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Many people I have met, both in Vietnam and overseas, often asked me crucial questions, asking me, “why would you raise your voice for social issues when you and your childrens were living a prosperous and successful life? Why did you even take the initiation to address these issues?” Wherever I went, these same questions was asked over and over again, “What motivation? What reason?”

Recently, I had the privilege to participate the Oslo Freedom Forum where I met a plethora of social activists from many countries around the world. There are countries whose names I never heard of my entire life, and I had to literally look at every single word written in the countries list in order to pronounce the names of the countries correctly.

I met a young, 19 years old freshman who was an authentic home grown New Yorker, while he was standing in line to register for the conference. I asked him this question, “Why do you concern about Human Rights?” He answered me smiling, “Wow, an interesting question.” It took him a few moments to continue saying, “I want to come here to see what is going on in the world. My parents are lawyers, and as you know, New York is a place that has immigrants from all over the world. My parents shared with me a lot about their work and importance of Human Rights at the dinner tables. I know even in America, this country is considered the most developed and Human Rights are respected very much, yet still there are injustices happening in our society. Perhaps, it is even worst in other countries, and I want to know about that.” I continued to ask him, “a young man like you, having a lot of opportunities to enjoy other things, why do you concern about Human Rights and the issues of other countries?” He said, “I’ve never known much about your country, but to have a special occasion to meet people like you is a wonderful thing, and obviously I feel very good talking to you. We could be friends, who knows, and you can share with me more about your country and probably I can do something to help. My parents always help other people and I believe they also expect me to do so.” Though I had to say goodbye to him (after exchanging our phone numbers) because of time interest, I really felt inspired by this young man. What I see in him I can also imagine in my daughter’s potentials when she turns 18. Human Rights sometimes are just simply the right to love and the right to help others. Do we really need a reason for that? I purposely asked this same question to people I met at the conference, and yet none of them could really give a concrete reason, many of them just paused and simply said “I don’t know.”

There were not many people at the conference who had witnessed or experienced the tragic and provoking stories like we endured. Most of them come from countries whose freedoms and rights are highly respected that my fellow countrymen and I could only dream of. They, nonetheless, have been fighting tirelessly for human rights without inquiring for a specific reason. Why is it? The answer is simple: do we really ask for a reason for our basic needs of foods and water? Definitely not. Why, then, do we ask for a reason to fight for Human Rights? Are they not the as basic and fundamental for every human life?

After seeing these things, I really feel pity for people in my country where human rights are something that often seen as rebellious and alien. For them, these are only abstract ideas that we can never obtain. Thus, they ask the same question repeatedly, “What motivation? What reason?”

I heard the story of Leyla Hussein and her campaign in UK to stop Female Ge***al Mutilation (FGM). She herself was a victim of the terrible ritual of cutting the genitalia. The reason behind this terrible ritual was to keep the virginity of the girls till their marriage and to reduce the hormones in women so that they could be faithful to their husbands. Consequently, these girls were horrifically traumatized because the double-suffering they had to endure: the insane ritual itself, and the rapes. Leyla went through all these terrible experiences when she turned 7. Hence, she wanted to protect her daughter. She became a well-known activist for women and children. Obviously, to protect ourselves and our children is not a rebellious thing, rather, it is a human right.

I heard the story of Marina Nemat, the woman who survived the Iranian prison. She is currently living in Canada and is the author of two famous books about her memoirs of what she has gone through in her path of an activist. She fought, since her youth, for the right to sing, the right to dance, and the right to perform. She went throught the cruelest persecutions in the Iranian prison, which sometimes reached their climax in her painful smiles. A prison guard named Ali had fallen in love with Nemat and used his father's connection to the Ayatollah to commute her sentence to life in prison. Threatening to harm her family and friends, he forced Nemat, a Christian, to marry him and convert to Islam. Her goal of journey as an activist is not to arrive at a free country by herself, rather, she keeps fighting in order that one day she may return to her home country. Human rights are simply the right to speak the truth, the right to sing, the right to freedom of religion, etc. Why, then, is it a rebellious thing?

