Renewable Energy Scholarship 2021 is available to anyone interested in studying a 1 year programe "Samoa Certificate II in Sustainable Energy"

To download application form, please click link below:

Talofa to all our followers!

The IMPRESS Project in partnership with the National University of Samoa will be offering 2021 Renewable Energy Scholarship for the following program:

"Samoa Certificate II in Sustainable Energy"

A 1 year Program in which Registration Fees, Tuition and Stationeries are fully covered!

Contact us through our page, email address ([email protected]) or phone number (+685-67200) for enquiries


Attached flyer for more information

Photos from IMPRESS Project's post 06/01/2021

Photos from IMPRESS Project's post


UPDATE on Suspected Cases in Samoa


Sharing this IMPORTANT information with all our followers!



NOVEMBER 19, 2020: Special Health Travel Advice (LA Flight) and Information Paper for Travelers Entering Samoa

As of today Samoa is COVID-19 free and we wish to eliminate any potential risk for COVID-19 to be introduced into Samoa. WE cannot at this stage rule out any exposure you may have had in the last few days and even exposure during the flight to Samoa.

This travel advice and information sheet is to inform you prior to your arrival into Samoa.

The Ministry of Health appreciates your full compliance and patience on arrival as you may experience long delays.
ALL Travelers:
• All are required to complete the Health Declaration Card in Flight.
 All are required to have a COVID-19 test done with a negative result within three days or 72 hours before departure time from LAX Airport USA to Samoa, Only RT-PCR COVID-19 is accepted.
 All are required t0 undergo medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within three days or 72 hours before departure time from LAX Airport USA to Samoa
• You will NOT be allowed to board the plane;
 If you have a positive COVID-19 test or COVID-19 test NOT Done OR
 Medical Clearance Report/Certificate NOT done OR
• You have any of the following symptoms;
 Cough
 Fever
 Sore throat
 Flu-Like Symptoms
• Hard copies of both COVID-19 test result and medical report should be presented at check in and on arrival to airline and health officials. Text messages or verbal communication of COVID-19 results will not be accepted.
• Failure to do so at check in can result in no board or entry denied.
• You will go directly into managed isolation upon arrival into Samoa at a designated location, minimum period of quarantine is 21 days, and you will be informed of any changes.
• You must bring your own personal necessities e.g. soap, tooth brush, tooth paste etc.etc to last for 21 days or more.
• Passengers are advised to check in only one piece luggage (required weight 23kg)
• You are not allowed to bring in any additional packages/parcels for delivery upon arrival into Samoa to family members etc.
• If you have any medical conditions that will require regular medical assistance while in quarantine, you are advised to defer your travel until boarders are fully open.
• You are required to ensure you have sufficient medications to last you three months and note your medical condition on health arrival card.
• You are responsible for the cost of any medications prescribed while in quarantine.
• You are not allowed to bring alcohol or consume any alcohol on quarantine site
Passengers requiring special diets will be responsible for their own dietary needs and must inform the quarantine site staff at site of your dietary needs. You are responsible for costs associated with your dietary needs.
• You must change any foreign currency to Samoan Tala before traveling to Samoa as no banks will be open at the airport on arrival.
• You are required to wear a face mask at all times during the flight and upon arrival.
• All travelers requiring wheelchair assistance and those with special needs must be accompanied by an adult relative in night and during the mandatory quarantine period.
• The cost of accommodation, breakfast and lunch during quarantine will be paid by Government. Dinner will be the passenger’s responsibility.
• The Ministry of Health is not responsible or liable for any lost or misplaced items.

Infants and Children less than 18 years of age;
• All infants and children should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the quarantine period.
• A written consent is required from parent or legal guardian for any child going into quarantine alone.
• Parents are advised that all children’s immunizations are up to date especially measles vaccines due to the recent outbreak.
• Parents/legal guardian travelling with infants/child must ensure sufficient supplies of basic needs e.g. milk, wipes, diapers, formula etc. for the duration of quarantine.


There are penalties if the conditions of quarantine are breached. This applies to all people in quarantine leaving or Individuals and families going to quarantine sites.

