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Photos from R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management's post 28/07/2021

Photos from R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management's post 02/02/2020

Why Dental Implants Fail - Michael Sinkin, DDS Dental implant surgery has a success rate of 95% or better, however there are occasional failures. Here are 6 reasons why dental implants fail.


Dr Naveed Anjum

Patient came presented with old bridge and unhappy about the appearance. In such cases usually I replace with newer bridge. But he had very good experience with implant In premolar area. So he opted for the implant restoration. Abutments prep was redefined to shamfer and given the crowns. 21 is replace with screw retained implant crown. Baccal bone augmentation along with implant done on the single stage. Lost the pre op pictures.
Not perfect results as unhappy about the black triangles.


Tadi Dental Implantology


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

First part of treatment for a full maxila bridge over implants.
Descriptions each picture, fell free to criticise and contribute!


Zero bone loss concepts

Too much bone remodelling and bone loss...what happened?


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

Patient with indication of orthodontic treatment. But lots of retractions, lack of keratinized tissue and restrict bone arch and buccal plate to make room for tooth movement on buccal direction (check CBCT for upper pre-molars and and lower 6 front teeth.
Some points to make that on safe way are improve quality of keratinized tissue and increase buccal plate in area where the arch of teeth will be expanded.
We adopted a combination of procedures in a one step surgery = PAOO (Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics + bone graft) with CT graft.
Total treatment was 9/10 month with Invisalign conducted by my great friend Mauricio Brunetto.
A fair result for one surgery, so far. We offer the patient to do a Coronally Advanced Flap Technique to treat the remaining recreation area, but she is not concerned about it

I hope you enjoy!


Inibsa Dental

El Dr. Ramon Gomez Meda nos muestra una Reconstrucción ósea simultánea a la carga de implantes inmediatos usando Bio-Oss, Bio-Gide y Bio-Oss Collagen. ¡Viva los biomateriales!


Lukas Lassmann The Dentist

13 months of treatment, dozens of hours in the clinic, dozens of hours of planning out of the office.

Patient came to Dental Sense for the first time willing to extract ALL the teeth, to do immediate implant placement and immediate loading, because he saw it on TV. And he wanted full anaesthesia for all the procedures.

After the first visit he got the message from me that he will get a new smile not in one day, but rather in one year. After he met my great surgeon Adam Pióro he didn't need anaesthesiologist anymore. Basia Ziemlańska - Dental Sense physiotherapist - did her job very well, but patient needs more physio to recover physiologic lordosis and the patient need to keep on doing auto therapy on muscles to keep long term stability of the treatment.

What was the sequence for the treatment? What were our decisions and why?
This post is not only before&after case but a part of the lecture we give as a team with Adam.

What I present here is knowledge from my great mentors like John Kois, Mariano Rocabado, Pasquale Venuti, Fernando Rojas Vizcaya. Without them, I would be blind.
Without Monika Jelińska - my dental technician- I would burnout, she constantly sustains my passion.

If you want to know more about the courses ask :
go for:


Foramen Dental Education

Aesthetics Residency 5th Edition. Apply now!!!


Dr Stankov - perio and restorative


Dr. Cirimpei Vasile

In the next following case I will try to exemplify on the basis of a case and a process based reasoning. Though the correlation between the process based reasoning and the patient centered outcomes are really not of this earth, it is my believe that the geometry of the prepped abutment is directly responsible for the long term survival of crowned teeth, thus patient centered in most of the cases

Before anyone will start accusing me of god knows what I had to say the flame bur in the so called Tigh Toe approach is a good way to go. It works. Matter of fact in some cases it is actually far superior then the Bat bur. It is far less controllable by means of apical immersion subgingival this is why I like to use it in this kind of cases, when I controlably invade the subgingival areas. The proof relies on cases like this:

However, the flame bur, at least in my experience, and as far as I can understand many others is responsible for many problems - lack of control in the vertical subgingival immersion, generation of undercuts, over-prep in the effort to cover this undercuts etc. etc.