I heard the story of Maria Toorpakai, a worldly-known Pakistani squash player who was born in a tribal Taliban region where she was never allowed to play sports. She was very fortunate to have her parents always supporting her. She dressed in boy’s clothes and played just like a boy. She stood up for Women’s rights and she chose to do that by doing sports. Human Rights are just simply the right to be who we are and the right to pursue our dreams no matter what gender we are. Is that something rebellious?

I also heard the story of Wuilly Arteaga and his violin. Wuilly Arteaga never went to school, and he learned to play his violin via the internet. He came from the Venezuelan prison. At the conference, he dressed in the colors of his national flag. The world has seen the renowned image of him playing the national anthem on his violin despite of tear-gas and bullets. There, surrounded by aggressive forces and violence, he was playing his violin as a non-violent protest message. He played for his own friends who were arrested and killed. On that day, at the conference in the presence of thousands of people, he was still singing in his own native language and playing his violin, a small instrument with its most touching sound. He is a small stature man with the bravest heart. He was playing his countries national anthem song and his music represents fighting for freedoms in his country, and fight for those freedoms for his people.

Among many wonderful stories I heard, I also remember the story of Vladimir Kara-Murza, a journalist and a film director. He was by himself fighting with the Kremlin palace for democracy in Russia. One very profound detail I noticed from his many stories was the roses he placed on the tank of the Russian forces. He and thousands of non-violent protestors have done this till the end, and the last tank finally stopped and completely changed its direction. This is not to say that non-violent protesting is an easy path to take, rather it is very difficult. Vladimir Kara-Murza had chosen this path regardless of the danger that could harm to him, and in fact there were many occasions when he almost lost his life. I was very impressed by what he stated, saying, “this is our war, and we will do it ourselves.” He calls upon everyone at the conference to help him by not supporting Putin and his regime, and that was the only thing he requested for his people. The Russians will have to do all the rest by themselves.

I recalled a message from the Former US President of America, Barrack Obama, to the Vietnamese during his visit to Vietnam. He said the same thing that they had to do these things by themselves. In fact, many people were not very happy about this statement but whether or not we must accept it, we still have to do it ourselves. It is the only way. We have to change our country by our voice and activism.

After these wonderful days participating the Oslo Freedom Forum, I realized that Human Rights are something very concrete and practical.

Everyone can be an activist.

People should be fighting for the right to sing, the right to play sports, the right to speak freely, and even the right to support those who fight for these fundamental rights. If there are people who stop you singing a song you like, they are denying your human right. If they prevent you from playing sports, entertaining, gathering, etc. they are denying your human right. If people do not allow you to express your opinions and you silence your personal of view, you are being denied your own human right. If there are people who do things that violate your happiness, your body, your children, and your family and yet you do not raise your voice, you are denying your own human rights. You are living with an unjust dictatorial regime, and if you believe a new regime could do better, or at least you believe a new type of democracy can reduce injustice and promotes development in your country, then raise your voice. This is Human Rights. Human Rights do not belong only to certain organizations or politicians or lawyers; rather, it belongs to everyone. Whoever raises his or her voice for the most fundamental rights of people, using non-violence means, that person is fighting for Human Rights.

Foods, Water, Clean Environment, Education, Entertainment, and Human Rights: these are so fundamental and inseparable to the development of human dignity. We, therefore, should not be asking each other that strange question anymore. Why do we give our children everything but don’t have basic Human Rights? Why do we only fight in the name of our children’s future, what about our Human Rights? If we do not raise our voice, why do we expect the next generation to do so?

