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My prayers are with you all today 🙏💕
Hi Peter and Hien … we found a lovely video of you Peter explaining about the future of CoG on a 6 minute YouTube video. Then we lost it. Could you send to our email address please. I t seems to have been made last Christmas. We would like to show it at Drouin and Rokeby Baptist Churches.
Blessings, Geoff and Nan our email address is [email protected]
We miss you guys so much!!!
Praise God. On a boring lazy day I answered the door for a local businessman. Acting as assistant manager I was able to share Grace Orphanage and he gave us 100$ to help. Sometimes word of mouth works as God leads us. Don't be discouraged Grace Vietnam supporters. Keep sharing the story and you never know when God touches a heart 😍😉😉😉😍😇😇😇😇

1. Started by a person with a disability.
2. Managed by local staff with disabilities.
3. To help other with disabilities have a brighter future.

Providing Education, Vocational training & Rehabilitation for young people and children with a disability in Vietnam. Our long term goal is not only to meet the desperate needs but to help break the poverty cycle.

Operating as usual

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 12/04/2022

Today marks the 1st anniversary of our beloved friend and director Peter Hoa Stone’s passing. As per follow the Vietnamese traditions and customs, we gather together to commemorate and to celebrate a remarkable life and services that was well lived and served. We do miss Hoa each and everyday day as we carry on his work and legacy here at Company of Grace!

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 23/03/2022

After many months of hibernation, our English centre has now been opened for business. It’s a great feeling to be able to see our students face-to-face and have them on the premises! Also Vn borders are now opened - we cannot wait see our friends from overseas again! All welcome!

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 12/12/2021

This year has its ups and downs but we managed to get together to have an early Christmas lunch. Fun and belly full was had by all! Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Company of Grace - we are thankful for your friendships and continuous support!

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 22/10/2021

We have some very good news to share with you. The builders have been back at work on the Grace family home over the last few weeks and the building is nearly completed. We will still be raising funds over the coming months for all of the furnishings and fittings and especially installing a lift. Thank you and blessings to all of our supporters who have contributed towards the project as we couldnt make this happen without you all.


For our Adelaide based supporters.

Flinders Street Baptist Church is presenting a variety concert at the church on Sunday 14th November 2021 at 1.30 pm in support of the House of Grace in Vietnam. The proceeds of the concert will help provide furnishings for the newly built house and make it habitable. We invite you to join with us and encourage all members in your churches to come and support this important ministry begun by Hoa Stone.

Tickets are $20.00 or $15.00 concession, children under 12 free and are available from the church or on the day. Cash & card facilities will be available. For any further information, please contact the church office on 8223 4550.


Greetings to all of our beloved supporters around the world from the Company of Grace - Covid is certainly impacting us all and Vietnam is no exception.

Our current newsletter is available at

Blessings to you all and thank you for your support.


To all of our dear supporters.

Vietnam is also being impacted by the delta strain of covid and so the city has been in lockdown in recent weeks and so there has been no progress on the building of the Childrens Home and the English school is closed.

But we do have some good news.

Cong, Hien, Tien & Suong have all completed their Teaching English as a second language at Certificate 4 level. This is a great achievement for them all as the course is challenging and required them all to study very hard. Thank you to all of the supporters who donated money towards this project.

Being a qualified english teacher enhances the reputation of the english school and helps them to attract students.

Tien and Suong left COG 5 years ago and worked with Van in his english school and Suong has recently moved back to her home town to setup her own english school.

We are hoping that the lockdown will be lifted soon and that the 3 english schools can open again.

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 12/07/2021

The latest photos on the progress of building the Childrens Home - the good news is that it should be completed within the next 4 to 6 weeks


Recent work on the childrens home with some methods of working that wouldnt be acceptable on a lot of work sites.

Thank you and blessings.


The building of the Childrens home is progressing with work being done on the external plastering. Thank you and blessings.


Hello supporters and friends.