On the case:
Patient, a late 40's female, currently living in France addressed my office with chief complaint of food impaction in between her upper premolar and molar on the right.
Patient recalls having the tooth fractured some months ago, and getting a direct filling.
The plan was to go for a crown, While initializing the prep the filling was felt loose, So I had to redo the built up, but unfortunately in order to complete it I had to go for surgery

Recall at 3 years


Implant & Aesthetic Academy, India

Contour augmentation with CTG on bilateral 1st premolars in the mandible. Split flap & Vertical mattress sling sutures for CTG stabilisation a-la Maurice Maurice Albert Salama


Marvin's Dental Studio


Lukas Lassmann The Dentist

How many of your patients grind their teeth ?

Did you know that the REAL bruxers are only 4 to 8 % of them ?

How can we know if he is a clencher or bruxer ?
Easy to treat or almost impossible to restore ?

For the first time I decided to combine knowledge from two courses in one, in english, for international participants.

Treatment planning, occlusion, TMJ disorders, dental physiotherapy, DSD, dental photography,mock-up prep with shoulder and vertiprep, bonding with rubber dam any many others... in extremely intensive 7-days course in Poland.

Only 20 participants
Workshops in the clinic.

wirte on:
[email protected]


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

Just finish this case! Patient cried happy with me in my office! That's why we do what we do!


PASE Polska Akademia Stomatologii Estetycznej

🔝 Konkurs Foto GRAND PRIX PASE 2018 🔝

Szanowne Koleżanki, Szanowni Koledzy,
Juz niebawem spotykamy się ponownie w Warszawie. Z racji faktu, iż zainaugurowany w grudniu na naszym spotkaniu w Bukowinie Konkurs Foto Grand Prix PASE spotkał się z bardzo pozytywnym odbioerm i trafia do nas sporo głosów, aby kontynuować tą nowopowstałą tradycję, w związku z czym Konkurs Foto GRAND PRIX PASE wpisujemy na stałę do planu Konferencji.

Tematem tegorocznego konkursu jest "Struktura naturalnego zęba". Temat oczywiście podlega interpretacji autorów zdjęć.

Poniżej regulamin uczestnictwa:

1. Uprawnieni do uczestnictwa są wszyscy uczestnicy XVII Konferencji PASE. Uczestniczyć w konkursie mogą osoby będące członkami, członkowie aktywni oraz również osoby którzy nie są członkami PASE;

2. Do konkursu można zgłosić jedno zdjęcie. Powinno ono zawierać pojedynczy kadr. Niedopuszczalne bedą wszelkie kolaże, fotomontaże;

3. Zgłoszenia drogą mailową na adres [email protected] przyjmowane będą do dnia 28.05.2018;

4. Każdy ze zgłoszonych uczestników bedzie zobowiązany do przygotowania wydruku swojej pracy na matowym papierze fotograficznym i złożenie jej przed rozpoczęciem konferencji w rejestracji;

5. Format zdjeć 50cmx70cm (orientacja dowolna);

6. Po zakończeniu konkursu prace będą do odbioru w rejestracji konferencji;

7. Zostaną wybrane dwie najlepsze prace, jedna otrzyma nagrodę Foto PASE Grand Prix 2018 i będzie ona przyznana przez Jury, druga najlepsza praca (dopuszczalne jest , ze jedna praca otrzyma obie nagrody) otrzyma Foto Grand Prix Publiczności 2018 - wyłoniona na drodze głosowania uczestników konferencji.
Wszyscy uczestnicy konferencji są uprawnieni do uczestnictwa w głosowaniu. Karty do głosowania uczestnicy spotkania otrzymają w trakcie rejestracji;

8. Prace oceniać będzie Jury, któremu przewodniczyć będzie Dr Krzysztof Chmielewski. W skład Jury wchodzi Zarząd PASE oraz osoby należące do Komisji Członkowskiej;

9. Wszystkie fotografie prezentowane będą anonimowo. Autorów poznamy dopiero w trakcie ogłaszania wyników konkursu;

10. Najlepsze prace zostaną ogłoszone i opublikowane na oficjalnych stronach PASE i w mediach społecznościowych;

Serdecznie zachęcamy do udziału


Dr. Sherif Said

When a case reminds you of why you love to do what you do. Happy friday! Alloderm for root coverage of the upper arch @drsherifsaid @ Boston, Massachusetts


WPF2 Das Kauorgan P6 Condylographie FINAL

This is "WPF2 Das Kauorgan P6 Condylographie FINAL" by Gregor Slavicek on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

Hello guys!