For more information regarding rules of quarantine visit the Ministry of Health website. (

Your compliance with the conditions listed is imperative to ensuring the safety of all who are travelling and our people in Samoa. We endeavour to keep Samoa COVID-19 Free.

We pray for your safe travel to Samoa.

Fa’afetai Tele
Leausa Toleafoa Samau Dr Take Naseri
Director General Public Health, Ministry of Health Samoa

Photos from Samoa Farmers Association - SFA's post 22/11/2020

Samoa Farmers Association continues to develop Biogas projects for its communities


Weather Update for all of Samoa!

A developing cloud band of convective activities lies over Samoa which is associated with a broad area of low pressure system as shown by latest satellite images early this morning. This system is expected to intensify later today and will bring wet and gusty weather conditions for Samoa from time to time. Hence, the HEAVY RAIN WARNING and FLOOD ADVISORY are now valid for all of Samoa.

Potential Impacts:
Heavy downpours with poor visibility, gusty winds, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, pooling near roadsides and waterways and possible flooding.

(This next severe weather information will be issued at 5:00 pm.)

Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Samoa
Talofa FM
Government of Samoa

Mo le Gagana Samoa; kiliki le link o lo'o i lalo

Race Puts Fun Into National Renewable Energy Day 14/11/2020

Race Puts Fun Into National Renewable Energy Day

Thank You Newsline for your Renewabel Energy Partnership

Mainstream Sustainable Developments to combat Climate Change

Race Puts Fun Into National Renewable Energy Day Celebration of the National Day of Renewable Energy


Making headlines across the Governments



A*o Faraile 13 Novema 2020 i le 10:00 AM

Lau susuga I le taitati o le sauniga, Susuga Simona Perofoti
Afifio Minisita o le Kapeneta,Sui Minisita, Sui o Malo mai fafo ma Faapotopotoga Faava-o-Malo, Faauluuluga o Matagaluega ma Faalapotopotoga a le Malo
Mamalu o le Valaaulia o lenei A*o.

Ua tatou potopoto i le asō, e tatala aloai’a lenei atina’e fou a le tatou Malo ua mae’a ona fausia. O le fale eletise fou lea e tāua ole BIOMASS GASIFICATION POWER PLANT i’inei i Afolau i totonu o ele’ele o le tatou Malo i lalo ole vaavaaiga a le Esetete Tausi a Samoa.

O lenei galuega o se tasi lea o atina’e o le polokalame atoa a le Malo ina ia ausia le fuafuaga tu’u mamao a le Malo, ina ia aulia atu ile tausaga 2025 ua gaosia le 100% ole eletise e mana’omia e le tatou atunuu mai malosiaga fa’afouina ina ia le toe fa’aaogaina po’o le fa’aitiitia foi o le fa’aaogaina o le suau’u tiso e gaosi ai le eletise mo le tatou atunu’u.

O le taimi nei, ua 50% o le eletise e mana’omia e lo tatou atunu’u ua gaosia mai i malosiaga fa’afouina e iai le la, matagi, ma afi vai. O lea asō, ua fa’aopoopo iai le biomass gasification ose malosiaga faatekonalosi fou fa’atoa fausia i lo tatou atunu’u ma lenei itulagi o lo’o tatou soifua ai.

E le gata i lea, o lenei fale eletise fou o le a fa’aopopo i le sao a lo tatou atunu’u ile taumafaiga a le lalolagi atoa, ia fa’aitiitia kasa o’ona (carbon dioxide) o lo’o alu atu i le afuafu ole lalolagi (osone) ua mafua ai le saisaitia i totonu o le vevela ole la ma alualu ai i luga le vevela ole lalolagi ma avea ma mafua’aga o suiga tetele o le tau pei ona tatou molimauina i lologa tetele o le Vaisigano i le 2012, i le afā o Eveni ma le 2018 i le afā o Gita.

O le biomass gasification ose tekonolosi e susunu ai fasi laau ua mae’a ona tipitipi fa’alaiti ma fa’amago i totonu ole ogaumu poo le gasifier e aunoa ma se okesene ma gaosi mai ai le kasa (syn gas) ma ole kasa lena e fafaga ma fa’aola ai afi eletise uila.

