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It's week end time, and time to be social with your friends and Braai (also known as BBQ for our American and Australian friends)

Have u tried our traditional South African Boerewors (boo_ra_vors)yet ? It's spiced traditionally as our ancestors have done for hundreds of years !

50% pork 50% beef and our special roasted spices.
Coriander seeds, cloves, all spice, salt, pepper and nutmeg (and some other secret ingredients)

Pan fry it or even better, slap it on medium coals (or gas) and simply enjoy.

No filler 100% keto friendly

Simply DM or send a message through my page to order

Get a 500g coil for only 200k

Remember! Be LEKKA !!
Thank you for such an awesome review 💗 I'm so happy to be sharing the taste of South Africa here in Ho Chi Minh City. 🇿🇦🇻🇳 And to know that it is indeed LEKKA!

LEKKA FOOD HCMC Lekka Foods #lekkaboerewors #lekka
Excellent pies (doesn't skimp on the portion of chicken, doesn't give too much pastry). Excellent friendly service. Nathan, you're a star!
Not the best photo or presentation, but oh my! Best sausage rolls ❤️
We're serving tonight from 8pm - 11pm for the winter white party!!

Blerry Lekka Pies brings you a finger food extravaganza 😁👍

Wear white and enjoy all the deals we have, including our launch of beef sausage and boerewors!

See u there
Feeding the Saigon Geckos Rugby needs a big pie. Salad is optional
Deep. Stacked and packed. The peppered steak packs a great punch. Their meat and potato has a tasty gravy meat flavour with chunky pots. The Curry is a mild steak with Malay flavours and all 3 had a perfect crusty top with soft bases.
Coming from Wigan..pie eating is stamped on my passport and these remind me of visits to the local bakery for 1 pie and buying 3.
I bought 9 pies for testing in the weekend. Ate 4 so far. Tasty!! good work Blerry Lekka people Shown is large meat, spinach and something and then the regular meat pie. 👍

LEKKA is a South African word that means Awesome or Delicious! We're bringing the taste of South African food culture to Vietnam

LEKKA foods makes delicious puff pastry pies, sausage rolls and more.

Every dish served is 'Packed with LEKKA Stuff!' We appreciate our LEKKA customers understanding our process & pre-ordering their orders, as we are not yet set up as a full fledged restaurant. Special requests are taken on pre-orders only.

Temporarily closed


Dear LEKKA supporters,

I'd like to inform you that LEKKA foods and Blerry LEKKA pies, are no longer affiliated and associated with "Blerry lekka biltong"

Let's wish Hanh well with her journey.

More to follow on my update on the adventure I am on, in process of registering and opening an official kitchen and small dine in area soon.

Good things take time , it's a big step forward and will be great when it all comes together.

#lekkafoodsvietnam #blerrylekkapies #brandnewpath #ProgressForward

Boerewors (South African Farmers Sausage) from Nathan on WhatsApp. 20/02/2022

Boerewors (South African Farmers Sausage) from Nathan on WhatsApp.

LEKKA's standard Boerewors is ready ! ..with all the goodness that comes with it, and a little extra added LEKKANESS !

50% Beef 50% pork + 5% wagyu fat 🥰🥰🥰

Get it here 👇


Available ONLY until this Thursday midday , 24th Feb 2022! Late Orders won't be accepted as it's moving time.

Boerewors (South African Farmers Sausage) from Nathan on WhatsApp. There are 5 variations to how we make Boerewors, we will be exploring those as we progress . Our recipe comes from a small town in South Africa called Grabouw, which our recipe follows the farmers style of making Boerewors (I e plaaswors...farmers sausage).

We traditionally spice boerewors using a mix of pork and beef, spiced with coriander, nutmeg, all spice, cloves, salt and pepper and added Curing salts #1

Perfect on the BBQ (Braai) or pan fried. We do not add any bread/flour/soya filler. Natural pork casings & 100% Keto friendly! · ₫360,000


Hi guys,

Just a note to say thanks for your patience you've had with me.

This month is going to be a tough one. I need to move by end of Feb, busy with a business registration and location seeking.

Add to that, it's just me, myself and I. So products provided, will be better on arranged times, than immediate ordering.

What I will be looking at is expansion to providing that fast food service, immediate order and receive and expanding my product range.

Hold thumbs I find the right premises! I need as much positive energy as u can muster!

Thanks for being so LEKKA! This is nerve wrecking l, to say the least, but ones has to do what one has to do.


I only have a few kilograms remaining, 100% wagyu Boerewors, with all of that goodness in flavors.

It's buttery, it's got all the spice and simply melts in your mouth.

Don't overcook it , or it'll dry out.

It's premium, at a Great price. 650k per kg , or 375k for 500g

Wagyu Championship South African Boerewors from LEKKA!

#lekkaboerewors #lekkafoodsvietnam #packedwithlekkastuff

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 12/02/2022

Its ready
It's premium

Limited KG's available

100% wagyu boerie. You won't regret it and might not go back to normal boerie


The early bird ....makes the wagyu boerie !

