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Hi Gremsy,

I have returned an item RMA number: #263888 and no reply on my ticket from anyone in over 15 days since the returned item was delivered. Can you assist with providing me the staff who i can contact for an update? thanks,
I recently received my T3V3. I do not have many flight hours on it. I bought it from Air Supply. Today I was flying and noticed a vibration in my screen. I landing quickly and then the gimbal went limp. I went thru all the t-shooting I could think of and also contacted Wyatt. IMU calibrations were completed, all wiring checked to make sure nothing was binding, camera (2.7 pounds) was well balanced. As instructed by Wyatt, I took the camera off and turned on the gimbal, here is the result as well as the error codes I received.
I have lot of roll problems with Gremsy H16 during cold weather.
Where I can buy heated IMU?
We believe that aerial cinematography is more than just an image. Near to the cinematic eye you also do have some good equipment... Gremsy, thanks for bringing us your T3 and T7 line up... we love it! #perfectionisourpassion
Hey to all. Trying to make work Gremsy S1v2 with PixHawk Cube. Unluckily it does not work as expected. Gimbal itself sends no HEARTBEAT packets via COM2 port. Gimbal runing FW 6.0.5.

I followed the Gremsy manual, but still no function. Do I need enable enything in the gimbal???

It appears you dropbox is down and we cannot access any of the USB drivers, firmware, or software to get the T3 going. Please advise, we are in a time crunch to get this working. Thanks!
Unusual use of the Gremsy T3 , actually two of them
If I connect the Gremsy T3 gimbal to Pixhawk Cube using a telemetry - com2 cable, will I be able to read the gimbal angles in the logs when taking pictures? Now reads the position and height, and the course and angles are drone but not the gimbal or camera. And I need to know the angles of the
camera itself.
Hi everyone, I think you'll help. I have a DJI M600 Pro device (a3-n3 controller) and I am using GsPro flight program. I'm thinking of getting a gumbal as gremsy t3 v2. However I will use the Sony A7 -RIII camera and the Sony SEL 24mm f / 1.8 Carl Zeiss Lens.
Are they compatible systems?
How do I introduce cameras in a GsPro or a recommended program?
I sell GREMSY T3 , never used as a new, just tried in flight 3 minutes, selling for gremsy H16 .Sell euros 1100,00
Gremsy I've sent 2 support emails about your pixy-F with no response.

This is not good.
Hi Gremsy, any news on the new firmware for T3? It has been in beta for quite a long time. Or have I missed something? Cheers

Welcome to Gremsy Official Fanpage. User Community: Gremsy is a leading global manufacturer of quality, cutting-edge camera stabilizers used by mappers, surveyors, inspectors, drone service providers, industry experts, and even professional filmmakers.

Our gimbals are designed to be highly adaptable for integration with various drones and cameras, providing steady footage and efficient solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. We also develop customized projects to offer customers flexible solutions tailored to their needs.

Operating as usual


Gremsy's products now join the Optical Gas Imaging test with the Workswell GIS-320 and Vision Aerial drone - Vector.
We strive our best to create each product that can assist your work with the most effectiveness. Thank you for choosing Gremsy!
Credit: Chris Jackson

About Custom Gimbals Service:
About Gremsy T3v3:

Photos from Gremsy's post 18/05/2022

A demonstrative flight of a new setup from our partners and their friends. IF 1200 x Gremsy S1 x Wiris Pro. We're ready for a new journey!

Credit: Travis Waibel

Photos from Gremsy's post 16/05/2022

The key feature about Pixy WP that you may not know!
It can be compatible with many drone platforms such as M300 RTK, Pixhawk, and DJI A3 FC due to its unique design. Pixy WP is now already for almost industrial missions.

Discover more about Pixy WP:

Photos from Gremsy's post 07/05/2022

New mission: rescue victims from an avalanche. Gremsy is handling Wiris Security on the wings of Hexadrone. We hope that everybody will be fine! It is our pleasure to create more products to help people 😊
Credit: Hexadrone


🎁Only 3 days left! Let's grab your deal on time. Pixy SM - Precision Mapping Gimbal for M300
Pre-order here:

Photos from Gremsy's post 05/05/2022

One of Pixy SM's primary goals is to support aerial mapping missions. In combination with the 61-megapixel Sony α7R IV, can create highly accurate maps.
Gremsy's gimbal technology on DJI M300 RTK's wings ensures that your working flow would be incredible!
👉 Discover more at:


Gremsy Office will be closed from April 30th (Saturday) to May 3rd (Tuesday) for Liberation Day & International Worker's Day. Therefore, our access to email and our supports are limited during this time.
We will resume regular office hours on May 4th (Wednesday).

