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На прошлой неделе мы получили очередную порцию признания на международном рынке: Золото и 2 серебра на MMA Global Smarties X. Эта премия отмечает выдающиеся инновации и креативность оказавшие значительное влияние на бизнес. Мы и еще 4 офиса Mindshare заработали глобально 28 наград. Поздравляем себя и коллег из Mindshare Sverige, Mindshare Vietnam, Mindshare Asia Pacific: Mindshare India & Mindshare China!
Most children don’t enjoy brushing. However, when you convert the dreaded chore into something fun, suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad. The Adventures with King Leo and Friends - used AI powered Augmented Reality so they could clean their pearly whites alongside some of their favourite characters. This Mindshare Vietnam campaign for P/S Unilever certainly made our judges smile, as it took home some Silver for Best Engagement Strategy and Bronze for Best Use of Digital Media.
Với những chiến dịch tưởng không ai hay nhưng hay không tưởng, Mindshare Vietnam ẵm giải liên tục tại MMA Smarties Vietnam 2020.

Xem toàn bộ chiến dịch ngay ở: https://419.vn/mindshare-vietnam-can-quet-bang-xep-hang-mma-smarties-vietnam-2020/

Đọc tin ngay ở: http://419.vn

#BốnMộtChín #ĐừngBỏLỡ
#MindshareVietnam #MMASmartiesVietnam
Congratulations to Mindshare Australia for clinching yet another award with their Fox Cricket - Monty's Wicket Warnings campaign. This time, it's for Effective Use of Tech Category & Scalable Idea Special Award at WARC #MediaAwards 2019 which recognises work that have successfully leveraged on the use of emerging platforms and technology in their communication strategies.

Mindshare China was also awarded a Gold for their work in Jin Ling Guan and Mindshare Vietnam, a Bronze for their Maybelline campaign.

Great job #TeamMindshare, for all winners and our 8 shortlists!
#TeamMindshare in APAC snags 3 of 9 awards for Best Use of Data at WARC Media Awards 2019 which recognises data-driven communications that have helped clients accelerate business growth.

Congratulations to Mindshare China for winning Gold and the Data-Driven Insight Special Award. Mindshare Vietnam and China each won a Bronze for their work on Unilever and Booking.com. Great work from our teams in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam was also shortlisted.

To our first wins of 2020! 🏆🙌

Check out our entries: http://bit.ly/2QN4Qz1
Congratulations Mindshare Vietnam!
Nhằm đưa ra bức tranh toàn cảnh và sâu sắc về ngành truyền thông kỹ thuật số hiện nay, Mindshare Vietnam sẽ tổ chức Hội nghị truyền thông Mindshare Huddle kết nối với nhiều nhãn hàng và các đơn vị truyền thông tại Việt Nam. Sự kiện chính thức diễn ra vào lúc 9h ngày 18/7 tới đây, tại Mai House Saigon, số 1 Ngô Thời Nhiệm, Q. 3, TP. HCM.
She may be a lady of few words but count on her to always step up and deliver stellar results! This month on #MindshareSpotlight, we speak to Van who is the Director of Buying for Mindshare Vietnam.

1) Tell us more about your role.
I am accountable for the overall investment management and delivery of TV buying for the Unilever account - which is also the country’s biggest ad account.

2) What has been your proudest work for UN Vietnam?
Being able to consistently deliver against objectives set has been my proudest moments and I love to relive it every year.

3) What emerging technology are you most excited about in the industry?
I am very excited about future research which will help us measure reach and attribution across platforms better.

4) What is a fun fact about yourself?
I have 2 beloved dogs. I love to play with them!
Ngày 13/12 vừa qua tại Singapore, tạp chí Campaign Asia đã công bố danh sách những agency đạt giải "Agency of the Year 2018" của khu vực Đông Nam Á.

Xét theo từng quốc gia, tại Việt Nam, TBWA\Group Vietnam đạt giải Vàng Creative Agency of the Year, giải Vàng Digital Agency of the Year thuộc về Mindshare Vietnam, MediaCom Vietnam nhận giải Vàng Media Agency of the Year, còn giải Vàng Independent Agency of the Year được trao cho Ki Saigon. Xin chúc mừng tất cả các agency!