We trust that you were able to access the memorial service that was held this week at Aldgate Baptist to celebrate the life of Hoa. It was a blessing to celebrate his life and ministry and to know he was so well loved and supported by so many around the world.

Of course we are also feeling grief and sadness at his passing, but we also know more than anything, that Hoa would want us to look to the future to complete the work he has begun. Hoa’s heart and love for others shines on through his work in HCMC and as John Beasy encouraged us during Hoa’s memorial, “our faithful support is needed now more than ever before.”

John was referring to the personal support of Hien, (now being the Company Director), along with Company of Grace generally, and the House of Grace project specifically, and this is where our support is still needed.

Following on from John’s appeal to faithfulness, it is so important that we now continue the legacy of Hoa, and one way we can do that is in our continued giving. Even though Hoa is no longer with us, the work he commenced has only just begun.

Over the last few years Hoa had been working on a project to expand the services of the Company of Grace by building a home “House of Grace” on property purchased adjacent to Company of Grace. This Grace filled Home will be for displaced, disadvantaged and disabled children. The Grace home will offer a loving & caring environment where the children will be cared for and educated until at least the end of secondary school with some going on to university as well. It was Hoa’s goal that from the caring home environment of House of Grace, and the supporting training and education available through the Company of Grace, that these children can find a fulfilling life and future.

Construction commenced late last year and has been progressing well and is expected to be completed by June/July. You can see some recent photos of the progress of the building on our page.

Over the last few years we have raised over $200,000 towards the project and we now have enough funds to complete the construction of the building. Hoa also generously gave much of his own personal retirement funds to the project.

However we still need to raise around $40,000 to pay for the fittings and furnishings so that it is ready for the families and children to move in - along with some specialist items such as a lift/elevator (a major expense but necessary to allow access for the disabled and others who struggle with stairs) , air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, bunk beds, chairs/lounges/desks, kitchen items, linen etc.

We would like to thank and bless all of our supporters who have journeyed with us and provided funding, prayer and support so far. You are a vital part of the ministry of the Company of Grace and Hoa couldnt have achieved all that he did without you.

As you now continue in the company of Gods grace, we would ask that you consider giving a special donation as a tribute to Hoa and his vision for the ongoing work of the Company of Grace, in addition to any ongoing support you provide to the project and Hien.

Together let’s continue what this amazing man has begun and help to change the lives of the displaced, disabled and disadvantaged children that Hoa, and those now continuing his work, care so much for.

The deposit details for your special gift is below


Bank account name:
Company of Grace BSB: 704 – 922
Account No.: 100014582
Narration: Grace Family Home

For Cheques they should be payable to

Company of Grace PO Box 432, UNLEY, SA 5061
Narration: Surname -COMPANY OF GRACE
(please add a note to say that this is for the House of Grace project.)

Ongoing regular support for the Company of Grace and personal support for Hien should be made as above with the relevant narration “Hien support” or “COG”

Blessing to you all from Hien, the Stone family, Mark, Ngoc, John, and the staff at the Company of Grace.

Photos from Company Of Grace's post 27/04/2021

The Grace Family home building is progressing well and here are some recent photos showing the work being done on the internal and external walls.


Hills Baptist Aldgate

FROM John Beasy to Hoa’s supporters and friends


Thank you for your many expressions of care and support and I trust you were able to access the special service held last week in Vietnam.

I now advise that the Stone Family have made a decision to hold a private invitation only service at Hoa’s sending Church Hills Baptist (Aldgate) on this Thursday 22nd April at 2pm.

Having regard to the desire of the family and Covid19 restrictions, the service will be limited in numbers and only those who have been directly invited may attend in person.

However the service will be streamed Live and I have enclosed a link to use for this which will be the regular Hills Baptist service stream link.

Use the following link:

Click the Link, which will take you to the Aldgate livestream page.

When the memorial service begins, the livestream will come up on that page. If it does not, try refreshing the page.

