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Martz WoodWorks


This is why I LOVE having friends that own small businesses! I get EXACTLY what I asked for and PRIOR to my requested deadline! Shawn Martz has always done great work for me. Please don’t hesitate to hit him up! I throw stuff at him frequently and he never fails to deliver🤣 #cabinblanketladder #supportsmallbusinesses #friendssupportingfriends
Thank you so very much Shawn Martz.
We love the corner TV stand. It fits perfectly

Quality furniture and wood products. Fairly priced to meet any budget. Laminate and hardwood floor installation, handyman services HIC # PA158908

Operating as usual

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Custom stove covers. Price depends on wood type and color. Please contact if interested.

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Custom cutting boards. 11" x 18" x 1.25" thick. Different sizes and wood types are available upon request. Please contact me if interested.
$65.00, depending on size and wood type.


Running a business is really hard!

What they don’t tell you is that it can cause severe anxiety, and drains you mentally to the point of depression in even the most laid back people.

People will talk about you, compare you to others, use you, they will view you as a service and not a person anymore.

Friends will expect discounts on everything and value you and your hard work less than a big chain store.

You have to worry about if you forget to email/message someone back, are they going to think it was on purpose? Did you disappoint them? Will they hold that against you? When in reality you just can’t get to everyone’s messages and emails.

Starting up and running a successful business puts incredible strain on personal lives and relationships, many of which fail because there is just often no work life balance. You need to be the director, the worker, the admin, the marketing team, the accountant, the cleaner..... All while being a parent, a husband or a wife, family support, friend...

There’s a reason you don’t see many people succeed in small businesses after 5-10 years. It takes a toll. It’s freaking exhausting. Especially this past year.

Here’s a small reminder that we are just normal people with hectic lives. Be kind, be patient….. and hopefully more of us will stick around!

I copied this from a friend and thought it was pretty spot on with regards to most small businesses! 🥰

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Custom cutting boards. 11" x 18" x 1.25" thick. Different sizes and wood types are available upon request. Please contact me if interested.
$60.00, depending on size and wood type.

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Custom Blue lives matter flag.
36" x 19 "
$100 or best offer.

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Good evening all! I'm in the process of rearranging my shop AGAIN. I am honored to inherit my Dad's tools and plan on putting them to good use. Here's what my shop looks like right now...

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Thank you Dave and Veda Morris at All American signs and Graphics for the great job on my business cards and sign. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you so much! Keep up the awesome work!

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Thank you Crystal for the awesome pens!

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Just finished this today.

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Loving my table saw set up! I built a table with shelves the same height as my table saw.


I love having a large window in my shop and the view is awesome!!

Martz Woodworks – High Quality Wood Furniture & Products 02/17/2021

Martz Woodworks – High Quality Wood Furniture & Products


My website is now up and running. Please check it out!

Thank you so much Jason Wagoner for all of your hard work and help with it! You did an awesome job!

Martz Woodworks – High Quality Wood Furniture & Products Pallet Wine Rack Picture Frames Burnt Coffee table Corner Shelf/TV Stand Re – finished Vintage End Table Coffee Table American Flag Table Potato & Onion Storage American Flag

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New Shop is completely set up. Thank you Gary and Jim Botterbusch For all you have done to accommodate my needs! I am forever greatful!
Thank you God for all you have blessed me with!
Mom, Dad, I got this!!

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Good afternoon! I completely love my new shop! Thank you to all of those who helped me get here, I am forever greatful! To those who thought I would fail, thank you for allowing me to show you that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! And of course, Thank you God! Without you, nothing is possible!

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My new shop is now ready and I'm moving in as we speak. I absolutely love it! Thank you Gary Botterbusch for all of your hard work!

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Here's the new and improved shop. I'm moving in this coming week and I can't wait!

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This is a great day for Martz WoodWorks! I'm going to Philly to pick up this awesome beast. I can't wait! Thanks to all that assisted with this!


Got it done. Found an awesome bandsaw! Picking it up tomorrow.. Thanks to all who assisted!


I need a new bandsaw and I am looking for a used 14 inch grizzly. Must run and be in good working order. I have been searching and haven't been able to find one. Will travel if worth the drive. Thanks in advance! Please help!!


Finally getting to use my new Jointer. Thanks Lucas Kraft!


Thank you Veda Morris and her crew for my awesome company logo. You guys absolutely nailed it! Thank you so much!