Các bạn vui lòng vào bài chia sẻ bên dưới để xem danh sách chi tiết những agency đạt giải của khu vực cũng như theo từng quốc gia nhé.
Mindshare Vietnam have done got an astounding 62 (out of 100) shortlists for the upcoming MMA Smarties Vietnam. What an amazing achievement so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they convert to wins!! http://ow.ly/ZoIP30m75bV #TeamMindshare
Với hơn 500 đề cử từ 16 quốc gia trên khắp châu lục, 92 giải thưởng Tangrams (bao gồm 3 giải Plantium, 33 giải Vàng, 28 giải Bạc và 28 giải Đồng) đã đuợc trao cho các chiến dịch và các agency xuất sắc nhất khu vực Châu Á Thái Bình Dương.

Việt Nam đạt 2 giải thưởng gồm có 1 giải Vàng hạng mục Media Strategy cho chiến dịch "Huggies defies Cultural Tide with an embrace" do Mindshare Vietnam thực hiện cho Huggies và 1 giải Đồng hạng mục Effectiveness cho chiến dịch "Con rồng cháu tiên" do Redder Advertising thực hiện cho Biti's.
To increase growth of its Vitamin-A fortified granules, Knorrsupplemented its #MarketingCampaign with #MobileMedia. See how it drove #education & interactivity with its SMS-based health quiz: http://bit.ly/2rqsYNb #MMA #MobileMarketing Mindshare Vietnam

We’re at the very heart of the most exciting business on the planet – media. More technology. More speed. More channels. Every aspect of human life has been transformed by changes in the media.

We are Mindshare. The global marketing and media network of 9,300 people across 86 countries with diverse opinion cultures and passion. We help brands deliver their message through the right media at the right time. We are united by our desire to create new media experiences for our clients and their consumers and have fun whilst doing it.​

Operating as usual


We are thrilled that has been named the number one media agency network in the world for the third consecutive year in the latest with 3 agency offices in the top 10 overall - Shanghai #2, Mumbai #4 and Ho Chi Minh City #9.

The WARC Media 100 is a benchmark for media excellence and creativity based on awards won around the world, across multiple awards shows, so this recognition is testament to the creativity of all our teams across the world and their commitment to driving for our clients. Well done to everyone!


On International Women's Day, we acknowledge the tremendous contribution that our ladies have made to Mindshare over the years. Mindshare wouldn't be what it is today without this Girl Power, now made stronger with a gift of Honey Saffron from La Vie Saffron!


Wishing everyone a healthy & prosperous New Year! May the Tiger help you achieve all your goals and get success at every step in this year.



Mindshare Vietnam has been awarded as OFFICE OF THE YEAR globally, and also our Unilever team has landed THE BEST CAMPAIGN FOR COVID PANDEMIC RESPONSE with Lifebuoy Covid-19 Hyper Alert System. This has shown how much we've accomplished amidst the collective challenges we've faced around this turbulent time.

Truly proud of the Purple Team, Vietnam Vo Dich! We wish you a stress-free & balanced holiday, and Merry Christmas! Look forward to another great year with all of you in 2022!


Mindshare Brand Film

We have refreshed the brand identity and given it a younger, more agile twist. In line with our strategy to deliver enhanced & integrated media services for the transformation age. Aligning the brand identity with our new direction is the latest step of this transformation.



We continue rocking the global stage (again..!) and are thrilled to announce that has been named #1 Media Agency Network in the 2021 WARC Media 100 rankings for two continuous years. Even better, Mindshare Vietnam has marked its name on the international hall of fame by landing on Top 3 media agency list globally!!! More exciting, we jumped no less than 12 places from our ranking last time to secure the dominant #3 slot.

Our belief in driving for our clients is brought to life through the creativity of our teams across the world. Cheers to such a massive honor and congratulations to each one of you for this achievement! The pride is all yours!