Simply click the video titled "Hoa Stone Memorial Service" to view the livestream.

The family invite you to share in this on line service of tribute and memory.

May I take this moment as we pay tribute to Hoa’s life and vision to encourage you to hold faithful to his vision and allow his legacy to reach the outcomes he saw and worked towards.

More than ever before the COG and House of Grace ministries need your support and there is no need to change how giving happens as it will all be managed in the same way as before, with BCSA serving as the channel through which funds are received and distributed.

Be assured that everything is being done to work towards the next stages of COG oversight and management and a range of discussions are being held from this week on to ensure that a sound and accountable service continues.

We believe the calling and place of Mark Pham is most central in all of this - so I ask that you be in prayer for Mark and Ngoc, Global Interaction, Hien, and the COG Board as we navigate our way to the next stages of this ministry. We believe we have only just begun to see what God has in store and where the legacy of Hoa will land to God’s good and glory.

Warm regards

John Beasy
BCSA Consultant COG

Hills Baptist Aldgate Hills Baptist Aldgate is a community of everyday people, united in our shared experience of the love and forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ. Our heart is to be part of God's mission to see Jesus glorified, lives transformed and hope revealed.


Here is the link for the funeral service tomorrow morning starting at 10 am Sydney time and 9.30am adelaide time. The service will also be available on Youtube after the live event has finished if you are unable to see the live event.


Hello again friends and supporters of Hoa.
As you would anticipate, there are quite a few processes to go through in Vietnam with regard to finalising matters and arranging for a funeral.
I can now confirm that Hoa’s Vietnamese funeral ahead of his cremation will occur between 7 and 8 am HCM city time this Thursday 15th April.
I will arrange for a YouTube link to a live streaming of the event to be sent around sometime Wednesday.
Please continue to be in prayer for Hien and Mark Pham and Pastor Huy who will be leading the service.
Also uphold the Stone family back here as they manage their grief and look towards a different future.

John Beasy

Pastor Emeritus
Enfield Baptist Church


To Hoa’s supporters and friends.

I am writing to advise that Hoa is now absent from the body and present with the Lord.
He is hearing the words of the Saviour - well done good and faithful servant.

Please find attached the letter from the family regarding his departure from this side of heaven.

As before please pass on condolences but please refrain from direct contact with the family as they deal with their grief and seek to recover from a very difficult few days.

Let us thank God for the faithfulness of Mark Pham who has served valiantly in this distressing time and we thank GIA for allowing him to be present in Ho Chi Min to serve in this way.

Details of the service in Vietnam will be sent under separate cover.

Thank you for your prayer and concern

John Beasy

A letter from Hoa’s parents, Kath & Brian Stone

It is with much sadness that we advise you that Hoa (Peter) Van Stone passed away peacefully at home with his wife Hien and with family at the Company of Grace on 12th April 2021

Dearly loved son of Kath & Brian, and brother of Warren & Julia, Phillip (deceased), Jacki & Peter (Von), Rachael and Tony, and precious husband of Hien, our much-loved Daughter in law.

He will be deeply missed and always remembered for his selfless, caring heart and incredible impact on this world and all those fortunate enough to have known him.

A public funeral service will be held in Vietnam and streamed live, this coming Wednesday 14th April from 6am – 7am local HCM city time.

A celebration service of his life will follow in Australia with
details to be announced.
Stone family.

We will provide the live youtube link for you before the service tomorrow as we know that supporters from around the world will want to be able to be a part of the service.


Here is the latest news on Hoa from his family.

We feel we need to share some further details with you that have come to light over the last few days.
Many may know that Hoa has been suffering for some time from the after affects of his childhood polio, known as post-polio syndrome. The last time it flared up he became confined to a wheel chair, and could no longer use his crutches to get around.

This condition has hit him hard again now.

