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The Israel Melon we got from you is so sweet and juicy! Definitely the best one I’ve had in a long time!
We Need some of that SUNSHINE UP HERE.. 😎

Produce Stand selling fresh fruits & local vegetables. My son-in-law and I are opening up a fruit and vegetable stand at the Diamond R property in Zephyr, Texas.

Should be open last week in June.

Operating as usual

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Cherries are still available, if you are wanting some. We will be at the Santa Anna civic center and Goldthwaite farmers market tomorrow. Come see us!!! Get them before they are all gone.

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Lots more cherries available. Let us know if you would like some.

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We are 6 hours away from Zephyr, after a 4,000 mile trek to Washington State to get our cherries. We will have them at the Comanchee and Goldthwaite farmer’s markets tomorrow. Those of you who have sent me PM’s of what you want, we will do our best to get them to you ASAP. Thank you all.

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Cherries are ripe and are going to be picked tomorrow morning. We will have them in Texas late Friday night. This year, we will be selling them at the Goldthwaite and Comanche farmers markets. We will be there this Saturday, July 3rd, just in time for the 4th. Message us if you want any for the 4th. We can meet in town to get them to you. We will have both Lapin and Rainier varieties this year.

[06/19/21]   Cherries will be ready towards the 1st of July, right in time for the holiday! Lapin & Rainier cherries, limited supply this year! Make sure you get some! 😋🌞

[06/19/21]   MC Farms is now offering lawn mowing services! Please call/text for an estimate. (325) 200-1324

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Before and after. Getting the garden ready.

[07/31/20]   Well all good things must come to an end. MC Farms will be shutting down our Diamond R location at the end of the day today. Thank you Diamond R and all who supported us. We really appreciate it. We will still be at Goldthwaite’s and Comanche’s farmers markets on Saturday. Hope to see you there. Thanks again!!!


Fresh picked Okra and Celebrity tomatoes. Come and get some!!!


Watermelon is here, come and get’em!!!
Clemson Sweet.


We have four types of cantaloupe for sale right now:

- Israel
- Sugar Queen
- Rockstar
- Honey rock


[07/17/20]   First watermelon picked of the season!!!


Brownwood Artisan Market 9-1
Zephyr Diamond R parking lot 10-3
Come get some fresh produce on this Sunny day ☀️


Fresh Fredericksburg peaches. Limited supply. Come and get them!!!


Come by for some fresh fruit & veggies! Here until 5!


We now have ripe cantaloupe - Sugar Queen, Rockstar, and Israel. Also, lemon cucumbers. Still have lots of cherries left as well.
My new dog R***r is enjoying the cucumber plants.


Come to the Basement today for some Cherries 🍒🇺🇸


What a day! Thank you everyone who came out to support us on our opening day. We really appreciate all y’all. Thanks again!!! We’ll be here Monday-Saturday 9 am to 8pm. Come stop by!


Cherries are here and ready for eating. Come and get’em!!! Tomorrow at 9:00 am.


Grand Opening!!! We will be opening Tuesday, June 30th. Just getting the cherries picked now. Should be here over the weekend.


Just picked some fresh zucchini. Watermelon is starting to grow as well. Should be opening last week in June. We will post exact date as soon as we know when the cherries will arrive.


Coming soon!!! Just waiting for them to ripen up a bit. Hopefully last week in June.


Vegetables are getting close.


Dolled it up a bit.


First snake in the garden. Almost got me.

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18801 Highway 84 E
Zephyr, TX