Looking for suggestions:

Good morning everyone. Im thinking of having a company logo, and I am looking for ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Plus, I need someone to draw it for me. I know many of you have creative and artistic talent, so lets hear and see it please...
Thanks in advance!


Good morning Facebook. In the last couple days I have had several people ask me what's going on because I have been selling a lot of tools and wood on FB marketplace, so here's the answer if you're wondering:

The building that I am renting in is pretty large, and I was given the opportunity to move into a larger, much better space than I am in now within the building, so I jumped on it. I'm selling tools because I have either upgraded them, or don't need them. I'm downsizing and getting rid of pallet wood because I'm kind of trying to get away from that. And, I can get them any day of the week from a few different places. Plus they take up a lot of space.
I am moving into my new shop on or around the 15th of February. In the meantime, I am cleaning and organizing so that when I move, it will be a smooth transition and I can get set up as quickly as and efficiently as possible.
With that being said, it has pushed my schedule back a few days. To my customers, I apologize for making you wait longer than I told you, if it comes to that, to get your products. Please understand. I promise to you anything I build for you will be well worth the wait!
I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. I am doing exactly what I am meant to do, so please support me, or unfriend me, your choice. I'm doing my best and always will.

Thank you for reading!
Sorry for the long post.

Have a great day and God bless!

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Update: Got it done..Thanks Jeremy Grim! I greatly appreciate it!

Looking for recommendations:
The holes in this plate do not line up with my router and I need holes drilled in it so that I can mount my router to it. They must be precise and need to be recessed. Thanks in advance.


Pallet Outdoor Seating!!! 💖💖💖
LOVE this!!! 😍 What do you think?
Here's how:


Asking FB:

Good morning everyone, I am having an issue with my band saw and need someone to come to my shop and take a look at it. It may need a new motor? Not sure. I'm planning on buying a new one but I want to see if it can be fixed until then. If anyone can assist me with this it would greatly be appreciated! It's a 9" Craftsman table top bandsaw. The motor turns on, but doesn't spin the blade.. Thanks in advance!


Who has their own business (website) or page??
Drop your link below for my friends to visit your page/group or website. Sharing our business and networking is a great way to gain an audience and grow our businesses.
Especially around the holidays.

Please add this to your status so we can support as many businesses as possible ♥️♥️♥️


A customer asked me how much it cost to make a table....
I answered him: $ 1500
He said: So expensive for this job?
I asked: How much do you think it would cost you?
He answers me: $ 800 maximum... That's a pretty simple job right? !"
- For $ 800 I invite you to do it yourself.
- But.... I don't know how to.
- For $800 I'll teach you how to. So besides saving you $700, you'll get the knowledge for the next time you want
- It seemed right to him and he agreed.
- But to get started: you need tools: A table saw, a planer, a top, dormants, etc...
- But I don't have all these equipment and I can't buy all of these for one job.
- Well then for another $250 more I'll rent my stuff to you so you can do it.
- Okay, he says.
- Okay! Tuesday I'm waiting for you to start doing this work
- But I can't on Tuesday I only have time today.
- I'm sorry, but I'm only available Tuesday to teach you and lend you my stuff. Other days are busy with other customers.
- Okay! That means I'm going to have to sacrifice my Tuesday, give up my tasks.
- I forgot. To do your job yourself, you also have to pay for the nonproductive factors.
- That is? What is this?"
- Bureaucratic, tax, vat, security, insurance, fuel etc.
- Oh no!... But to accomplish these tasks, I'm going to spend more money and waste a lot of time!
- Do you have them? You can do it to me before?"
- Okay!
- I'll make you all the material you need. Truck loading is done Monday evening or Tuesday morning you'll have to come by 6 loading the truck. Don't forget to be on time to avoid traffic jams and be on time
- At 6??? Nope! Too early for me! I used to getting up later.
- You know, I've been thinking. Y ' all better get the job done. I'd rather pay you the $1500. If I had to, it wouldn't be perfect and it would cost me a lot more.
When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but also:
- Knowledge
- Experience
- Study
- Tools
- Services
- Time to go
- punctuality
- Accountability
- Professionalism
- Accuracy
- Guaranteed
- Patents
- Sacrifices
- Safety and security
- Payment of tax obligations
No one can denigrate other people's work by judging prices.
Only by knowing all the elements necessary for the production of a certain work can you estimate the actual cost.
I did not write this dialogue, but am sharing it to support craftsmen and entrepreneurs.



Coffee Tables, End tables, Desks, Picture frames, Bookcases, Shelving.



York, PA

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