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Dynam Capital is a partner-owned business whose sole focus is asset management. Our investment strategy is based on research-driven fundamental analysis and a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principless.

Operating as usual


Since its launch in 2007, has grown into one of the world’s largest grassroots environmental movements – giving people a powerful voice on climate and nature loss crises and highlighting the need for unified action.

Every year, at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, supporters in over 190 countries and territories unite, taking action on and raising awareness of the issues facing our one home.

But Earth Hour is more than just an hour for Earth - it's a movement for our own futures, for the benefit of people and planet.

Joining the Earth Hour movement and supporting Vietnam’s national commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, on Wednesday this week Dynam successfully hosted the webinar “Heading towards net-zero emissions and Corporate strategies” with more than 80 participants from public companies, NGOs, research institutes and media agencies. Through the webinar we aimed to provide Vietnamese companies with more knowledge about climate legislation and strategies for building a decarbonization roadmap.

This weekend we hope you will have a meaningful Saturday night with families and friends to celebrate the Earth Hour.



We are hosting the Webinar "Heading towards Net-zero and Corporate strategies". The webinar is part of Vietnam Holding’s Company Engagement Program to support portfolio companies in preparing for their carbon reduction roadmap and discuss how the business sector can contribute to Vietnam's commitment of reaching net zero by 2050.

For those purposes, the webinar will be in Vietnamese. All interested parties are welcome to attend the webinar.

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Dynam hân hạnh phối hợp với VNEEC - Công ty tư vấn hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực biến đổi khí hậu tại Việt Nam tổ chức Hội thảo trực tuyến “Hướng đến mục tiêu Net-zero và Chiến lược của doanh nghiệp”

Chúng tôi chào đón sự tham gia của tất cả các doanh nghiệp, các nhà quản lý và các chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực phát triển bền vững để cùng thảo luận về giải pháp giảm thiểu phát thải khí nhà kính và đóng góp vào cam kết quốc gia đạt mục tiêu phát thải bằng “0” (net-zero) vào năm 2050 đối với khu vực tư nhân.

Đăng ký tham gia tại: https://bit.ly/3HY5S5J


According to the Country Gender Equality Profile (CGEP) Viet Nam 2021 by UN Women, Vietnam has the highest rate of women on the boards of publicly listed companies for the ASEAN region, after Thailand. However, the rate remains low, at 15.4% (Thailand at 20.4%). Viet Nam is also second highest in terms of women in the role of chair of the board (7.8% of companies, after Indonesia with 11.7%). A total of 47% of listed companies in Viet Nam have no women at all on their boards. Notably, only 17% of large enterprises are run by women, and only 0.4% of women-owned enterprises are listed on the Hanoi or HCMC Stock Exchange at present. 

Gender stereotypes profoundly affect women’s economic participation, including barriers to leadership and promotion based on the perceived primacy of their care giver role which fuels prejudice in relation to women’s capabilities and knowledge. 

The Women's Empowerment Principles by UN Women offers a great guidance for business on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.


Vietnam’s equity markets entered the year on a more volatile note with a twist in divergence between blue-chips and mid-caps and an increased disparity of returns among sectors. These movements were largely due to profit taking by domestic retail investors, who continue to drive the country’s stock market.

The Fund’s NAV was down -3.6% in January reflecting a diverse range of performances among positions considering the heightened divergence and volatility.

Read Vietnam Holding's full investor report for January at: https://bit.ly/33neLYm

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Sell before Tet and Face Regret?

From the third report of our survey on the Vietnamese retail investor, 60% of the surveyed participants said they were looking to sell part of their stocks before Tết, and interestingly the more experienced, F1+, investors intended to sell the most, with 31% considering selling 21-50% of their portfolio vs 23% for the newer, F0, investors.

According to market observations of the past five years in Vietnam, there seems to be a tendency for Vietnamese retail investors to sell some of their stocks for cash before the Lunar New Year 'Tết' Holiday. This is likely to be due to a couple of sensible reasons: firstly, celebrating the Lunar New Year requires expenditure for food, drink, gifts, lucky money, and gambling; secondly, the stock market can be a volatile beast at the best of times, and with the market shut for a week, who knows what could happen.

Although a majority of investors said they would be selling ahead of Tết, it may be a poor investment strategy as, in fact, according to statistics quoted in the Vietnam Investment Review the Vietnamese stock market after Tet has inched up five times in six years during the 2016-2021 period, and only declined in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.

As if to illustrate the point, when the stock markets opened on Monday 7th February 2022, the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger, the Vietnam index rose by 1.26%. So, investors who took money off the table in the volatile trading sessions at the end of January may well have some regrets as the Tiger sweeps its striped tail across the opening sessions of the year.