This technic is indicated when using a wide implant platform, customized healing abutment or immediate temporization. It is the same as the simple roll flap (*) but with an extra connective** from palate to compensate all buccal tissue deficiency. For the sinus lift, we perform an atraumatic sinus lift using the old summer! I know that you going to say it is outdated, that we have many alternatives for sinus augmentation, but I use many of fancy systems and a still stick to summers (I will make a post with some tips, there are many small details to be safe using summers 😉)

I hope you enjoy, my friends!
Ricardo Kern

* Link for simple roll flap

** Link for the drawings (another case) of the subepithelial roll flap technique
#Rkern #Straumann #Botiss


Dr. Fidani

Për familjarët dhe miqtë e mi që me prezencën e tyre e bën këtë ditë më madhështore. Falemnderit që në çdo hap timin ish*t krah meje. Falemnderit për kurajon dhe dashurin që më ofruat.

Gjithashtu një falemnderim të veçantë për profesorin tim shumë të çmuar dr. Sami Salihu, që pa ndihmën e tij nuk do të arrija këtu ku jam sot.

Me rrespekt,
Dr. Fidani


Dr Stankov - perio and restorative

Ortho ant perio treatment
with Lilly Guduleva


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

I always was a bit suspicions about letting a root or a piece of it submerged in a socket. But partial extraction therapy, done with the right basis, is a powerful tool!


Implant & Aesthetic Academy

Starting the year with a great socket shield case. A tip by step portfolio of how I complete the treatment. The results are self evident. the treatment option is fast becoming routine.


Implant & Aesthetic Academy

This is a classic case of socket shield and how they look over a period of time. This technique is fast proving that there is nothing even close to this technque that will give you immediate implant results long term that are both surviving as well as successful. Imagine the case in 10 years with no bone loss and no collapse. We have to thank Markus Hurzeler and Otto Zuhr as well as Daniel Baumer for their pioneering technique small fragment of tooth in poposition.


Bogdan Acatrinei

The Patient is a Young Lady that hates how her smile is getting darker and darker shades of Grey each day goes by..
It's time to act.
The Bridge was made a few years back and i must admit that is is quite nice. After we will dismantle it you all shall see that it is made Textbook within the guidelines of the producers/experts. The problem is that anything less than Exquisite Perfection does not fit the bill - Exquisite Perfection is Utopia. Mind you, it is not enough if only the dentist is doing The Perfect Job ( although it is IMPOSSIBLE & Utopian) but you also need a lab that will perform to the same crazy perfection level ( just as Impossible & Utopian). Even if one couple - dentist & Lab Tech can reach this level it is not a Real World Scenario at all. 98% of all work done world wide needs a different approach, a realistic one, easier to perform and manufacture. One that can be performed by anyone with a clear mind - dentist or tech. Mind you - realistic approach does not mean sloppy work - Sloppy work is sloppy work indifferent of the name we give it.
The Endodontic retreatments are not Necessary even if the Radiographic Look is not within the "standard". White lines to the apex does not guarantee anything but a white line to the apex. Trying to fix something that has been working for quite a few years is like waking up a sleeping monster. Don't.
"If it aint broke dont fix it!"
Keep this in mind while starting to dismantle old work or while doing new ones. It will save you a lot of trouble and so many headaches down the road.
More on each of the following pictures.


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

Patient did veneers in another clinician, but the final result didn't please her. So she was referred to us to work the gum contorn! Step by step!


R. Kern - Soft Tissue Management

Hello guys! We have been doing immediate temporization from some years. And the most helpful tool to reach precision of the temporary was the digital planning. It is, out of doubt, a powerful way to communicate to the lab what you want to reach. Agenesis from lateral incisor to second premolar (4 each side). The deciduous teeth remained until de age of 23 years of the patient, but the condition of mobility, aesthetic and function requaired its replacement for implants. (tomography on slide 3 to check the deciduous teeth condition)



Today a group of dentists attended the JD Live Surgery training session with patient, thanks Dr. Tommaso Grandi for your step by step practical advices. Contact us for more info on the next JD Live Surgery appointments.
#Jdentalcare #Jdimplants #implantdentistry #immediateloading #foreverjd #jdfamily #JDTrainingCenter #handson #livesurgery #MadeinItaly #Allon4 #livesurgery #TommasoGrandiDentalClinic


GC Europe

Upper anterior teeth with diastema and severe tetracycline discoloration restored with GC Initial LiSi Press lithium disilicate crowns. G-CEM LinkForce, the universal resin cement of GC, was chosen to cement the crowns, because of the excellent bond strength and aesthetics. Care was taken to remain in the enamel during preparation, and it was chosen to etch the enamel before applying the G-Premio Bond. For the complete bonding protocol check out our GC Luting app
(Google Play store and iOS App Store: GC Luting Guide; select crown on tooth – lithium disilicate – permanent cementation).