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Happy holidays ❤

Photos from Gremsy's post 27/04/2022

It's a pity we can not attend the , but we're so excited to see Gremsy gimbals on the floor!
Come and visit our partners' booths to experience Gremsy products and explore the latest technology in the UAV industry.

✨Frontier Precision Unmanned Booth #1143
✨Airvolute Booth #1051
✨Realtime Robotics Booth #1355

Photos from Gremsy's post 27/04/2022

🌟Are you ready for the 3rd day of the 2022?
Don't forget to pass by booth #2529 to check out Gremsy PE, one of our latest gimbal lineups, tailored-made for the @Auterion Skynode system.

Thank you, Auterion Team, for getting Gremsy PE to the show!


🌟Glad to hear Bobby Watts, CEO of Watts Innovations , talking about PE gimbals as a hook in the Skynode system and Watts' platforms.

PE gimbals are now displayed at Auterion's booth #2529 & Watts Innovations'booth #1640 at AUVSI 2022.
Let's stop by and connect with our friends there.
Video credit by Auterion

Photos from Gremsy's post 26/04/2022

✨Gremsy T3 PE on Prism Sky at 2022!
Stop by our partner's booth #1640
Watts Innovations to discover more about the gimbal!
👉 Learn more about Gremsy PE:


Pixy SM - The best-ever-grade mapping solution is available now.

Get ready for the professional-grade mapping solution!
Pixy SM, integrating the M300 RTK drone with the Sony A7RIV camera, is officially out!
🔎 Get to know Pixy SM:
🔥Pre-order Yours today to get 15% OFF🔥
Offer expires on May 9th, 2022


⏳7 Days Left to Grab your Deals!
Buy 1️⃣ Gremsy PE, Get 1️⃣ Damping FREE
Our exclusive offer will only be limited to April 29.
Hurry and be the FIRST to get your hands on the new gimbal tailored for Skynode's Auterion and MAVLinks drone platforms
🔎 Get to know Gremsy PE:
👉Pre-order now:


🌟 The AUVSI Xponential 2022 is only a few days away.
If you plan on attending the show, stop by our partners' booths to get your hands on Gremsy's latest offerings.
Hope to see and connect with you there!
👉 Register here:

Photos from Gremsy's post 19/04/2022

🤝Last on April 7-8, 2022, Sony had a visit for further collaboration at Gremsy’s office in Ho Chi Minh City.
We were glad to have valuable time meeting our friends at Sony, and hope that we can take further steps to strengthen our strategic partnership shortly.


Gremsy’s Office will be closed for 3 days, from April 13th (Wednesday) to April 15th (Friday) for the Gremsy internal event. We’ll be back and work normally on Monday (April 18th).
We apologize for any inconvenience during this time.



We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Auterion to bring to market a deeply integrated gimbal solution for Auterion powered drone platforms. Thanks to the tight integration with Skynode system, Gremsy PE allows customers to deploy advanced capabilities of open drone ecosystems with various camera payloads.
👉🏼Learn more:

GREMSY RELEASES PE GIMBALS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH AUTERION MOORPARK, Calif., and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — April 8, 2022 — Gremsy, a leading manufacturer of camera gimbal stabilizers for drones, is pleased to...


📣 Introducing Gremsy PE - The gimbal powered by Auterion & MAVLink compliant Drones. With its ease of deployment and simple operation, the new lineup is a perfect enterprise-ready solution.
🔎 Get to know Gremsy PE:
🔥 Open Pre-order now🔥
Buy 1️⃣ Gimbal Get 1️⃣ Damping FREE
Promo ends on April 29th, 2020
Hurry up to get your deals!