O le a fa’aaogaina la’au fa’alafuā (invasive trees) e iai le tamaligi, puluvao, pulumamoe, pafiki, ma le fa’apasī, faapea foi ogāniu o niu, ua pa’oga ua lē toe fua, atigi ipu popo ma pulu. O nei la’au fa’alafuā e tipitipi ma faamamago, ile sūsū e 20% (moisture content) ona tuuina lea i totonu ole ogaumu (gasifier).

O le kasa e maua mai ai e 400 tikeri le vevela ona fa’amalulu lea sei o’o atu i le 25 tīkeri ona pamu atu loa lea e fa’aola ai afi eletise ma gaosi mai ai le eletise, o lo’o mafai ona alu atu i laina eletise a le EPC.

E 750 kilouati (kilowatt) le malosi ole afi eletise. O le aofa’i ole eletise e gaosi mai I lenei atinae, e tusa ma le 5 miliona unite (kilowatt-hour) ile tausaga.
O laau faalafuā e manaomia e gaosi mai ai le kasa e fa’aola ai afi eletise, e tusa lea ma le 24 tone i le a*o po’o le 7,000 tone ile tausaga. Ole aofai o aiga i lenei itu o le atunuu, e mafai ona faaaogaina le eletise mai i lenei fale eletise fou e tusa lea ma le 5,000 aiga.

O le a fa’asao mai e lenei fale-eletise le toe fa’aaogaina e le EPC ole 1.25 miliona lita o le suau’u tiso ile tausaga, tusa lea ma le tau e $3 miliona tala (SAT). O le aofai ole kasa o’ona (carbon dioxide) o lea fa’aiti’itia mai e lenei fale eletise fou e tusa lea ma le 3.7 tone (tonnes) I le tausaga. E fa’aopoopo I le 60 tone I le tausaga o le aofai o kasa oonsa o loo mafai ona faaitiitia e fale eletise o loo faaaogaina ai le malosiaga faafouina.

Ole konokarate autu mo lenei atinae o Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Private Ltd mai i Initia i le nuu o Vadodara i le setete o Gujarat. O kamupani (subcontractors) iinei i Samoa sa fesoa*oani iai o Ah Liki Construction Ltd i le fausiaina (civil works), ma le Transworks Ltd mo le tapena ina o le fanua ma fai le pa e si’o ai lenei atina’e.

Ole EPC na latou fausia laina eletise e o’o atu ile fale eletise. O le Esetete Tausi na latou ta’iina mai paipa vai ma pamu e agai mai le fale eletise. O le kamupani a le King Constructions Ltd, na maua ina le konokarate e fa’atau mai ai masini; e iai le bulldozer, excavator, loli, palau, ma masini e tipitipi ai laau ma la’u mai i le fale eletise e faamago ma faaaogaina ai.

O le mago e tatau ona iai fasilaau ae lei tuuina ile gasifier e 20% le moisture content. O lo’o iai foi ma le masini (scale) e fua ai le mamafa o uta la’au mo le faaaogaina i lenei atinae.

Ole tau aofai o lenei atinae e $11,340,466.73 Miliona Tala.

Ua vaevae ina i konokarate e fa (4) e faapea. O le kamupani a le Ankur e $8,720,823.06 mo le fausia ole fale eletise, afi eletise, ogaumu (biomass gasifier), ma masini uma; o Transworks Ltd e $237,187.28 mo le tapena ina ole fanua e 3 eka mo le fale eletise ma le pa e sio ai; o King Construction e $815,577.44 mo le fa’atau mai o masini e sua ai auala, ta ai la’au, ma tipitipi mo le fuel feedstock o le fale eletise. $75,000 e fausia ai se fale e fa’aputu ai biomass feedstock ae lei tuuina atu ile ogaumu; o le fesoa*oani a isi matagaluega e pei o le Esetete Tausi e $31,710 mo isi masini; EPC e $40,000 mo le tosoina mai o laina eletise faapea le faapipii atu ole control system ole fale eletise fou ile SCADA system ale EPC ma le $1,460,168.74 ole VAGST ma le tiute ole sao ole tatou Malo.
1. Sa fa’atupeina lenei atinae i le lagolagosua ma le fesoa*oani mai a tatou pa’aga e pei o le; le Global Environmental Facility (GEF) e tauala mai i le fa’amalama a le Polokalame Atina’e a Malo Aufa’atasi (UNDP), i lalo o le poloketi a le IMPRESS i le Matagaluega o Puna’oa Faanatura ma le Siosiomaga. Faapea le Malo o Siamani ma le Iuni a Europa, i lalo o le poloketi o le EU-GIZ i le Matagaluega o Tupe, faapea le fesoa*oani a le tatou Malo, faalapotopotoga a le Malosiaga Taueletise (EPC) ma le Esetete Tausi (STEC) pei ona ta’ua i luga.