- Ubee Hoang-



Người Sài Gòn

Đêm nhạc chủ đề: Những điệu Thu ca

Tiếng hát: Trường Thư, Hữu Huân, Diễm Phương, Huỳnh Long
Tiếng đờn: Huy Le
Dẫn chuyện: Em Thành Vincent Thành Lê

Cafe Người Sài Gòn, 9 Thái Văn Lung, quận Nhứt


Người Sài Gòn

Đêm nhạc: Tình khúc Phạm Đình Chương - Trần Thiện Thanh

Tiếng hát: Khánh Dung, Hữu Huân, Long Jesus, Diễm Phương
Tiếng đờn: Lê Huy Huy Le
Dẫn chuyện: Em Thành Vincent Thành Lê

Cafe Người Sài Gòn, lầu 1, 9 Thái Văn Lung, quận Nhứt


Người Sài Gòn

🎼 Hoà tấu: Diễm Xưa - Trịnh Công Sơn

🎸 Guitarist: Lê Huy

🎹 Pianist: Anh Dũng 27/05/2017

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Người Sài Gòn

Đêm nhạc chủ đề "Mùa hoa bay"

Tiếng hát: Ánh Nguyệt
Tiếng đờn: Huy Le
Dẫn chuyện: Enrique Nguyen

Cafe Người Sài Gòn
09 Thái Văn Lung, Quận Nhứt.


Saigon 1955
1 giờ sáng, trên đường Catinat mùa mưa tháng 6
Cafe Givral & Brodard đêm khuya.

"Đèn đêm, không soi bóng vắng, kinh đô thắc mắc, im nghe phố buồn
Người đi, trong đêm tối tắm, nghe mưa thức giấc, khuyên nhau chờ mong"


Save water, drink wine 😋


I fell in love with you not for how you look, just for who you are

[02/07/16]   Happy lunar new year everyone, we hope you will have everything you wish in this year. 😌


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Come and enjoy this fine morning with us.


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Christmas is not so much about opening presents as opening our hearts

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🎸 LIVE MUSIC TONIGHT, at 9:00 pm
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C'est quoi le bonheur? Voilà le matin avec le soleil d'automn.

Si vous voulez, allez écouter un chanson que vous j'aime pour un matin du bon weekend.

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Si vous voulez et si vous voulez... Vous n'avez pas besoin d'un raison!

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Saigon in the morning light.


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#Nguoisaigon #Lesaigonnais #09Thaivanlung 19/11/2015

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Kiwi Mojito,
Perfect drink for hot weather !!
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If you cannot clear all the garbage in the city, plant more flowers


Beautiful balcony of cafe Le Saigonnais

1st Flr, 09 Thai Van Lung. D1

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Ever try brewing coffee with Syphon?

That would be very interesting to see the water climbs up from the bottom pot to the second pot where the coffee powder has been placed, then it goes back to liquid form as the temperature there is cooler than what is beneath.

Japanese traditional style Syphon coffee maker with high quality arabica coffee beans from Dalat make the perfect cups of coffee

Coffee, good friends and nice place make the perfect blend. Trust me.

So? 😉

Cafe Le Saigonnais
1st Flr, 09 Thai Van Lung st. D1

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God is no where
Life is now here

Cafe Le Saigonnais
1st Flrs, 09 Thai Van Lung. D1



Sometimes all you need is a mojito at nice balcony :)

Cafe Le Saigonnais
1st Flr, 09 Thai Van Lung. D1

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A cosy café with a family feel right in the heart of District 1, Cafe Le Saigonnais is a unique space dedicated to showcasing the spirit of old Saigon with vintages relics and Bolero music that harks back to a bygone era. Come for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks to get a taste for the Saigonese way of life.

Live Bolero music every thursday and saturday night.

From 9:00pm-11:00pm
For reservation : 0932 113 103

Cafe Le Saigonnais - 09 Thai Van Lung. D1



Cafe Le Saigonnais - Nguoi Sai Gon
1st Flr, 09 Thai Van Lung. D1


Cafe Le Saigonnais


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