Surf Shack Saigon

Surf Shack Saigon


Since we moved here, I’ve enjoyed exploring and trying new cafes every week -which means also trying many fresh juices and lots, lots of cakes. Because, as you know, I have the sense of sacrifice, for you, dear readers... ☕️🇻🇳
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Featuring Soma Art Lounge, Nhà Tiên, Mori Coffee, Dolphy Cafe, Thổ cafe, Surf Shack Saigon, ZUZU concept store & many more. 🧡
Thanks to EVERYONE for making Burger Fest 2019 such a great success!

Our awesome vendors: Drinking & Healing / Pullman Saigon Centre / MAD Burger / Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery / Soul Burger / Surf Shack Saigon / Phátcatkitchen / ROLL / Marcel Gourmet Burger

Our winners:
Beauty Contest: Pullman Saigon Centre
Most Original: Soul Burger
Best Veggie: ROLL
BEST BURGER 2019: Marcel Gourmet Burger

Another thanks to our judges for eating more burgers than anyone else at the fest: Darren Carlson, Peter Cuong Franklin, Tam Le, Anh-Thu Nguyen, & Will Knight!

Thanks to The Boardroom for providing plenty of fun throughout the day, check out their cafe in Thao Dien and play more boardgames!

Thanks to our sponsor PABST Blue Ribbon VN for providing beer at the event!

One last thanks to Angee the Diva, Dj Hudsun, and The BBQ Blues Band for the live entertainment all day long.

Pics by Mervin Ting Feng Lee
Vibe nation crew came to play
We will be holding vibe nation on April 5th, 6th and 7th. If you are interested there is a flyer at Surf Shack!
Selling my surfboard: Rocket Attack 4'8 - USD 375
The board is in great shape, got it DHL from Australia as not available around.
4'8'' 36L 80kg / 176lb 5 x FG Rod - FCS fins + leash and some wax ...
can surf twin fin or finless ... you must try finless!!!
Letting it go for USD 375
... best board for Vietnam and easiest travel board ever

check the videos on softop boards online like Be**er and else and you will know what you get

Surf Shack is the cozy burger shop on the quiet street in Thao dien. You will find soulful and fresh burgers, salads and some crazy sides there!

That is the place where we care and share sunny mood, good music and delicious food with you!

Operating as usual


Closed until further notice!!

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 13/11/2021

10AM-5PM (for now)

🌊 6 Tong Huu Dinh, Thao Dien
🌊 0707611777


10AM-5PM (for now)

Cheese Burger + egg 78k!!


10AM-5PM (for now)


Dine in Welcome!!
Delivery ok^^
Dine in at patio ok ^^



Dine in Welcome!!
Delivery ok^^



Open from Today!!

All day : 10:00-20:00


Surf Shack Saigon is Back Soon !!!!!



we would temporary closed from today as government instruction.
I'm looking forward to the day to help your stomach again🍔🤷‍♂️


Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 05/07/2021


📷Double Double Burger (extra chedder)

📷Munchies Fries

📷Taco salad

・DM pls we can book your driver
・Hot line 0765853211


Dear customer

It is impossible to open now. In addition, we will notify you when it reopens

stay strong👍🙏


Thank you for yesterday!!

🌪New combo!!🌪
・Fillet-O-Fish Burger
・Fries (S)
・Fresh orange juice(No suger)


・DM pls we can book your driver
・Hot line 0765853211



Special combo announce🙌

Bacon egg burger

Homemade Fries

Americano,Latee,Iced cold brew


messege me
we can order your driver🍔


Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 02/06/2021

Hello Saigon!!
We're open

・Grab COD messege me
・076 5853211(Hotline)

☕️Coffee mate☕️
Americano 40,000vnd
Hand drip Coffee 60,000vnd
Latte (cow/nut milk) 60,000 vnd
Decaf (americano or latte) 70,000 vnd
Fresh orange juice 30,000 vnd

All can delivery☕️☕️☕️


Have a lovery day🍔

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 28/05/2021

・Grab COD messege me
・076 5853211(Hotline)

Of course
You can take away

☕️Coffee mate☕️
Americano 50,000vnd
Hand drip Coffee 60,000vnd
Latte (cow/nut milk) 60,000 vnd
Decaf (americano or latte) 70,000 vnd
Fresh orange juice 30,000 vnd

All can delivery☕️☕️☕️




🍔Dear customer🍔

From tonight, due to the prohibition of eating and drinking in the store, only delivery, takeaway, pick up will be ordered
Taste my loving burger at home🍔

For delivery(Foody.Now)
Call me!!! Text me!!!(On FB)

076 5853211

Have a nice night🕴

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 26/05/2021

Xin chao Saigon!!
Rainy season is coming!!
don't forget have fun☔️🌪🌊

Yes we're open!!