Pictures: courtesy of Courtesy of Dr. Olivier Etienne, Department of Prosthetics, Faculty of Dental Surgery, Strasbourg, France.


Dr. Kelmanovici Mihail

🇬🇧 🇷🇴 Below

🇷🇺 Пациентка, 60 лет, обратилась в клинику с жалобами на отсутствие зубов и эстетику. За три года до этого было произведено пародонтологическое лечение во Франции.
Пациентка прилетала к нам 2 раза. Первый раз на имплантацию в первом сегменте- обратите внимание на неблагоприятную для протетики позицию имплантов. Второй раз на протезирование ( 20 дней ) .

Из особенностей этого клинического случая :

1. чувствительность зубов ( рецессии , пародонтит )
2. наддесневое препарирование
3. отсутсвие возможности сделать любые хирургические ( кроме прошедшей имплантации ) мягкотканные и др вмешательства. ( рецессии, коррекция зенитов и тд ) п
4. само собой без ортодонтии
5. низкая улыбка
6. Emax и циркон с нанесением во фронте

На молярах вверху и внизу было произведено препарирование под оверлеи, из-за чего сейчас имеем вопросы с чувствительностью. Сейчас бы покрыл полностью.
Лучшее враг хорошего

Пациентка безумно довольна своей улыбкой ! Всю жизнь мечтала иметь зубы такого цвета!

Дополнительные комментарии чуть позже появятся под фото.

🇬🇧 60 years old female pacient came to the clinic with complains about absence of some teeth, aesthetics. There was a periodontal treatment 3 years ago in France. She flew to us twice. First one for implantation in 1st quadrant , pay attention to the unfavorable position of implants for prostho… Second visit for prosthetics ( 20 days )

There are some some features of this particular case :

1. Teeth sensitivity ( recessions, parodontitis )
2. supragingival preparation
3. Lack of possibility to do any surgery (except past implantation) : soft tissue and other interventions. (recession, zenith correction, etc.)
4. without ortodontics as always (
5. type of smile without full bared teeth
6. Emax and layered Zirconia in frontal area

I decided to make overlays on upper and lower molars. Now we have troubles with sensitivity of these teeth. If i did it now i would like to cover it with the full contour veneers. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

The patient is insanely happy with her smile! All her life she dreamed of having such bright teeth!

P.S. Additional comments will appear under photo soon

🇷🇴 Pacienta in virsta de 60 ani s-a adresat la clinica acuzint lipsa de dinti si estetica. Cu 3 ani in urma a urmat tratament parodontal in Franta. Tratamentul a fost realizat in doua faze : La prima etapa - implantologia in cadranul unu. Atrageti atentia la pozitia nefavorabila in sens protetic a implantilor.
A doua etapa - la protezare ( 20 de zile )

Careva particularitati ale cazului clinic :

1. Sensibilitate dintilor ( recesii , parodontita )
2. Preparare supragingivala
3. Imposibilitatea de a face oricare interventia chirurgicala in afara implantologiei. (Corectia zenitelor, Inchiderea recesiilor si alte interventii de tesuri moi )
4. fara tratament ortofontic
5. zimbet inchis
6. Emax si Zirconiu stratificat in regiunea frontala

In regiunea molarilor am decis cu pacienta sa optam pentru overlay cu scop miniinvasiv. Din aceasta cauza avem intrebari cu sensibilitatea in regiunea data. Daca as fi facut acum , as fi acoperit cu coroane.

Pacienta este foarte satisfacuta de zimbetul nou. Toata viata a visat la dinti albi !

P.S. Comentariile o sa apar sub poze mai tarziu



Ho Chi Minh City

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