Photos from Gremsy's post 06/04/2022

"Deep black" Cetan drone from Full Throttle Aerial compatible with Gremsy T3V3, we wait for the first fly demo, Joe!
Credit: Joe Anz from LinkedIn
About our new T3V3:
ake your gimbals at:


Being a part of the Romulus TV series on Netflix brings invaluable pleasure to us! And thank you for choosing us as your partner.
Credit: drone_arezzo_italy on Instagram
Check out Gremsy H16:
✅About custom gimbal service:


That's great work, James!
Credit: james_saligari_cameraman on Instagram

Let's find more about H16:
And special "G" custom gimbal service:


How cute quarantine time! Rest time for big plans in the future.
Credit: aerialeyevisuals on Instagram
Check out Gremsy T3V3:


Behind the aerial work of T3V3 with GFX100S - medium format camera. With a maximum payload of T3V3 up to 3.7 lbs, bringing GFX100S on the UAV now is affordable.
Credit: on

✨For more information about T3V3:
✨Make your gimbal at:


Gremsy H16 on set with new supreme cinematic setup from helivideo!
Credit: dragantrifunovic_helivideo on Instagram

✨Click for more detail about H16:
✨Visit our custom gimbal service at:

Photos from Gremsy's post 23/03/2022

Ideal inspection on a beautiful morning with Pixy WP and Wiris Pro!
✨About Pixy WP:
✨Customize your gimbal at:

Timeline photos 20/03/2022

The new customized gimbal for Acecore Zetona. The special position of the gimbal on the UAV gives better vision, without obstructing imagery but ensures to balance the drone and handle capable of all sorts of weather conditions clients face.
Credit: Acecore Technologies

✨"Turn your ideas into reality" at:

Photos from Gremsy's post 16/03/2022

🚀 Ready for action with the most versatile gimbal
✅ Featuring a compact and lightweight design, Pixy U weighs only 465 grams and 18 cm when folded in your hand.
✅ Boasting diverse sensor compatibility and multi-drone platform support.
✅ Packed with fully advanced features, making it easy to deploy UAV missions.
Get your hands on the Pixy U. It never ceases to amaze you how well it fits with your system.
🔎 Learn more about Pixy U:
👉🏻 For order:

Timeline photos 14/03/2022

Can you guess how many "G" are in this setup?

Check out "G" products for M300:

Timeline photos 13/03/2022

Fly with Gremsy to the moon!
Credit from on Instagram

✨About Gremsy H16:
✨About custom gimbal, visit us at:

Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Hey Alexa, hang in there! I'll take you up
Credit: dragantrifunovic_helivideo on Instagram

✅About Gremsy H16:
✅Customize your ideal gimbal at:

Photos from Gremsy's post 11/03/2022

Three two one take-off! Let's make some epic footage now. Gremsy H16's in a cinema project with ARRI and DJI.
Credit: dragantrifunovic_helivideo on Instagram

More detail about H16:
Find more about custom gimbal at:

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Man with his ultimate equipment, Gremsy still has a place in your package. These are so nice anyway Janne Illikainen!
Credit: @Janne Illikainen

✅More detail about the new T3V3:
✅Gremsy's custom gimbal service at:

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

How easy it is when aerial photography or filming with this hyper combo!
Credit: EagleVista
✔Check out Gremsy T3:

Our Story

Gremsy is a leading brand in the aerial gimbal industry. Our desire is to bring incredible perspectives to the work of creators by buiding full line of advanced eco-friendly products.

To strive for excellence, we gathered the team of experts full of passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Thanks to leveraging cutting edge technology, we could not only bring the best possible unique products to users around the word but also enable them to brealthrough their imagination limit.

We're driven by an inspiring set of values that shape Gremsy's culture and products for the better. That is our commitment to provide unparalleled customer service and continuous innovation to empower filmmakers getting the highest art of flying & filming.

Videos (show all)

Pixy SM - The best-ever-grade mapping solution is available now.
Introducing Pixy WP | Built for Wiris series camera and M300 RTK integration
Gremsy - Thank you to our customers and partners!
Welcome to Gremsy Rewards Program!
Gremsy - Custom Gimbals for Enterprises
The all-new amazing system of Airpeak is finally out now!


Gremsy T3, Gremsy T7, Gremsy S1, Gremsy H16, Pixy U, Pixy F, Mio and a wide range of accessories.


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