You ought to give this a try 👍
Lam, check this out. Lunch only, from 11 am to 3 pm.
I can't believe I missed your beautiful restaurant while I was in Thao Dien. I will be back and stop here first. Meanwhile I will spread the word. Looks like a piece of heaven. Great presentation.

108-A plant based eatery Lifestyle select shop and vegan cafe

Operating as usual

Photos from 108eatery's post 24/11/2021

•Tomorrow, 25th Nov

-Legume loaf
-Mashed potato w/ onion gravy
-Kimbap (burdock / eggplant)
-Dessert: pumpkin chestnut 🌰

•DM to preorder before 8pm 🙏🏻
•Grab cod or pick up 48A Tran Ngoc Dien.


108 Dosirak for 18th Nov.
-Ginko seed sushi with burdock rice
-Mushroom+corn qroquet
-Kimchi fried rice
-Tofu feta w/ basil pesto
-Chive salad w/ citrus dressing
-Yuzu pound cake with almond flour

🍋Price 160k
🌿Direct message to order(before 8pm)
🌿Grab or Pick up ( 48A Tran Ngoc Dien)

🤍Have a lovely day 🤍

Photos from 108eatery's post 15/11/2021

While tasting onion gravy, decided to prepare burger menu tomorrow. We take pre-orders for burger lovers. With rice or with pita bread.

🥕DM to ordrer
🏍Grab COD or Pick up(48a Tran Noc Dien)


108 Do si rak for tomorrow [ 11th Nov.]
Hello friends,
Tomorrow, it’s Dosirak Day

-Rice terrine w/ beetroot+eggplant, spinach peanut.
-Potato gnocchi w/ cashew cream
-Temphe spring roll
-Orange beet dessert.

•Price 150k
•Please pre order (before 8pm) / DM us to order
•Grab delivery or Pick up.

Thank you 😊


[Dosirak lunch] Tomorrow. (4th, Nov)
- Mushroom rice
- Vegetable terrine
- Pickled apple
- Asparagus + cream wrap
- Red bean dessert w/ pine nut.

🔹Price 180k
🔹Pre-order (until 8pm)

DM us for order @108eatery

Thank you ☺️


🦦Hello friends,
Here we have 📝
@108eatery November’s plan;

🍋Do si lak, lunch box every Thursday.

🍋108 nutritious meal plan service on a weekly basis. DM us for more information.
🔹 Vegan buffet on 14th Nov. 🔹


• DoSiLak for 30th & 31th Oct. lunch.

🎃 108 WITCH Do-Si-RAK🧙
🧹Yuba hair
🧹Seaweed eye balls
🧹Tteoppokki teeth
🧹Beetroot dress +Tofu la lot hat
🧹w/ Pumpkin broom
🧹Flying in eggplant night
❤️‍🔥More ( lentil chagio, pumpkin dip)

•Price: 150,000vnd
•Please order a day before (9pm closing)

We are very happy to be back ❤️‍🔥🧙

Photos from 108eatery's post 10/07/2021

Probiotics, garlic, ginger are the best source to boost immunity.

-108 sunday brings
💥 Probiotics jar💥
•Korean radish kimchi
•Yuzu white kimchi
•Souerkraut purple/mustard
•Fermented carrot jar

Find us @zuzuconceptstore 🍀48tran ngoc dien🍀
From 9-12 tomorrow, Sunday (11th July)
*Together with @niconicoyasai


Photos from 108eatery's post 08/07/2021

| Lentil Curry | Tomorrow 👩‍🍳
Slow cooked onion with herbed tomato with asian green sauce.
🐢108 No.1 seller since 2017

📍48A Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien_ for pick up

Photos from 108eatery's post 07/07/2021

👩‍🍳 108 Lunch service will continue until further notice regarding delivery. 🚩Pickup spot 48a Tran Ngoc dien. Near Brix. Or Grab 🛵

📝pre-order before 10pm

*pics-✨Bibimbap and burger, 108 steady seller✨ & pickup spot.