Read the full article at: https://bit.ly/3gDSoks


For Vietnamese people, Tết is the biggest and one of the most important festivals in Vietnam.

2022 is the year of the Tiger, and we are welcoming the new Lunar Year with eagerness and expectation.

We wish you a Year of the Tiger full of vitality, bravery and generosity.

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Vietnamese Lunar New Year, called as“Tết” is coming very soon, and Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCMC is crowded with people again.


Thank you from Dynam

What a year 2021 has been! Vietnam has weathered the difficulties of COVID-19 with strengths, resilience, and community spirit. Dynam Capital is delighted that Vietnam Holding is the best performing fund in Vietnam, and one of the top three funds in the UK.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our investors, our board members, our business partners, and especially thanks to our Dynam team in Vietnam who have been industrious and dedicated. Together we will make 2022 great!



Christmas is coming very soon and we would like wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday.

This year we have been working from home for half of the year and we are celebrating Christmas in a very special way. This lovely gift box has been sent to our team members to spread the Christmas spirit. The year 2021 has been a successful year for Dynam and Vietnam Holding and we are grateful for your hard work and dedication!


Although the origin of the corona virus still remains controversial, it is undeniable that since the emergence of COVID-19, there has been great progress in the awareness of the Vietnamese in , and in policy and legal frameworks for combating wildlife trafficking in Vietnam.

It was our honour to attend the prestigious journalism award VIEWS hosted by @changevn and @wildaid to honour individuals and groups for their excellent work to communicate environmental and sustainability issues in Vietnam. We have been really inspired by the event and we hope to contribute more to support in Vietnam from 2022 onwards.


VNH November Investor Report

Vietnam Holding Ltd's investor report for November is out this week.

The Fund reported a 3.1% increase in net asset value in November and highlighted the progress of Vietnam's vaccination rollout in the month and the announcement of the LEGO Group to invest US$1 billion for building a carbon-neutral factory in Southern Vietnam.

Read the full report at: https://lnkd.in/gR_i7Pdz

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Christmas is coming and people are going out to prepare for the festive season. Christmas markets have getting more popular in Vietnam in the recent years, especially among young people. It is also a very good opportunity for young artists to self their creative products. This year we are lucky enough to see Christmas market open in HCMC after a hard time fighting with Covid.


Happy Vietnamese Teacher’s Day!

On November 20th, Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is celebrated to honor all the teachers in Vietnam for their contributions. Teacher’s Day allows the students to express their gratitude and respect to their teachers and it is usually celebrated with special events held at the schools. Historically, the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day was first celebrated in 1958. This year the pandemic has enforced remote learning in most of Vietnamese localities, but teachers still receive a lot of heartwarming messages from their students and parents on this special day.


VNH's October Investor Report

In October, Vietnam Holding Ltd sustained its outperformance of the Vietnam All Share (VNAS) index and NAV increased by +7.3% for the month, with gains stemming mainly from real estate investee companies as well as HPG, FPT and brokerage VND.

The Fund has always believed its stewardship role as a responsible investor is a very important one when it comes to environmental and social matters in Vietnam, and we will be enhancing our active engagement with boards and senior management of the portfolio companies in regard to climate risks.

Read the full report: https://bit.ly/2YQZ4GP


VNH Investor Presentation

A snapshot of VNH's Investor Presentation hosted by Dynam on 1 November 2021.

The webinar was well attended and we received a lot of good questions from the participants.

Check out the full presentation at: https://bit.ly/3mZYEqJ


Today leaders from around the world are gathering in Glasgow for .

Joining the climate movement, Vietnam Holding has published its updated Responsible Investment Policy with more details about climate change commitments heading towards net zero targets. Learn more about VNH Responsible Investment Policy at www.vietnamholding.com


EDGE, which stands for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality, is a global benchmarking methodology launched at the World Economic Forum in 2011 to help companies measure, accelerate and certify gender and intersectional equity in the workplace. In the past few years, we have seen a growing number of Vietnamese companies receiving the EDGE certificate, which shows that Vietnam is making positive changes towards reducing gender inequality of opportunity between women and men in the labour market.

The Vietnamese female millennial are well educated, strong and ambitious, so we will see more women in top executive positions in companies in Vietnam in the very near future.

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!

Our Story

Dynam Capital is a partner-owned business whose sole focus is asset management.

Our investment strategy is based on research-driven fundamental analysis, seeking attractive companies that demonstrate a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Dynam Capital is a Guernsey regulated Investment Manager. We manage Vietnam Holding Limited (VNH), a closed-end investment fund dedicated to sustainable investments in Vietnamese equities (www.vietnamholding.com).

Vietnam Holding Ltd’s shares are listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, under the ticker VNH.L, and The International Stock Exchange.

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