He has been diagnosed as having a rare complication of post-polio syndrome attacking his brain and placing him in his current state of unconsciousness. The doctors are doing all they can to stave off
other infections but sadly his condition has continued to worsen.
I’m sorry that we cannot share anything more positive.

Our hearts are breaking to see him like this and we know you would want to know this even though it’s not good news.

Please take care of each other during this time.

Stone Family


I write to you at the request of Hien and Hoa’s family to share recent news of his health.
There had been a serious situation, yet some information shared has not been accurate to the situation.
Also it had been too early for something definitive to be shared.
The family have asked that I now share this letter as the first of further updates that I will forward.
It is asked that you read this information as the most recent and accurate and be in prayer for Hoa and Hien at this time.
Be assured the oversight and ministry of COG is continuing and still needs your support.
It is very important that no direct contact be made with Hien regardless of how good the intention is felt to be.
Please steward this information and share with those who are close in support and care of Hoa.
If you have any questions or other need for clarification please contact me rather than the family
0402029562 if you are in Australia
[email protected]

Warm regards
John Beasy

Letter from Hien, Brian, Kath and Hoa’s immediate family.
Dear friends and supporters of COG. We need to share with you all some very difficult news
regarding the health of Hoa. We respect that Hoa is part of the lives of many people and so
we want you to know what he is struggling through right now.
Some of you may have already heard rumours that Hoa was admitted to Hospital over the Easter weekend and that he is extremely unwell.
Further to this we want you to know that he has suffered a cardiac arrest, from which he was revived, but this has left him unconscious and in Intensive Care for the last 3 days. The cause and subsequent treatment of this is still being determined and we will try to share
updates with you when we know some definitive information. Please understand the challenges within the Vietnamese health care environment, where there is a reluctance to answer questions and provide the details, we might be accustomed to receiving in more
developed countries which will impact how quickly we can share details with you all.
But rest assured we have resources in place to ensure Hoa is getting the best possible care that can be offered. For now, we ask that you pray for clarity, accuracy and a quick response
in the doctors’ and specialists’ investigations, so that the cause and best treatment for him are found as speedily as possible.
Regarding support on the ground for Hoa and Hien, our brother and close friend Mark Pham and wife Ngoc flew down from Hanoi as soon as they heard the news and have been by Hien’s and Hoa’s side the entire time. Along with support from the Family of Grace
members, Mark & Ngoc have been amazing in supporting our daughter & sister Hien and liaising with the hospital to piece together the information to ensure Hoa is well cared for.
In this time of Covid travel restrictions it is truly divine provision that they could be there. Please also be aware of the sensitivity of this situation, and we ask that you be very
conscious of only passing on the facts shared with you. We sincerely want to avoid speculation and rumours from unwittingly hurting or upsetting Hoa’s supporting community, friends and family, so please be careful what you share and how you share it.
Likewise, we ask that you please avoid texts and calls to Hien, Mark or Hoa’s immediate family as there is more than enough to manage right now and we all need our focus to be
150% on Hoa’s needs. We are sure many of you want to help, and even more sure in coming days there will be much opportunity for that. But right now, please pray and support each
other and allow us to do the same for Hoa.
John Beasy has graciously offered to take calls and messages if you would like to reach out to someone.
We are sensitive that many of you love Hoa and have been touched by his life as much as we have, so we commit to you all to keep you updated.
With love to you all.

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One of the action songs that the christmas team presents to the children
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Company of Grace: Our long term goal is to be a fully self-sustainable project. Our local staff with disability are producing many products to sell so we can achieve our purpose. Currently we make and sell handicrafts, wooden souvenirs, oil paintings, jewelry, stationary, and other unique local products.


585/10 Quoc Lo 13, Ward Hiep Binh Phuoc, District Thu Duc
Ho Chi Minh City

General information

Donating to support us:
Bank account name: Company of Grace    
BSB: 704 – 922 ( This is an Australian bank number)
Account No.: 100014582
Narration: COG
Your Email: so we can reply if there is any complication.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00

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