Tomorrow we have 🌱spinach curry:)💚
Slow cooked onion marinated tomatoes and lots of spinach.
Topped with tofu, rice cheese and and some cashew cream.

💚Pre - order recommended. (Before10pm)
💚Grab or pick up (48a tran ngoc dien)


108 This week Dosirak box (beetroot hummus, eggplant kimbap, kimchi / zucchini Jeon ) +gyoza, served with veggie sticks 150k

•Tuesday: Dosirak 150k

•Wed: Spinach curry 140k

•Thurs: Pumpkin gochujang stew 150k

•Fri: Lentil curry 130k

*Burger Bibimbap everyday(Mon-Sat)

Pre order receommend a day before (9pm) for better preparation👩‍🍳

Thank you 🙏🏻


📣 Tomorrow, Sunday.

‘108sunday’ brings ;
• kimchi (no fishsauce) bottle
• matcha brioche
• guava jam bottle

Between 9am - 12pm
You can find us at 48a Tran Ngoc Dien, @zuzuconceptstore, D2

Together with @niconicoyasai organic vegetables.


💠108 Plant based lunch box 💠
Tues: Lentil curry & Kimbap Dosirak
Wed: Lentil curry & French toast* (new)
Thurs: Lasagna* (new)
Fri: Lentil curry
Sat: Lasagna & French toast
Mon-Sat: Bibimbap Burger

🇻🇳pre-order recommended
🔔DM or 090.24.888.30

French toast 120k
Bibimbap (temple/ chilli) 130k
Lentil curry 130k
Cauliflower tofu burger 160k
Lasagna 160k

Thank you 🤍

Photos from 108eatery's post 26/06/2021

{Plant-based 108 Sunday Market}

The mind of Sunday preparing for the coming week is always happy. We open a small market for little sunday joeys. 💕😷💕

• When 9am - 12pm , 27th June (tomorrow)
• What we have;
- Flower for your sweet home (300-500k)
- Root chai tea for your grounding
- Earl grey banana bread

Neighbors: Fresh organic Nico Nico vegetable* @niconicoyasai
•Where: 48a Tran Ngoc Dien, D2


Wishing everyone peace ☮️
Here we have new menu as below;

•Dosirak box_new*
-Marinated tofu w/ kombu
-Cabbage roll filled w/ bean, tofu
-Spring roll filled w/ lentil, spinach
-Rice wrapped w/ pumpkin leaf, yuba

Tues: Lentil curry 130k
Wed: Dosirak 150k
Thurs: Spinach curry 140k
Fri: Dosirak
*Everyday: Bibimbap, Burger 130/160k
*Sunday : Market (update soon)


Every weekend *(Thurs-Sat) assorted lunch box (dosirak) will be prepared. We go with kimbap thisweek; yuba roll+eggplant roll+tofuwrap and dumpling
Also our classic menus are on going as usual (Mon- Sat)
✅ pre-order recommended


Happy lunar new year 🧧
We are closing from 8-16th.
Thank you always.🙏🏻


Rawberry is a Saigon based vegan cake shop that develops and handcrafts raw vegan desserts and treats. We are on a mission to build the most extraordinary products that create moments of pure joy for people, whilst fostering a healthier life and a more sustainable world.

🔹Saturday and Sunday
📍 133cobac, cogiang, D1
@rawberrycakes x @108eatery x @133.cobac


From tomorrow - instead of avocado we put (Non GMO) natto in 108 buckwheat noodle bowl. Avocado season is coming back in March.


Happy new year📿
New year vibes @108eatery
10:30-2:30 (today)


It was a year to reflect on the value of where I am what I do. What remains at the end was gratitude. Happy to be able to make food. Thank you so much for your love and support. Next year, I will greet you with mindful dishes and fermented bottles made with healthier ingredients.

