Cleaning Solutions, LLC.

Cleaning Solutions, LLC.


The best cleaning service I have ever had. After a few months of Cleaning Solutions work on my three airbnb's I started to get 5 star reviews. My airbnb guests said the spaces were sparkling clean! Cleaning solutions goes above and beyond. They dis the laundry, they filled the units with waters and chocolates for the guests, they added special touches. I highly recommend them. #airbnbcleaning #airbnbcohost #rentalunitcleaning #yorkcountyhousecleaning
I called and sent a message yesterday morning asking for a follow up. Just left another message tonight. Please give me a call.
Look how shiny! Thank you cleaning solutions llc!
We’re producing FULL COLOR placemats for the Wiener World Family Restaurant on Industrial Highway in East York. They’ll run for about 4 months. Help support local businesses! Are you interested in being featured?
We’re producing FULL COLOR placemats for the Prospect Diner on Columbia Avenue in Columbia. They’ll run for about 4-5 months. Are you interested in being featured?
So happy for the service of Cleaning Solutions, LLC. Soooo nice to watch OTHERs doing the work that I've been doing for a VERY long time. 😀 And they do it with SMILES! Thanks for today (July 9, 2018).
We have been using Cleaning Solutions for about 6 months to clean our office. They have done an amazing job. We also decided to get the carpets cleaned and they came our looking new. We are very pleased with the work they do.

717-430-3601 Call now! 717-430-3601 Call now! A professional and affordable company
Prices start at just $10/room.
$20 OFF for weekly residential customers
We also do Commercial, Automotive, Windows, Carpets, etc.

Operating as usual


You can see our new ad on Central Family Restaurant's breakfast, lunch/dinner, and to-go menus. Support our local small businesses and eat a good meal while you're at it! 😉


We had to improvise to get the dust off a really high ceiling fan today. We got the job done with one of our extension poles that we would usually use for window cleaning. Our employees go above and beyond to clean every inch of your home.

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Did you know our window cleaning prices start at just $5.00 per window?! The price includes a very thorough cleaning of the entire window frame, track, and glass inside and out.


Daily / Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly
commercial cleaning services available

'Demanding answers': FCC launching investigation after widespread T-Mobile outages, chairman says 06/16/2020

'Demanding answers': FCC launching investigation after widespread T-Mobile outages, chairman says

We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our phone line off and on for the past two weeks or so. Finding a solution to the problem has not been easy. Additionally, we were majorly affected by the complete outages that ended up happening today over the T-Mobile network. Please bare with us. There isn't much we can do until the network sorts itself out. In the meantime, please consider sending us a message here on Facebook instead. Thank you!

'Demanding answers': FCC launching investigation after widespread T-Mobile outages, chairman says The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, called the network outage "unacceptable" on Twitter and said the FCC is launching an investigation.

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When's the last time you cleaned under and behind your kitchen appliances?


When we say we'll clean every inch of your home, we are THIS serious!


Best of Natural Cleaner


We are hiring part-time cleaning technicians! Inquiries are being handled by phone call only. If no answer, please leave a message. Please do not send messages with inquiries about this position. You must call 717-430-3601. Experience preferred, but not required. You must be able to read and speak EITHER English OR Spanish. You must be able to excel at a physical labor job in a variety of environments. We offer flexible scheduling and bi-weekly paychecks. Starting wage is $10/hr with a $0.15 raise every 90 Days. The longer you're here, the more you make! There is a 1st shift supervisor position available as well. Pay for that position is depending on experience.


It's days like this that we are thankful to have a cleaning company AND a repair shop! Thanks for the tow Vasquez Auto! 💪

Cleaning Solutions - Wrightsville, PA 04/16/2020

Cleaning Solutions - Wrightsville, PA

We have plenty of reviews on Facebook, but none on Yelp! If you've left us a review on our page, please consider leaving us a review on Yelp. We would very much appreciate it!