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 20/11/2021

Here it comes - a hat-trick of amazing performances by Mindshare Vietnam at the 2021 MMA SMARTIES! 10 awards at the Global SMARTIES, 7 in SMARTIES Vietnam including Media agency of the year for the 5th time.

And last evening at the APAC SMARTIES awards, we picked up no less than 11 metals (highest amongst ALL the teams across markets who submitted entries!) with 5 for Unilever, 5 for Ford and 1 for Pepsico.

Once again, Mindshare was the Network Agency of the Year!!! Congratulations to the Purple force across all APAC markets for making this happen.

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 18/11/2021

5th year of winning the Media Agency of the Year at the Vietnam MMA SMARTies! What else do you expect from the Best Agency in Town?????

Congratulations to the Ford, Castrol, Grab and Sanofi teams for bringing in the heavy metal.

Gold for Ford in Programmatic & Machine Learning
Gold for Sanofi in Social Media Marketing
Silver for Grab in Social Impact/Not-for-Profit
Silver for Castrol in Gamification & e-Sports
Silver for Ford in Programmatic & Machine Learning
Silver for Castrol in Video Advertising
Bronze for Castrol in Brand Awareness/Experience

Virtual shows can also be fun...sometimes!





The game is just a piece of cake! Comment your team photo that best represents for "Purple" & "Good Growth" spirit below. The photo that receives most reactions will be the WINNER. And remember, we only count on your comment only. We won't count on team even your team submit with different accounts.

Time starts now, all interactions will be closed at 10:15AM today. Go Go Purple Peeps!

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 20/10/2021

It’s a much quieter Vietnamese Women’s Day this year in the corridors of Bitexco Tower Level 41. While looking forward to the day when we can all celebrate once again, we continue having the highest regard for the contributions of our women ’Purple Force’ who have made Mindshare Vietnam what it is today.

Thank you and wish everyone a lovely 20.10.2021!!!


Our Content+ team continues to keep our Purple People at the forefront of market trends & innovations. Virtual or in-person, the Innovations Talks organised by the team helps inspire our planners to come up with market-first & award-winning content solutions for our clients. And oh by the way... they are also very creative with newsletter templates!

Apply today to be part of this cool team! Hoang Lan Lam Dao Thanh Khoa Tran Tuyết Tùng Lukas Phương Uyên Hà Lê Nhut Minh Le Nhi Phương Lê Đoàn


October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a global day of recognition to help shift beliefs and perceptions about mental health, and promote behaviors and attitudes that will foster a culture of understanding and support.

In honour of this day and in recognition of our people's hard work, Mindshare & GroupM Vietnam offices will be closed on Friday, October 8 to give everyone a well-deserved break.

Our talents' mental health and well-being are our priority, and we want to give this time back to them to unplug, relax and recharge.

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 18/09/2021

Our talents are creating waves not only through their client-related work, but also ready to give back to the industry by being part of career development talks inspiring youngsters to build a career in media & advertising, as well as speaking about the importance of teamwork in our industry.

Congratulations and thanks to Gabriella Nguyễn, Thanh Vo, Hải Anh for being the voices of Mindshare Vietnam and supporting to build the next-gen Vietnam media & advertising industry.

Watch Thanh & Uyen's videos on career development in media on https://tinyurl.com/form-nghe-media and attend Hai Anh's event on the importance of teamwork on the OnMic app tonight 8.30pm.

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 26/08/2021

Wellbeing is a ‘bonfire not fireworks’ agenda, especially at a time when unpredictability will continue to define our personal and professional lives.
Health and Wellbeing has been a focus for every company and agency. We aim to make Mindshare the place where we all do the best work of our careers; personal and work wellness is a key enabler to our mission so this is a topic that's close to our heart.