(✔️open 12/31,1/1 10:30-2:30*)



Delivery 🚚
Pre order recommended
for better preparation.
(Before 10am) for your lunch 🥗


Our new dine - in place is
📍133cobac, D1
We submitted new address to google map and it is still in progress.
Apologies for inconvenience.
💌for Lunch delivery DM or 0902488830


I prefer the word ‘plant base’ over the word vegan. This is because I can feel the organic cycle and feel a little more free in the categorized world. However, in the context of a commercial restaurant, I think we have a duty to give our guests a little more accurate information. As the kimchi omelette comes out as a new menu, we ve been asked so many questions. 🧐☺️

🌿🌿🌿108's omelettes are made with chickpea and turmeric+love. I wanted to keep the protein power of eggs and fresh yellow for 3rd chakra. Turmeric is more absorbed by the body when consumed with oil. It's not just because of the color, it's also a treatment for our strong bones. ✨✨✨

Yes we are working on 100 % enjoyable vegan food. It is rewarding to think of it as a suitable movement for the new normal world. Planning on sharing our recipes soon. 🥰

Thank you always.



Thank you 🙏🏻


Unite beetle / 108 pita
Tumeric and Indigo


@unitedesignsaigon is now at @108eatery


108eatery is featured in @vietnam_sketch_magazine
Thank you sketch team for this great opportunity 🙏🏻


5th, November_

There will be a physical space for casual dine - in. @133.cobac is a unique place for quality coffee. It is also 108's sister cafe. On the 2nd floor, 108 has finished preparing for welcome our customer. Vegan birunch plates, smoothie bowl and desserts will be added to the menu.

Can’t wait to see you again.

📍2F, 133 cobac, D1
📿Tues-Fri 11:00-3:00
/ Sat-Sun 10:30 -3:00


We are looking for new staff members.

🤍 Passionated about (plant based)food, wine, coffee and tea made with high quality ingredients.

🤍 Service minded, efficient and a great communicator.

Please send us a short application and CV at [email protected]



Apple & Raspberry kombucha for @quekaarem pop up tomorrow :)

📍Que by kaarem
Fri, Sat :5-9pm / Sun: 12-3pm


“QUE is KAAREM’s cozy home in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn. QUE (​ wɛ˧˧) serves as a physical place of meeting with the purpose of creating conversations and connections through design, drinks and meals. Run by​ @kaaremvn a contemporary design brand rooted in Vietnamese tradition.

As Que refers to home, so I made a tapas menu with Seoul food, my hometown street food. Happy to pop up in que, which has a very beautiful window at the time when light and darkness intersect. Ceramics specially inspired by sunset were also made for this pop-up.

Oil toppokki and Eggplant Sundae (filled with chick pea), Mandu (korean dumpling) with kimchi sauce, Kimbap and Cabbage Roll made from 60days fermented cabbage is on canteen tapas menu, as it runs out Will be replaced with some special menu. ✔️canteen tapas(Friday, Saturday 5-9pm). ✔for Sunday brunch(12-3pm) brunch plate (scone,omelette,yogurt) & bibimbap will be prepared and served in 108 signature banana leaf box.

📍Que by Kaarem #118 phạm viết trắng, Binh thanh


This week, we set up menu as normal💚

•Vegan burger(160k)
•Lentil curry(130k)***
•Bibimbap chilli/temple(130k)
•Fermented veggie salad(130k) with hummus (160k)
•Chai tea(70k) Kombucha pineapple&ginger (60k)Pumkin tumeric latte(60k)

✔️DM us for lunch order💚


This is the last week of Dosirak with banana leaf box. It was challenging and rewarding at the same time. Chick pea black bean falafel and Eggplant with tofu roll are in the leaf. 🐌🌿

•Dosirak N roll 130k
•Bibimbap (chilli / soy) 130k
•Vegan burger 160k
•Ferment veggies salad 130k
•kombucha (pineapple celery / passion fruit) , chaitea 70k

✔️DM us for lunch order.
; also for the 108 meal plan subscription

Videos (show all)

For a botanical pop up @small_popup x @133.cobac With @ laholista desserts we set the menu of @108eatery Sun: Bibimbap M...
Welcoming vibes:)


Catering Outdoor Reserve Takeout Walkins


Breakfast Coffee Drinks Lunch

Price Range


Payment Options




1F, 133cobac, Cogiang, D1
Ho Chi Minh City

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