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 09/02/2022

Special addition BLACKMORE Wagyu championship Boerewors by LEKKA!

🇿🇦100% Beef Championship Boerewors rules:
✔️90% meat (can contain pork or lamb)
✔️10% spices
✔️No more than 30% fat
✔️Using freshest and Best quality ingredients

Wagyu could not be any better ! No added pork or lamb!

Using 100% Wagyu beef, one would normally pay a price of 1.2mil per kg,
you can get it here for only 650k per kg.

Order yours today, while stocks last!

Limited stocks! Only 12kg available

It's packed with LEKKA STUFF !!

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 09/02/2022



They actually massage the steers and feed them beer 🍻

Limited edition available ...more to follow ....

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 07/02/2022

My new batch of Lean (5% fat) droewors is available for order.

Limited stocks :

✔️100g for 140k
✔️200g packs for 240k
✔️500g pack for 575k
Or ✔️ 1kg for only 1.1mil

Order it here

#lekkadroewors #lekkafoodsvietnam


Here's to you, for the year of the Tiger ...growwwrrr!

Thank you for your support over the last year, we're still going forward!!


Lekka foods will closed today and re-open again on Friday the 4th.

Wishing everyone a great Tet holiday. Stay safe


#mini bakes

Tried out the airfryer and this is the result

Crispy, tasty, LEKKA!

(Available on pre-order only) ...for now


Change is always a necessity, so what are we changing ? Starting with our most popular, Peppersteak pies!

Australian grassfed shin shank beef 🤤

The taste is simply unbelievable!

#peppersteakpies #blerrylekkapies #meltsinyourmouth

Check out our menu here for further options



January "Crunch" Month😕 ! Time to work hard and save and save some more! Tet is around the corner!

We'll have plenty of time to braai 🇿🇦❤️🇻🇳

Get 10% off, on orders of 1kg or more, on our LEKKA Boerewors, valid until 30th Jan 2022

Get it here:

It's packed with LEKKA stuff!


Attachment unavailable

Droewors is back! Now is the time to settle your craving! This batch is lean, with only 5% fat content

Made from ground Australian Beef, with a traditional blend of spices, notably coriander seed, nutmeg and Phu Quoc pepper!

Droewors is air-dried and cured using specialized curing salts and vinegar!

There is no need to cook it, steam it or fry it!
Simply unpack, snap and eat!

Find it here https://wa.me/p/4545831342192624/84909770914 and order today.

Free shipping for 3 packs or more until Jan 31st 2022

#lekkadroewors #lekkafoodsvietnam #simplylekka #lekkaboerewors #lekkapies #blerrylekkapies

Attachment unavailable


When u check your messages in the morning , and find this, a customer message, captioned:

"A 2am pie, yummy!"

Can't go wrong with that!


Photos from Lekka Foods's post 17/01/2022

Thank you so much for your support on the Sunday braai day yesterday!

Was great to be back behind the braai!

Some awesome feedback on the LEKKA #chickenboerie combo!

Packed with LEKKA stuff for sure !

If you missed out this week end, get your order in for next Sunday! (Who knows, Saturday might be a day as well.) More details this later this week

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 14/01/2022

I'm making Peri-peri Chicken on Sunday 16th Jan 2022 😃

2 options :

1/2 grainfed chicken (1.2kg) braai'd (so it's super juicy), and basted with mild peri peri sauce, includes sides of potato salad, coleslaw and butter corn

Only 425k!

Chicken & boerewors combo consists of
200g peri-peri chicken leg fillet & 250g Boerewors with potato salad , coleslaw & fresh ban mi

Only 285k

****Prices exclude shipping costs

Please let me know by latest tomorrow (Saturday 15th) for your order!

Delivery Sunday from 12pm - 6pm , time will be scheduled according to orders

Creamy chicken bacon and mushroom from Nathan on WhatsApp. 13/01/2022

Creamy chicken bacon and mushroom from Nathan on WhatsApp.

You asked for creamier, and its now creamier!

We have changed from chicken breast to a mix to chicken thigh fillet and chicken breast fillet mix, in our creamy chicken bacon mushroom.

Order it here:

It's packed with LEKKA stuff !

Creamy chicken bacon and mushroom from Nathan on WhatsApp. Mixed Chicken leg deboned, with shiitake mushrooms and chunky smoked bacon pieces, in a Creamy sauce.

LEKKA gives u a beautifully balanced pie filling to soft puff pastry. It oozes, please caution when baking yourself, the fillings are super hot and can result in a burnt tongue

95k unbaked / 110k baked · ₫110,000


Are you a Pork Sausage Roll Lover?

Then you've definitely got to give our LEKKA Big Boys or Mini's a try.

We make our sausage rolls with seasoned lean pork mince wrapped in soft buttery puff pastry!

Get yours today! Big Boys are only 75k unbaked or 85k baked! Mini's are 110k for 6 or 200k for 12

simply click on whatsapp to order


Our new Menu has just been added to our shop.

