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Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 07/31/2022

Hello friends! We know it has been quite some time since our last update and we apologizefor the negligence.

Much has changed since COVID came, and our focus has changed as well. While we still produce toys and games (from time to time) we are now engaged more in the education and history of toys and games. Always adding to our collection, we picked up this beauty this week! A nice little reproduction of a mid to late Victorian table top parlor game.

The numbers on the fish are points. The fisherperson who catches the most points wins!

Thank you for your continued interest!! Keep playing! 😀


Hello followers!
We're sorry for lack of posts! We've taken a hiatus in crafting & business due to everything going on with COVID and all the little nuances that go along with it at home & with business.

We're still researching and exploring games & entertainment as time allows. We hope to be back crafting soon!

Thank you for your continued support & keep having fun!!!

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 12/30/2020

We hope everyone is doing well & had an enjoyable Holiday! We were bust as usual making gifts for the Jolly Man at the North Pole. We made muskets, swords, baldrics and treasure bags. We were even gifted some amazing handmade toys ourselves! We hope the rest of your 2020 is filled with FUN and merriment!

2021 here we come!!

Timeline photos 11/07/2020

Were were surprised and pleased to see this unique handmade version of Shut the Box at our local Goodwill store. Just goes to show you there is a game out there for anyone! Do you own any special or customized games?

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 10/27/2020

Our apologies for the lack of posts. We are still getting our workshop built since the move and COVID has made things "interesting" to say the least. One project we DID finish for the season are these!

Photos from Arabia Steamboat Museum's post 08/03/2020

We feature this item in our displays frequently. A little more info on this lovely Frozen Charlotte.


Good afternoon everyone!
We know it's been a while since we've posted. The shop is still packed-up since our move, but we're hoping to be building a new work station soon!

During this whole "home quarantine" we've all experienced at some point since March, what games and activities have YOU been enjoying?!!

We were able to introduce family (ages 5-55) to Gluckhaus (using chocolate ships) and been playing Scrabble as well as card games.

We hope you're all being safe and staying healthy!

All our best,
The Professor


Good afternoon everyone,
We apologize for the lack of posts recently, as you may not be aware but we've moved!!! We are still getting the shop situated and have some construction to do, but we hope to be up and running by mid-July!! In the meantime, if there is anything you need or have suggestions for future work, let us know!

Here's some fun reading material. We hope you're all staying safe & healthy.

The Professor

Timeline photos 04/12/2020

Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter and Passover!

Crown and Anchor - Wikipedia 03/20/2020

Crown and Anchor - Wikipedia

Something we want to make once time allows.

Crown and Anchor - Wikipedia Crown and Anchor is a simple dice game, traditionally played for gambling purposes by sailors in the Royal Navy as well as those in the British merchant and fishing fleets.

Timeline photos 03/19/2020

Hello everyone,
We are moving workshops and need to par down our stock. We are offering a BOX (at least 75 pieces) of wooden houses and buildings for a village.we usually sell a set of 10 for $25, the ENTIRE box is $35+ shipping!!!

I am very happy to offer a unique "vintage feeling" hand-made wooden village set. Each building is carefully cut, and hand-painted. Some feature chimneys, some cupolas, others attached buildings or porches. Some are barns, some out buildings, cottages, chapels & farm houses.

They vary in size from 1" - 4" wide and 1.5" - 4.5" high. I cannot guarantee colour pallet or choice buildings (sorry).

These would be perfect for anyone looking for some good old fashioned fun around the house OR outside! Great for N Scale Railroading or 10mm wargaming!!!

*Colours may vary depending on your monitor*
*Caution contains small pieces*

Thank you for stopping by and looking.

Reproduction Wooden Medieval Bow and Arrow Play Set 03/08/2020

Reproduction Wooden Medieval Bow and Arrow Play Set

Reproduction Wooden Medieval Bow and Arrow Play Set Does your little warrior and heroine dream of bounding through the forests fighting brigands, saving those in need vanquishing goblins? This bow and arrow play set has everything you need!!! *A hand made oak bow measuring 47 long *Hand wrapped grip *Easy to string and unstring. *Comes with 5

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 03/03/2020

Finishing up a custom Sword order for a client, some Graces and a few other going out as well. The question is, do we stain the whole thing, oil and stain or just oil? What say you? We can't decide.

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 02/28/2020

We were able to finish up a custom order for a client! A beautiful longsword, stained and "aged" along w an adjustable baldric that can be worn for years to come!!!

Stay tuned, we're going to be offering some great packages soon, perfect for the Easter holiday coming up!

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 02/16/2020

We've finished a LARGE Viking Bow and arrow play set!

The bow itself is made of oak, measures 48" long, is stained, hand-wrapped designed to be drawn back 14" (to the bottom of the dart). Easily shoots arrows at least 12ft.

Includes 5 dart tipped arrows!!!

$35 + shipping
This will be up on our Etsy soon, if interested, let us know!!!

Timeline photos 02/10/2020

For valentine's day, have you considered getting a "ring" for someone special? Yes? Well our Game of Grace's come with TWO rings and with ribbons of your choosing!!! Over 200 customers can't be wrong!! ;)

6 orders going out today!!!

Timeline photos 01/27/2020

We have a few orders going out today! A few more to go! :)

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 01/20/2020

When it's time for adventure, you best be prepared!!! Grab your OWN custom kit today! Just message us here or at our Etsy.