I lalo ole Electricity Act 2010 ua mafai ai ona tuuina atu i kamupani i tua le gaosiaina ole eletise i malosiaga faafouina ma faatau atu le eletise ile EPC i lalo o se maliliega mo le faatauina o le eletise (Power Purchase Agreement) i se laisene e tuuina mai e le Ofisa ole P**e Faatonu (OOTR). Ona o lenei atinae fou o lo’o fausia i luga o fanua ole Faalapotopotoga o Esetete Tausi a Samoa (STEC) ma o laau fa’alafuā uma foi o le a faaola ai lenei fale eletise o lo’o i luga uma o lenei fanua.

O lea ua a’e ai se manatu ole Kapeneta e talia le talosaga a le Esetete Tausi, ia tu’u maia lenei atina’e fou a le tatou Malo e latou te tau avea le faatinoga aua o lo’o mafai ona faia i lalo ole tulafono.

O le eletise o le a gaosia ele Estete Tausi o le a fa’atau atu i le EPC i se tau talafegai aua se alagatupe, mo le faagaioi ina ma le faaleleia o lenei fale eletise ma masini, ma fa’auau lenei atina’e aemaise le faamama ai foi o ele’ele mai la’au faalafuā mo isi atina’e fa’atoaga a le Esetete Tausi pei ona masani ai.

Manaia tele lea manatu fou, ma e avatu ai le faamalo ma le faafetai ile Afioga a le Minisita, le Komiti Faatonu faapea le alii p**e ma le aufaigaluega a le Esetete Tausi mo le soga*ogā i manatu fou ma manatu lelei. Ae pau o lea e tatau ona iai nisi o le aufaigaluega e a’oa’oina lelei i le poto faapitoa e latou te vaaia lelei lenei fale eletise ma masini fou nei alualu foi faalogo mai ua fa’aletonu.

E le gata i lea ae fautuaina foi le Esetete Tausi ia fuafua lelei le ta’ tipi ina o laau fa’alafuā ina nei ua faaleaga ai le anoano o lau laiti lelei o loo tau feola ae i lalo. Manaia foi lea fuafuaga e susunu ai ma oganiu o niu matutua ua pa’oga ina ia fa’aitiitia ai le manu ainiu ua afaina ai ia atinae niu a le tatou atunuu.

2. E avatu le faafetai tele ia tatou paaga e iai le Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Polokalame Atina’e a Malo Aufa’atasi (UNDP) faapea le Malo o Siamani ma le Iuni a Europa (EU – GIZ ASCE) mo le tupe fa’ameaalofa ua mafai ai ona fa’atino lenei atina’e.
3. Fa’aiu atu ai ma la’u faafetai i P**ega ma le aufaigaluega ole Matagaluega o Punaoa faale Natura ma le Siosiomaga (MNRE), Esetete Tausi (STEC), ma le Fa’alapotopotoga ole Malosiaga Fa’aeletise(EPC) mo lenei galuega ua mae’a.

4. Ma le fa’aaloalo tele ou te tatalaina ai lenei atinue fou ole Afolau 750 kW Biomass Gasification Power Plant mo le tautuaina o lo tatou atunuu, ma ia manuia tele le faamanatuina o le A*o Faapitoa o Malosiaga Faafouina i si o tatou atunuu.

Soifua ma ia Manuia

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School Awareness Campaign - Quarter 1, 2020
Samoa joins the Pacific NDC Hub to combat Climate Change




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