The Vietnam Purple Health & Wellbeing Balance Program has been introduced to the team since 2019 with more than 60 participants under the lead of 8 home-grown Balance champions. It was part of an ongoing culture and priority and not simply reactive virtual sessions and webinars, but a helpful activity in this difficult time.
As the result, Mindshare won the Health & Wellbeing Awards Of The Year at the Women Leading Change Awards in 2020 and our ambition is to make a hat-trick in 2021.
With 4 key objectives [Understand key element of Stress – Learn the Powerful “Presence” Practice – Practice tools – Feel inspired & motivated], the wonderful workshop conducted today by our Balance Champions was able to draw much enthusiastic and full-hearted participation of 30 members from the Vietnam Purple family.



🎁GroupM is refreshing the whole new Employee Welcome Kit this year to bring you the warmest welcome possible. Even though we are still working from home now we are progressing production so the Kit will be ready when we all come back to office.

🤞GroupM’s vision is we make advertising work better for people and the same thing holds true regarding our talents, we make all things possible better for our employees.

💖We believe “It’s the small things that count”


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Come what may, we never stop delivering path-breaking work for our clients as well as taking care of our purple people. Join us to get the best career experience and growth!

At GroupM, growth never stops, even during the pandemic.
These past few months, Vietnam has witnessed life being turned upside down due to the impact of Covid-19. Stores are closed, services are suspended and suddenly we find ourselves confined to our own home 24/7.
During these challenging times, resilience and positivity are what makes all the difference. We choose to look on the bright side of things and utilize these times to cultivate our people’s talents. New projects are on the rise and we are looking for new talents to join our team!

Being able to work in an A-level building is quite an experience. But we are ready to replicate just that! Welcome to our exclusive onboarding & integration program where we ease out any differences between online and offline experience. We make sure our talents receive the best possible experience during their time with us.

🙌What are you waiting for? Join us now and let us help you continue working on your dream!

Photos from GroupM Vietnam's post 21/06/2021

Mindshare presence at the MMAs!


We are big and we keep growing. Become and get the best of , , , and . Reach out to us, what are you waiting for?

☝☝Are you interested in pursuing a media career at the world’s leading media investment company? GroupM is home to the world’s largest media agencies including Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker and Xaxis.

👑Mindshare was named Global Network of the Year at Campaign Magazine’s 2020 Global Agency of the Year awards
👑MediaCom has been crowned Agency Network of the Year at the Festival of Media Global Awards 2021

At GroupM, we took pride in our diverse and people-loving culture where each individual is appreciated for their talent and uniqueness and providing many learning & growing opportunity to advance in your career.

Are you ready to unleash your potential and accompany us on this journey of media innovation? 📩Join us now.


Module 3 ‘Round 2 of Digital Planning’ of the Purple Passport training series for our Purple talents - but this time we were facing a problem due to the guidelines for remote working. But our trainers Thanh Vo and Thai Nguyen displayed amazing and proved that they are truly purple by turning it into an immersive online experience with . And with a bespoke TikTok video to boot.


The Lifebuoy team being congratulated live!

Yet again we rock at the Festival of Media Global awards with a Gold and 2 Silver trophies for the fantastic Lifebuoy campaign. Team Unilever also had 2 shortlisted entries from Clear Men. Big big congratulations to both teams. And here’s the winner team video with a very smart and spontaneous brand plug by Thuy Tran.

Photos from Mindshare Vietnam's post 21/05/2021

Today was the second module as part of the Mindshare Purple Passport training series for our young Purple People. Our wonderful all-female trainers Trang Le, Ngan Le, Gabriella Nguyễn and Khang Minh Do taught our students the fundamentals of Digital Planning. And what better gratification for a trainer than some instant feedback from her student. Well done, Team! You make Mindshare what it is.


First module in the ‘Purple Passport’ training series - Excellence in Client Servicing. With some fabulous trainers like Vinh Truong, Gia Ngo and Van Pham and expertly facilitated by Lan Nguyen. Thank you everyone for conducting the training and hope the ‘students’ had a great time learning!

Videos (show all)

Mindshare Brand Film
The Lifebuoy team being congratulated live!
Happy New Year!!
Mindshare + GroupM's Birthday celebration 2012


We offer integrated communication solutions such as strategic media planning and negotiation, specialist services including research and insights, digital solutions, sponsorship consultancy and content creation.



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Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
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