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 01/15/2020

This was a custom item we made for a client and her collection. We weren't able to share sooner because it was a gift. We think Marquis d' Lafayette turned out great don't you?!

We are working on a couple more and a new item, but you'll just need to be patient.

Thank you again for all your support!

The Traditional Game of "Graces" 01/07/2020

The Traditional Game of "Graces"

Hello everyone,
We hope you all had a great holiday. The shop bbn is officially back open for 2020!!!

Get ready for the spring and Easter rush NOW while you can! :)

The Traditional Game of "Graces" The Game of Graces was a popular activity for young girls during the early 1800s. The game was invented in France in the early 19th century. The Game of Graces was considered a proper game for young ladies and, supposedly made them more graceful. Graces was hardly ever played by boys, and never


Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & a festive New Year!


The last of our holiday orders have shipped off to the North Pole and we can officially step back from the work table. While we'd LOVE to show you our latest creations, it'll have to wait till 12/26 or Santa might get angry with us.

Thank you again for your support and inspiration this year!
We had so much fun watching you all enjoy what we make.

Stay tuned!!

Timeline photos 12/15/2019

4 Checkered Games of Life and a very special "Quidditch inspired" Game of Grace's are headed to the post. Any outstanding orders are being completed and will be mailed this week. We will no longer be accepting new orders till 2020.

We thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do it with out you.

We have some interesting new ideas for next year, and as they say the Professor's vision is "20/20" so we're sure they'll be neat! ;)

Have a great and safe and Happy Holiday!!!

Travelling Games of Merriment by OttoVonBlukerGames 11/27/2019

Travelling Games of Merriment by OttoVonBlukerGames

Final orders for the Holidays are being accepted up through 12/1/19. If there is something you want, place your order now!!!

The workshop & order page will be closing soon!!!

Travelling Games of Merriment by OttoVonBlukerGames You searched for: OttoVonBlukerGames! Discover the unique items that OttoVonBlukerGames creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting OttoVonBlukerGames, you’re supporting a small ...

Timeline photos 11/27/2019

Custom order almost complete! A few more details and they'll be ready to ship.

Timeline photos 11/16/2019

Working late to get these finished and out next week!


We are frantically searching for an item(s) we didn't know existed!! Sadly we are thinking they are no longer being produced. We were really excited to offer something new too. :(


Lots of orders in processing for the Holidays! Don't wait till the last min., contact the Professor today and pace your order or special request! :)


We want to wish you all a joyous Halloween!

Brown Water Navy Miniatures by MG_Lawson - Shapeways Shops 10/02/2019

Brown Water Navy Miniatures by MG_Lawson - Shapeways Shops

Inspired by our recent success with 3D printing. We are now looking into what else is possible. All we can say is,"prepare to shove off"!

Brown Water Navy Miniatures by MG_Lawson - Shapeways Shops The models in my collection are a combination of old and new based on my interest in history and science-fiction. The Civil War Ironclads and Riverboats fill the historical interest. They are 1/600, 1/1000, and 1/1200 scale and decent for gaming or collecting with more to come. A new sc...

Creatable World: Customizable Doll kits for Girls & Boys 09/26/2019

Creatable World: Customizable Doll kits for Girls & Boys

Not one to usually share Modern Toys, but this is pretty nifty! If you'd care for your own of "period construction" I can help you there as well!

Creatable World: Customizable Doll kits for Girls & Boys Check out Creatable World dolls. Giving kids the freedom to create their own characters again and again. Making playtime more inclusive!

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 09/20/2019

We have a few new items we wanted to share before posting on Etsy. If you're interested please let us know.

Perfect for Halloween and fantasy outside play!!!

These are all handmade wooden swords (each unique) based off of orig woodcuts and finds of the medieval period.

Your order will come with a wooden sword and fabric baldric (see pictures to choose).
Please let me know your measurements (Shoulder to opposite hip) so I make it long enough if need be. Most I currently have in stock measure is 18" (from shoulder to hip) though I do have a couple that are 22"+.

Asking $25 + shipping

I hope to hear from you all soon and thank you for your continued support.

The Professor

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 08/06/2019

Finishing up a special order for a client in Canada and some Graces headed to Massachusetts! We are then headed West to Washington State for a holiday & some research.

Remember, the Professor takes special orders, all you need to do is ask!! :D That is how this Company Colour got made!! ;)

Thank you for your continued support.

My very best,
The Professor

Photos from Otto Von Bluker's Travelling Games of Merriment's post 08/05/2019

So we got a little crazy today. We'll be adding these to our Etsy soon. Asking $20 (shipping included). If you'd like one now, I'll also be adding a creme and navy blue striped baldric as well. :) Just let us know!!!

We also added a new chapeau for the Professor to wear while out and about! ;)

Thank you for your continued support!

Timeline photos 08/04/2019

Greetings everyone!
We've been busy here in the workshop! 5 orders out this week and 2 more in process. While we wait for wood stain to dry, we whipped these up quick for some SURPRISE clients for an event we are attending. Modeling pictures and exciting battles to come!!

Is there anything we HAVEN'T made, that you'd like to see? Let me know!!! Always looking for inspiration.

My very best,
The Professor


Finishing up a SLEW of orders & trying to stay cool in the shop this week. Did you know that our game of Graces dates to the early 1700s?! The popular game was created to teach young ladies to remain "graceful" while performing various activities such as work & play. Today everyone of all ages enjoys this great picnic past-time! :)

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