Ono Saigon Hotel

Ono Saigon Hotel

Ono = One n Only Nestled in one of the most stylist and trendy streets of Saigon, Ono Saigon was born to delight you in such a comfy, yet sensual sense that make you felt in love instantly with the City, the People and of course ... with Us.

Barely apparent to make sure we got you covered, but also comfortably distanced enough to ensure you feel just like Home. With a handful team filled with love for Saigon and passion for making you feel the same way, we bring to you the new choice of accommodation with style and care right at the central heart of Saigon. Ono Saigon is comprised of 14 individual rooms embraced by different character

Operating as usual

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their business hours. 20/04/2018

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their business hours.

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their business hours.


Dear all guests and partners,

After 7 years, our family had decided to stop operating Ono Saigon Hotel. The property will be transferred to CitiTel for management and our family will withdraw the brand and management.

The transfer process started officially yesterday. By latest 1st July 2018, we will complete re-branding of the property. As of 3rd April on-ward, the property is under management of CitiTel Team.

For our loyal supporters, please rest assured that CitiTel is a great Team of professionals. We trust they will deliver great quality of service to all guests.

Our Manager Hợp Hope Ha will be taking a long holiday back home before coming back to hospitality world. Myself will remain in the industry and hopefully, come back with new project by 2020. Tâm, Quá, Khánh have their own paths but still working in the industry.

Our Team is deeply grateful for your love and support throughout the past 7 years. We wish you all well and travel extensively around the world.

Wherever you are, be HAPPY!


Saigon, 04 April 2018

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their website address. 12/12/2017

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their website address.

Ono Saigon Hotel updated their website address.

Timeline Photos 27/01/2017

Xin cảm ơn tình cảm của tất cả quý khách, bạn bè và 500 anh em trên toàn thế giới! Ono Saigon đã sang tuổi thứ 6 và năm nay cả Nhà đồng lòng gửi lời chúc sức khoẻ và bình an đến tất cả mọi người.

Thank you for the warmth and love throughout the past 5 years! We wish every one a fantastic year of 2017! Happy Lunar New Year!

Ono Saigon Team
28 January 2017

Timeline Photos 15/01/2016

Năm 2011, khi Ono ra đời, 2 phòng VIP ban đầu được đặt tên là Albus Studio và Severus Studio. Sau, Severus được đổi thành Ono Studio.

Nguồn cảm hứng giúp chúng tôi tạo nên Albus Studio là Dumbledore. Còn Ono Studio, không ai khác là Severus Snape. Đó là lí do mà chúng tôi đã chọn khung màu tối hơn và bí ẩn hơn để căn phòng này thật sự nổi bật.

Tạm biệt Alan Rickman.

21 Feb 1946 - 14 Jan 2016

Timeline Photos 12/12/2015

Happy Saturday 12/12/2015.
We are full again this weekend!


TAT Hochiminh

[English below]

Tin Vui từ Tổng Cục Du Lịch Thái Lan.

Sân bay Don Mueang vừa mở thêm dịch vụ xe buýt công cộng Airport LimoBus Express. Có tất cả 8-10 chiếc xe buýt và mỗi xe có 33 chỗ ngồi. Bên trong xe còn được trang bị thêm wifi và máy lạnh. Dịch vụ này bắt đầu từ 27/11 trở đi. Có giá vé là 150 Baht/ chuyến.
If you are planning for visiting Bangkok after Saigon, please visit the below link for details about a brand new Airport LimoBus Express at Don Muang Airport. The service started on 27/11/2015 at only 150Baht/way connecting Don Muang and Bangkok CBD!

Nguồn: TAT Ho Chi Minh

TAT Hochiminh Tourism Authority of Thailand, HCM Office (referred to TAT Hochiminh) is an oversea branch of Tourism Authority of Thailand (referred to TAT), an oganisation under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand

Mobile Uploads 27/09/2015

Happy #MidAutumnFestival everyone!!!

Timeline Photos 23/08/2015

Trung Thu trong lòng mỗi thế hệ người Sài Gòn rất khác.
Một chút hoài niệm về Trung Thu của tuổi thơi xưa cũ có lẽ sẽ giúp bạn cảm nhận nhiều hơn về một nét văn hoá rất riêng này...

Timeline Photos 14/08/2015

Not all wanderers are lost
What they found is treasured moments along the path
Moments that hard to come by, and hard to forget

Timeline Photos 31/07/2015

"Why i choose this room?
I love that the room is so clean. The bed is very big and I could use both of the side areas as sitting places!"

One creative way to utilize our spacious room, isn't it? :)

Photos from Ono Saigon Hotel's post 22/07/2015

Saigon street food. Many said that this is what Saigon people miss the most when they are away.
If you wish to have an authentic experience of Saigon life, you cannot miss a street food tour. Beware, you need to bring a good stomach and an open-mind with you!
Visit Legal Nomads' Guide to Saigon Street Food for self-motivation :)

Timeline Photos 17/07/2015

Pick up your backpack and go travel.
You will find a better person in yourself when you return!