☕️@coffee_meito ☕️
Hand drip coffee-60,000vnd-

Americano -50,000vnd-

Burger for delivery you can order from ”Foody.Now”

Have a great burger day🍔🍔




Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 11/04/2021

Hello Hello!
Thank you for coming yesterday!

Yep we're open🍔

📷"Surfshack Burger"-100.000vnd-

📷"Permesan Bacon Fries "-60,000vnd-

🛵Delivery from "Foody.Now"

have a great Sunday🍔🥭🍔


konni chao!!!
wonderful weather🥭
Yummy Burger🍔🍔

We're OPEN!!

📷"Fish and chips"-60,000vnd-📷"Taco salad"-80,000vnd-

Total: 160,000vnd

🛵Delivery from "Foody.Now"

Have a nice day🍔🥭🍔

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 05/04/2021

Hello Hello April!!
Yep We're OPEN!!

📷"Double Double Burger"-Add cheddar cheese
+Combo(Fries and drink)

🛵Delivery you can order from Foody.Now.

Have a good day🍔🙏🍔


Dear customer

Hi Thank you for your support. We will be closed this Saturday (3rd)and Sunday(4th) to make burgers for a private party. Thank you for your understanding. We will be open for business on Monday (5th)! Have a great weekend!

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 31/03/2021

Hello nichiwa!!
summer is coming!!

Yes We're OPEN

🕑Lunch 11am-2pm
🕑Dinner 5pm-9pm

🛵Delivery you can order from "Foody.Now" or pick up!!

Thank you!
Have a great burger day🍔👌🙏


Xin nichiwa!!

A customer I met at the market yesterday morning came to the store a few hours later and said,
"When I saw your face, I wanted to eat a burger.
Those were lovery words. Thank you very much.🍔

Yes We're open!!
📷"Double Double burger"with combo-135,000vnd-

have a good 🍔day!

Photos from Surf Shack Saigon's post 15/03/2021

Helo nichiwa!
Thank you for coming last weekend!!
We have a free space in our store. If you have anything you want to announce, stickers, etc., please bring it along!

Have a Lovely Burger day🙏🍟🍔


Lovely shot on tiny outside seats
Thank you so much🍟🍔

📷"Blue cheese Burger"90,000vnd

Pls come and chill 🙋‍♂️

Have a great day🍔🍔


Xin nichiwa!!
Perfect weather🌞😋

We're OPEN!!

📷"Fillet-O-fish Burger"80,000vnd

🛵Delivery 🛵
"Foody.Now" or DM pls!!

Have a nice day🥑🍔🍟


Kon ni chao!!!

Thank you for coming yesterday!!

Yes We're OPEN🍔

📷"Taco salad"-80,000vnd

📷"Fish and chips"-60,000vnd
add)Bacon and Permesan cheese-20,000vnd


its my dinner yesterday🙋‍♂️

"Foody.Now" or DM pls we'll book the Grab

Have a great 🍔 day🥓🐮


Hello Hello!!

📷"Double Double Burger"-100,000vnd

Add) Avo+Bacon-20,000vnd

Enjoy your custom Burger🍔🍔

Have a great Burger day👌🙏


Hello Hello
Happy Friday!

Best seller of side menu
📷"Munchy's Fries"-60,000vnd-

Excellent compatibility with Tabasco! Please try it

"Foody.Now" or DM pls

Have a great day🍟🍟


🍔Dear Customer🍔

Thank you for support Surf Shack
We will change our business hours to improve our service

🕔Open hour🕐
Lunch 11am - 2pm
Dinner 5pm - 9pm

🍔Every Sunday🍔
11am - 9pm

🍔Every Tuesday🍔
Only Lunch(11am-2pm)
Dinner closed



Halo March 2021
See u next year February

We're OPEN🍔🍔
Customer's shot
📷"Double Double Burger"-100,000vnd
×2 ×2

Thank you for the lovely photo!!!

"Foody.Now" or DM pls!

Have nice day🍔🍔🍟


Hi Xin chào,ăn cơm chua??

Yes We're OPEN!!

This is customer's shot!!
Thank you 🍔

📷"Double Double Burger"-100,000vnd-
Add) Onion rings(+5,000vnd)

×2 ×2

Enjoy your custom Burger!!