Cleaning Solutions - Wrightsville, PA Specialties: We are insured! Services rendered: residential, commercial, automotive, windows, offices, carpet cleaning, new construction, multi-units, mobile car detailing, special event cleanings, move-in/move-out, weekly, bi-weekly,…

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Sometimes a mop just isn't good enough. We do whatever needs to be done to get the job done right!

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Blinds cleaned by Nicole.


Until this all blows over, we will be adding a FREE disinfecting service onto the end of EVERY cleaning service! Stay safe!


Don't forget to clean behind the k***s of your appliances. Most of them come off and go back on very easily. It's really surprising how dirty this area can be! This one wasn't dirty at all because we keep up on it for customers who are scheduled for recurring cleaning visits.
Ask about our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance programs. You can get a deep clean in every room (or pick and choose the rooms you want done) for prices starting at just $10/room!


We will remain open during the shutdown. We have been experiencing much higher than normal call volumes and apologize in advance that we are unable to respond to every request at this point in time. We will continue to do our best to respond to as many people as possible and to service as many people as possible. We appreciate your patience!


One Bold Window Lady


Please vote for Cleaning Solutions for the categories of CARPET CLEANER and CLEANING SERVICE. Hurry! The deadline is coming up soon! Thank you!


One husband even hired us to clean while his wife was at work...
...And took the credit for it when she got home! 🤯 What a brilliant idea!
She's happy. He's happy. 👩‍❤️‍👨
It's a win-win! 🥂
(Don't worry. We won't tell your wife!)


This kitty kept me company while I dusted some blinds yesterday.


❤️ Don't wait! The big day is almost here! ❤️


Getting what you want just got easier.
No matter what you need to pay for,
you should be able to pay your way.
We now proudly accept all major credit cards!



As a small business, Cleaning Solutions I, LLC is thrilled to be a part of the Shop Small Movement, proudly backed by American Express. This movement is a nationwide effort to support and celebrate small businesses every day and everywhere.

We’ve been a proud member of the York County community since 2015, and it’s been exciting to watch other small businesses in the area flourish as well.

When you shop at small businesses, you not only support our local economy but also promote thriving communities across the country. In fact, for every dollar you spend when you Shop Small, approximately 67 cents stays in the local community.* That’s something we can all get behind.

Plus we warmly welcome all major credit card brands, including American Express® Cards, so you can pay for things you need in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Thanks for shopping small with us — we appreciate your year-round support!

*The statistic cited is an estimate based on calculations using data on small businesses with under 100 employees from the U.S. Small Business Administration, as reported in the 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study conducted by Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) on behalf of American Express.





Another happy customer! ☺️


P/T positions w/ flexible scheduling and a $0.15 raise every 3 months
Attention to detail and reliability are a must!
Please be aware that these positions require a good bit of physical labor. All applicants who apply in person will be given a brief interview at the time of the application. Preference will be given to applicants who are bilingual or to applicants who have prior cleaning experience, a driver license, or open availability. Non-Driving positions are available and we will soon be looking for office help as well!¡ESTAMOS CONTRATANDO!
Call now! 717-430-3601


Happy with our services? Share the love! Refer a friend and you will each get $15 off of a cleaning!


If your walls and baseboards are dirty, give us a call. We can take care of that AND everything else in the room for as little as $10/room! There's a video of the same walls and baseboards AFTER we cleaned them in the comments below. (cleaned by Nicole and Omaira)




Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone!


☃️December Discount☃️ If you start a recurring cleaning service this year, we'll gift you discounts ALL of next year! 🎁 (... and we don't make you sign a contract like those other companies do. 📄✍️❌)

☎️ 717-430-3601 Call now and you'll get:

$10 OFF every cleaning in 2020 for new
BI-WEEKLY customers! (save up to 💲260.00)

💰 💸 💵 OR 💵 💸 💰

$20 OFF every cleaning in 2020 for new
WEEKLY customers! (save up to 💲520.00) 🤑

Happy Holidays! 🎊🎉🍾🥂

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A little bit of hard work goes a long way. (cleaned by Joanna)

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