Photos from Ono Saigon Hotel's post 15/07/2015

Travel on a budget doesn't have to compromise your comfort, especially when you stay at ONO!
Book now to enjoy a clean, spacious and comfortable experience while exploring the vibrant city life from our premium location at the heart of Saigon.
For reservation, please click the link below https://www.facebook.com/onosaigon/app_208195102528120
or give us a call at +84 8 3925 2345.

Photos from Ono Saigon Hotel's post 13/07/2015

The unique smiles of ordinary lives in Saigon was beautifully captivated by Jon Sanwell.
Hungry for more? Visit his site and imagine how extraordinary your trip in Saigon will be.

Timeline Photos 08/07/2015

Summer is almost over. Have you decided to travel somewhere?
Click Like if you are thinking of traveling to Saigon!

Timeline Photos 06/06/2015

Great news! Bắt đầu từ mùng 1 Tháng 7 năm nay, công dân Belarus sẽ là nước thứ 18 được miễn thị thực nhập cảnh vào Việt Nam.
- - -
Our Government just announced that Belarus citizen can enter Vietnam without visa starting 01 July 2015. Upcoming countries with high probability to receive visa exemption are: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand, Spain & UK.

For a full list of 18 nations received visa exemption to Vietnam, please visit:


ONO Saigon Team
06 Jun 2015


Dear our Friends,

We need your help.

It is unfortunate that 01 member of our Fantastic Five had decided to take up a new challenge after 02 years and ONO Saigon is anxiously looking for a new Housekeeper to join our Team.

Staff benefits include above-market salary, great timing (7am-4pm), 40-minute lunch with dedicated seating area and television, full health & social insurance plus 01 day off per week at your choice.

If you know any friend or contact who may have interest, please inform our Manager via 0937507079 (Nhat). We wish to offer a complimentary 2-night weekend stay in our beautiful Deluxe Room when your referred contact is confirmed to work with us.

Thank you to all friends and please look out for us.

ONO Saigon Team
26 May 2015

Vietnam - Quê Hương 25/05/2015

Vietnam - Quê Hương

Hoi An - literally photogenic at every corner and incredibly charming.

The photo was taken in July 2012 among the humid and rustic of a summer morning. The old, the new and me were sort of blended together. Often, I found myself speechless at Hoi An, walk slower and talk slower than other places, as if speaking too loud may push away the lonesome and uniqueness of this tiny village which happened to touch through the deepest layers of my heart.

11:24 - 01 July 2012
by ONO Saigon Team

Vietnam - Quê Hương 25/05/2015

Hoi An - literally photogenic at every corner and incredibly charming.

The photo was taken in July 2012 among the humid and rustic of a summer morning. The old, the new and me were sort of blended together. Often, I found myself speechless at Hoi An, walk slower and talk slower than other places, as if speaking too loud may push away the lonesome and uniqueness of this tiny village which happened to touch through the deepest layers of my heart.

11:24 - 01 July 2012
by ONO Saigon Team

Photos from Ono Saigon Hotel's post 17/05/2015

New to-go in Saigon!

In your next trip to Saigon, don't forget to explore our first Walking Street of Saigon via Nguyen Hue Boulevard. Officially opened since 29 Apr 2015 to celebrate our country's 40th year of Reunification, Nguyen Hue walking street spreads over nearly one kilometer, starting from HCM City People Committee's Building to Saigon River.

Many significant buildings of Saigon can be seen from the street including Bitexco, SunWah Tower, Timesquare, Vincom, Tax Center, Duxton Hotel, etc. Visitors can also easily pass by other fun-filling streets of Ngo Duc Ke, Mac Thi Buoi and Le Loi along the way. Underground restrooms, CCTV and even crossing button are also installed as part of our effort to upgrade the facilities.

ONO Saigon Team
17 May 2015

Photo credits: Thanh Nien News & SGGP News


Dear our beloved,

ONO has only 2-3 rooms left per day during this period: Aug30 to Sep02. As always, we never increase our price during Holiday so you can book under your usual rate.

If you plan to stay with us during this period, please book today or tomorrow before these rooms run out.

Stay sober (before the Holiday ^_^)!

ONO Saigon Team
29 August 2013


Our dearest supporters,

We just want to take a moment to say thank you for your glowing love to ONO Saigon during the past 2 weeks. August, as always, is a tough Summer Month for hoteliers of all levels in Saigon and this year is even harder than ever.

ONO Saigon, with your lasting love, have been constantly on an average occupancy of 86.3% and that figure is simply amazing. May we please send our thanks to all friends and lovers all around the world for your trust & referral to your friends.

We love you very much and are doing our utmost best to keep your hearts always near to ours.

Stay in love,

ONO Saigon Team
21 August 2013



7/8 Nguyen Trai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

General information

- 14 Rooms including 5 Standard - 7 Deluxe and 2 Studios - High-speed WIFI connection - International Cable Television - Airport Transfer - Car for rent: from 5-seater up to 45-seater - Full Housekeeping service - 24-Hour Security and CCTV Surveillance - Photocopy - Print - Fax Service - English to Vietnamese Translation Service and vice versa - Local Insider on Dining - Shopping - Tourist activities

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