There seem to be some technical difficulties with the new "META" that we cannot add the "MENU" button anymore

Please feel free to click on the whatsapp button to make contact or click the link below to pre-order your order.


Mondays are prep days, so deliveries from Tuesdays, unless we have stock on hand.

Lekka Foods updated their business hours. 10/01/2022

Lekka Foods updated their business hours.

Lekka Foods updated their business hours.

Lekka Foods updated their information in their About section. 10/01/2022

Lekka Foods updated their information in their About section.

Lekka Foods updated their information in their About section.


Business manager messenger is super slow for some reason , please use the WhatsApp button instead.

Sincere apologies if LEKKA has missed your message

Lekka Foods updated their website address. 09/01/2022

Lekka Foods updated their website address.

Lekka Foods updated their website address.


Whole others are at play,

The boerie needs to be made 🇻🇳❤️🇿🇦

South Americans have Chorizo, France has Andouille, Poland has Kielbasa, and Germany has their vast selection of “Wurst”.

South Africans, we have boerewors!

The combination of spices and vinegar creates a unique flavor that is very characteristic of our South African cuisine.

Robust and flavorful, South African Boerewors is the sausage you need for your next braai! (Aka BBQ)

100% beef and pork mix! Keto friendly! Not kind to vegetarians, but if u do get that craving, your secret will stay safe with me 🤣

#lekkaboerewors #lekkafoods #atasteofmzansi🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦


Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year for 2022!

It's been a treacherous one for EVERYONE, near and Far! However, a sincere thank you for your continued support , you great comments, your great feedback and keeping our heads above water.

2022 will have new adventures and new beginnings! 👍🇿🇦❤️🇻🇳👍

Lekka foods can now commence !

Thanks for all your FB beach pictures, I was there right with u 😉👍 (in spirit) 🤯


Attachment unavailable

Only 2 days left to take advantage to get 20% off your bill, on our ' Boerewors and biltong combo deal'

It's simple, order a combo to the value of over 500k and get 20% discount. Couldn't be easier !

Simple WhatsApp or click on the link https://wa.me/p/4581159051921720/84909770914

Attachment unavailable


We're back up on stock , and our Promotion continues this week, until the 31st December

Get yourself a Boerewors & Biltong combo. Spend over 500k and get 20% off your bill
(Price does not include shipping fees)

I.e 1kg boerewors + 250g biltong is only 540k including discount (usually 675k)

Wishing you a fantastic festive season! NYE is just around the corner, so prepare for a LEKKA Braai!


A very personal message is definitely IN ORDER!

We wish you and your family, yes you and you, a very Merry Christmas!

We have all faced so many ups and downs, trials and tribulations with the COVID situation. It has tested us to the point of no return, however, as many have gone home and left Vietnam, we are still here, MOVING FORWARD!!!

Start up, following our lengthy lockdown, Has not been easy at all, but hell! When has life every been easy?

However, we are resilient, we keep moving forward, we Face this fear, and we continue!

A VERY BIG LEKKA THANK YOU for all messages, kind words, feedback, guidance, love, support and special requests over this last year! YOU MAKE LEKKA FOODS, LEKKA!

Let's take a day to be with out loved ones, whether it be here, in Vietnam, or a video call away!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and wishing that this treacherous year finds an end, and we can all enjoy a prosperous new year in 2022!

Remember, ALWAYS Be LEKKA!!


Our first ever combo deal!

Order a Biltong & Boerie combo over 500k and get 20% off.

It seems we need to add "First come, first serve, while stocks last"

1kg boerie + 250g biltong for only 540k (price excludes shipping )

DM us now via WhatsApp 0909770914 to secure your combo deal

Photos from Lekka Foods's post 21/12/2021

A nice big box arriving at Dr.Sweet Smoke Phu Quoc today!

Did anyone say Pies?


Only 2 more days to stock up.

Get your Unbaked pies at 85k , stock up, cos January's gonna be a tight one.

Only 2 days remaining for this LEKKA deal!



"tis the season to be Jolly, after a very treacherous year!

From Now until 23rd December, Get free shipping (in HCMC & Thu Duc City) for orders of 10 or more pies!

85k unbaked / 95k Baked
(this does not include mini pies or mini sausage rolls)

Simply whatsapp your order to +84909770914

It's Christmas time, so time to be LEKKA!


Pies available this week, all our LEKKA sellers

85k Unbaked / 95k Baked
▶️Lekka meat pie
▶️Steak & mushroom
🇻🇳Steak, potato & onion gravy
▶️Chicken Bacon Mushroom
🤘Chicken and mushroom (available from wed)

▶️Mini bakes 200k for 12
▶️Mini sausage rolls 200k for 12

▶️"Big boy" sausage rolls 75k Unbaked 85k baked

Videos (show all)



We offer baked or unbaked pies & Sausage rolls, South African farm style Boerewors sausage, South African cured & air-dried beef (Droewors & Biltong), Homemade Peri peri Chicken and new menu items to come in 2022



15 Street 61, Thao Dien, District 2
Ho Chi Minh City

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday 08:00 - 17:00

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