Till 5pm

"Foody.Now" or DM send me we'll book for your driver✊

🕐Lunch 11am-2pm
🕔Dinner 5pm-9pm

Have a lovely burger day🍔✊🕺


Thank you for coming yesterday!!

Yes We're OPEN🍔
This is customer's shot📷📷
"Bacon egg Burger"-100,000vnd-

"Foody.Now" or DM pls book for your driver!!

☕️ @coffee_meito ☕️


Have a great burger day🍔🛵🙏


Hello Hello!!

The inside of the store is always in a state of delight. Please cooperate with alcohol sterilization when you come to the store!

🍔Surf Shack Burger🍔-100,000vnd

☕️ @coffee_meito ☕️
Till 5pm

🛵Delivery DM pls we can order driver!!

Thank you!!

Videos (show all)

Dinner time 5pm〜🍺&🍔&Something Nice...DUBWISE
After the After
Hi everyone🌞You can go to Surf Tour from Surf Shack(Da nang)Plz check page and join us💋🎙A tune for today🎙”Love sick”-Mab...
Hi guys💋Monday vibesPlz come and chillin'🎙A tune for today🎙”You're an angel”-The penguins
Hi Saigon surfers.Today's Vung tau!!perfect👌🏄‍♀️👌🏄‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️@surfshackdanang #surfboard #surf #surfing #surflife #surfer #...
perfect weather🤺🤾🏻‍♂️🤼‍♂️🏋🏼🏄🏽🏄🏽



6 Tống Hữu Định, P. Thảo Điền
Ho Chi Minh City

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 21:00
Thursday 11:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 21:00
Friday 11:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 21:00
Saturday 11:00 - 14:00
17:00 - 21:00
Sunday 11:00 - 21:00

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Catalonia Cafe Catalonia Cafe
Ho Chi Minh City

Més que un cafetería - More than a cafe...

BurgerKing Nguyễn Tri Phương BurgerKing Nguyễn Tri Phương
539 Nguyễn Tri Phương , P.8 , Q.10
Ho Chi Minh City

Taste is King!

ABC Bakery Đầm Sen/ Ông Ích Khiêm ABC Bakery Đầm Sen/ Ông Ích Khiêm
45K-45L Ông Ích Khiêm P.10 Q.11
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

We provide the freshest breads, pastries and delicious cakes which would pleased every customers.

Cheesy Burger Cheesy Burger
339/22 Tô Hiến Thành
Ho Chi Minh City, 84

Những thanh niên ngây thơ bán Burger Burger bò Úc vị Âu Burger bò Úc vị Việt Burger bò Úc Kimchi Burger heo hầm Burger gà Teriyaki Burger gà cay phô mai Ribeye steak

Sandwich - Hamburger Chía Núi Sandwich - Hamburger Chía Núi
56 Trần Xuân Hòa P7 Q5
Ho Chi Minh City


MAD Burger MAD Burger
Thao Dien
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Quality fast food delivered right to your door

Chops Saigon Chops Saigon
168A Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh
Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi's best burger restaurant has come to Saigon. Why are we the best? Because we bake our bread from scratch everyday, we grind and press our wagyu patties daily & all our sauces are made fresh in house. Giving you the ultimate burger experience :)

Acacia Dining Restaurant Acacia Dining Restaurant
149 - 151 Nguyễn Du, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1 - Lâu 8
Ho Chi Minh City, 84-38235221

Nhà hàng Acacia Veranda Fine Restaurant toạ lạt tại trung tâm quận 1 chuyên phục vụ các món ăn Âu - Á do đầu bếp đến từ Mỹ với hơn 20 năm kinh nghiệm

Chuck's Burger PS Chuck's Burger PS
71 Pasteur Street, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Chuck's has 2 locations now, 71 Pasteur and 46 Pham Viet Chanh, Both serve the same good burgers :)

Hungry Bunny Bistro Saigon Hungry Bunny Bistro Saigon
1 Nguyễn Cửu Vân, P17, Q. Bình Thạnh
Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

We specialize in Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads and other American comfort foods! Come try our juicy beef burgers and taste the difference! We're open from 9:45AM - 10PM; delivery is Available from 9:45AM until 11:00PM :) See you soon!

Village Grill Village Grill
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000

New Thao Dien American restaurant serving delicious & messy fast food for takeout, delivery or outdoor dining. Offering SmashedBurgers, Breakfast Burritos, California style burritos, tacos and mush more!

Jake's BBQ - Quận 3 Jake's BBQ - Quận 3
224 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Ho Chi Minh City, QUAN 3

Focusing on american comfort food and traditional southern style barbecue. Non-smoking restaurant (except for the meat, obviously!)